Thursday, October 13, 2016

Witches Night Out at Gardner Village - Circa, 2005

Even though I've scrap booked my kids lives in their memory books since the day they were born there was no depiction or stories written behind the photos. And since I enjoy writing I've decided to do a few throwback posts on some of my fondest memories before we moved to Jersey, and before we became a family of six. They won't be in order, but i hope that you won't get bored with my short stories or snippets of my family behind these posts. This is being written for my posterity, and will be printed and added on to the tangible photos in their scrapbooks. I also hope that at the same time it'll make you smile, and have you leaving saying, "no wonder", "so that's what happened to her",  "cute kids", and "so glad she was safe all these years!" So enjoy! Note that all photos in this post were taken by wonderful husband with a Nikon N4004 back when people used to develop film in a dark room, and way before smartphones! 
There are days when I miss Halloweens in Utah. Back when the girls were little we always dressed up as witches to attend an event called witches night out at Gardner Village. I blame my mother-in-law for getting me hooked on this tradition, and every time I see my friends with their daughters going to this fun event via social media, I have to admit I get a tad bit jealous!
I'm glad that my mother-in-law and Sierra still try to make an effort, and dress up as a witch with crazy hats, and attend. Gardner village will always have a special place in my heart. It was the place where I first discovered everything crafty. It was the place where I bought my first piece of furniture. Looking back at some of these photos brings back so many memories of my first night out dressed as a witch when Chelsea was a baby. 
Times have certainly changed since the last time we were here. Now I here they charge for parking, and that the crowds get larger in each year. It definitely has become a momentous event where everyone in the salt lake valley goes, and it's totally worth it. There is so much fun in going. I remember dancing to the macarena, and the girls joining in with Sierra behind me, and Lexie in the front having no idea what she's doing! 
I remember walking down the village, and having a giant monster on stilts following us. I was surprised that he (or she) didn't scare the girls! They actually wanted to take a picture with him (or her.) I'm sure it was a he though! 
I couldn't believe how much fun I had on this night. I remember how tired I was earlier that day, and how I didn't really want to go, but how excited the girls were knowing that the place we loved shopping so much allowed you to dress like a witch for one night to have loads of fun. I couldn't say no to their sweet faces, and I'm so glad I went. I remember how going to witches night out brightened the dark cloud that was lingering over my head that day, and how I knew I had to make the choice of continuing it to damper or uplift me. So grateful for choosing the latter, and that I snapped out of the depression I was feeling that day. 

And even though this little baby at the time would exhaust my days, she sure put a lot of smiles on my face. Especially on this night. I couldn't find her a witches costume in time so she was my little snow white for that evening. It was perfect because she definitely motivated me to have a good time with her big sisters on witches night out. 
Hoping to reenact this photo of all of us dressed as witches someday. Preferably in Utah at Gardner village. I don't think Chelsea would want to be snow white again though. 

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