Temple Anniversary

Salt Lake Temple~ July 22, 2003
Today marks our eighth anniversary of being sealed in the temple as a family for all time and eternity. Every time I look at this photo it seems as if we were sealed yesterday. I look at both of my daughters in this photo and I can see the joy in their faces. Sierra was eight and Lexie was three.
Time flies when you're having fun. Although we had a civil marriage 17 years ago, being sealed in the temple required a lot of faith and commitment. I had a lot of issues I had to work through before entering, but by the grace of God and huge support from my ward in San Antonio, I was able to enter into the House of the Lord. It took me eleven years to get there, but it was worth the wait, and all the effort I put in on my behalf in order to accomplish that eternal goal was life changing. 

 I cry every time I look at this photo. My husband who was born and raised in the LDS church waited 11 years for me to get my act together so that we could be sealed to each other and to our children forever, and we did it! Look at his face...he looks like a little boy in a candy store!
 I took out my endowments in the Jordan River temple the day before my sealing in the Salt Lake Temple. Stacie and Susanna were the two sister missionaries that taught me the gospel discussions back in 1992, and I asked both of them to be my escorts. It's amazing how 19 years have passed and we still keep in touch!
 The Parrs, The Peterson's, Grandma Patsy, Aunt Jackie, Stacie, Susanna, and mom and dad (Jon's folks) were all present to join in on our special day.
It brings me great comfort, and joy to know that I am now an eternal family with everyone in this picture. Blood or not we are all family. I'm so grateful for the temple and to know that I am sealed to them forever. I know that if I continue to live the covenants I made inside the temple that we can all return back to our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ to live with them forever.

To listen to a beautiful & inspirational message, here.

And an update: my story of our 10 year anniversary of being sealed in the temple was published in Deseret News. You can read that story here if you'd like! 


  1. Babe, I would have waited as long as you needed! When we first got married, I always thought it was forever!!! Knowing that this special day would come!!! Love ya and Happy Anniversary

  2. You look happy. I wish you success with your family. We are of different faiths. I am a Nichiren Buddhist and have been for 25 years. I respect the choices of faith that people have as long as they use what they learn to become better people in their life today. What happens when we die? We choose to believe what our faith teaches but no one knows for sure what happens when we die. But the causes we make today will have an effect on our future. Even the future that comes when we die. Good luck to your happy family!

    1. You're absolutely right, and I respect and appreciate your comment Sonni. I love hearing about others beliefs, and all that matters in the end is how we treat others, and how we lived our life. Hopefully a great person! Take care!