Saturday, December 6, 2014

My One & Only Sister...It's Her Birthday!

I like to look at this blog as a family history album so that my kids, and their future posterity can look back at this whether it'll be in the form of an actual "book" or on plain printed paper in hopes that it won't fade away. I want them to know who their ancestors are from my side of the family then, and now. And because we hardly see any of my family in person, and because we are so spread out in the u.s. I want to be able to document a piece of them through old photos, and current ones from Facebook.

And thank goodness for google and Facebook! 

And today I want to write a little piece about my one and only sister because guess what?? It's her birthday, and today she turns thirty, I mean forty something, and doesn't she look great! 
^^^ Summer 2014 ^^^
This girl...through all the good times, and bad. Though all the drama that we had to deal with while growing up.  Though all the heartache we had to endure when it came to any kind of abuse. Through all the ups and downs of past boyfriends, two-faced friends, and family drama adding in a couple of girl fights in between we have managed to pull through, survive, and so far live a pretty good life. 

I want my kids to know that she is hardworking, doesn't take crap from anyone, is bold, extremely fearless (she skydives on a regular basis for crying out loud!), strong-willed, and thoughtful. She's caring, has style, is beautiful inside and out, and has the propensity to make others laugh. She has a love for books, the beach, and was the athletic one in the family. She's also a runner! I'm impressed because I hate to run! 

She's my one, and only sister and I want her to know that after all of the aforementioned things we've been through that I love her, and have always looked up to her. Even today with a family of four I will call upon her for some advice because let's face it...she's been through a hell of a lot in her life, and there are times when I'll say to her, "How did you do it?"  One thing for sure is that we "Lara" sisters are truly one of a kind, and never give up on anything! 

So Happy Birthday sis! I love you, and hope that the next picture I take will be a current one with me in it, including Noah with his sissies!
^^^ North Carolina, Circa-2007 ^^^
Make this birthday weekend be the best because after everything this world has given deserve it! ;-)

Happy weekend to y'all too!   

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