Nauvoo Temple, Carthage Jail & A Testimony.

For the past month I've really wanted to blog chronologically about our road trip to Utah, and all that happened there, but it's obviously not happening so forgive me for my posts being backwards! Since my computer was in the shop for three months, I couldn't blog, but now that I have it back it's been nice to write, and import all 3000 plus photos that I had saved on my phone into my now fixed hard drive! 

We first started off by going to Funky Bones in Indiana, and going to the temple in Indianapolis. Nauvoo, Illinois was about four hours out of our way toward Utah, but I didn't care. It had been 12 years since I last visited Nauvoo, and who knows when I'll come back. Another 12 years maybe??? Sierra and Lexie were eight and three when we last visited so she didn't remember too much except the dark cell inside Carthage jail. Chelsea, and Noah had never been to Nauvoo, and really wanted to take them so they can experience this historical moment. 
We didn't have time to go inside the temple this trip, but I captured a few photos of us outside. Luckily we have smartphones today, because when we visited here 12 years ago all the photos we took from our film camera didn't take (the roll didn't go through), so I made sure these photos stayed on my phone until they were imported onto our Mac! 

We toured Carthage jail, and it was the same as I remembered it 12 years ago. Somber. Surreal. Sad. Now there was a room full of tears. To see my kids faces as they were listening to the recording was a sight. To have felt the strength and courage of the prophet Joseph Smith through a recording-to have imagined him sitting at the desk and writing his last words on paper and to have asked John Taylor to sing him a song-"A Poor Wayfering Man of Grief" was so fitting, and then to hear the mob run up the stairs to end his life, and his brother Hyrum too.

I have such an appreciation and a clear crisp knowledge of what our first prophet Joseph Smith was like and what he went through back then. He died a great man. I love the gospel, and the temples, and that by reading the scriptures we gain answers, and spiritual knowledge. I know that we have a living prophet today, and that He leads this church. I look forward to general conference next week so that I can continue to seek inspiration, and be fulfilled with Christ's teachings, and the words of His apostles. 

I Know that the The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is where I belong and that everything I am taught here on Sundays is true. I am so grateful that I drove that extra four hours x2 and made the time to come here again, and to have brought the rest of our kids here. 

It truly was a blessing, and the spirit always touches my heart here. 

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