Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Boston Temple On Labor Day.

One way to end summer on a good note, and have the kids transition easily into a new school year is by attending the temple. The temple is an important tool in my life that I use to have peace, and sanity! Especially with these kids growing up, and with the way the world is changing. Although there are amazing things happening in times of trouble, and catastrophe we still need some inner peace in our life to function, and be able to do the things all in the name of service. The girls have come to really, really love the temple, and Chelsea is excited to have gone to four different temples since she turned 12 earlier this year.She's beginning to feel the difference in her life when she waits too long to go.

It has been a tradition to take our kids to the temple as soon as they turn 12, and we started the tradition of going to the temple before school resumes when Sierra was a sophomore in high school. It can really benefit their life in so many ways especially as they get older, and even though Noah is seven he loves going to the temples. It doesn't matter to him that he can't go inside yet. It's almost as if he understands why he needs to be 12 before he can go in. He obviously feels a good feeling when we're there because he doesn't mind waiting while his sisters are inside the temple. Plus, I think he likes spending time with me surrounded by all the beauty that the temple brings! Here's another little video that I made of my sweet family after leaving the temple. 
Since the temple in Boston was open for half a day on Labor Day we took advantage, and went early in the morning. It is always packed so it's wise to get there early or make a reservation so that you can get a "ticket." The girls then went in to do baptisms after Jon and I were done. 
We don't have many days that are close to perfection, but this day was pretty close to it! Especially with that blue sky, and sun shining from above compared to the day before when it literally felt like fall! I truly am grateful for the temples particularly the ones that are open on holidays! It's so nice to be able to go on vacation, and make time for the temple! Having the girls go together makes me super happy, and I see a huge difference in their demeanor when they go. Such a peaceful, and fun day all rolled into one! We certainly can use more days like this! 
I think the kids are ready for school tomorrow! 

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