Halloween 2017.

The last time I dressed up for Halloween was back when we lived in Utah. The girls were little, and we all dressed up as witches for Witches Night Out at Gardner village. It was one of the most memorable days of my life. I remember Chelsea being Snow White at nine months, and while the girls and I were dancing, having fun with spooky people Jon was tending to her. Since then with time fleeting and all my focus has always been on getting the what the kids need especially at halloween. Not on me.

Well, this year I thought of myself, and was definitely in the mood to dress up so I grabbed a black skirt, black blouse, a witches hat that Sierra wore when she was 15, put on some striped socks, black shoes, and ta da! I was a witch. Noah thought it was so cool to see me dressed up. The look on his face gave me some motivation to do this again next year , or at least until he outgrows dressing up for Halloween which in all honesty don't think will ever happen. He's too much of a kid right now, and I'm sure he'll be an even bigger kid when he's older. Hopefully a mature, big kid! We all had a wonderful time trick or treating in our area, and if you have Instagram you can catch some of our tricks while treating on my Insta stories. 

Lexie was so creative, and because she's a HUGE fan of  Lord of the Rings wanted to be Lady Arwin. She made herself a tiara, braided her hair, grabbed Chelsea's old Princess Leia's dress she wore five years ago, and ta da! She's Arwin! Note the gold ring on her necklace! 
Chelsea's costume was quick and easy. She grabbed herself some black leggings, wore my denim shirt, found a red bandana, and was Rosie the Riveter. Pretty cool set up! 
Noah as always loves super heroes, and wanted to be Robin. At first he wanted to be Optimus Prime, but there was no time to make such a detailed costume so once again, my mother in law came to the rescue and made Noah's Robin costume. 
Too bad Jon missed out on all the fun with us, but as a UPS driver he has to make those deliveries, and unless you have major seniority can't take that day off. Luckily he has an awesome route where his customers gave him candy, among other things! Hopefully Halloween will fall on a weekend next year so that he can come with us! 
Such a fun evening it was! Hope y'all had a fun, and safe Halloween too! 

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