Life Lately In August.

There are times when you just need to escape, and get away from social media, and blogging. As much as I love to blog I find that as my kids grow older, and because it's summer time I'd rather give them my physical attention. The fact that my Mac has been in the shop didn't help my motivation to write either, but I'm back and hope to write more as the kids return back to school in a couple of weeks. 

Not much has gone on here except for simple outings such as going to the park, one beach trip, seeing a lot of movies, getting new glasses for the family, and moving into a new place. 

Yes...we moved again. 

The place we had before was a two year lease, and in all honesty are relieved to be out. Although it was a cute farmhouse it was old, a little dark with 70's panel walls, really bad carpet all throughout the house, but at the end of our second year it was pretty much falling apart. We did find a place a town over, but in a different school district which has more diversity. It's still a good school district, and although the kids are excited to see what this school year brings they are a tad bit nervous. 

Chelsea will begin her 8th grade year in a new school, but luckily she has a friend from church who attends and says she'll be fine. She's hoping that fact will make the transition easier for her. Noah is resilient, and when I asked if he was excited he shrugged his shoulders a bit, and said that he'll miss his friends, but is happy to make new ones. It's so much easier to move our kids when they're little, and hope that Chelsea will enjoy her last year of middle school in a new school district. If she is anything like her sisters who made friends easily when we moved Sierra to Jersey where she started 8th grade, and when we moved Lexie to Robbinsville in her junior year of high school, then I'm sure Chelsea will have no problem transitioning, and making good friends in her 8th grade year.

We would really like to be stable, and stay in one place, but like my profile on my blog reads "nomadic life" it seems that we just keep moving around. We've been in Jersey now for 10 years, but have not settled in on buying a house, and to be honest I really don't want to buy here in Jersey. We almost moved to Connecticut five years ago, but the timing wasn't in God's hand. Buying a place in New England or in the burbs of New York is still a goal for us, but it all depends on Jon's job. It's nice to live near the city, and to be so spoiled with that, but who knows where or when our stability will be permanent. 
A dear friend dropped off these beautiful sunflowers yesterday, and they were the highlight of my day. Especially since it was a cloudy, rainy day. There's something about fresh flowers that make a home "a home." We are hopeful that the time will come when we are super stable, but for now we are enjoying our little place, and the kids love it! Oh, and guess what??? 

There are no dark panel walls, and it's not falling apart! 

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