Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Chelsea's First Temple Trip!

When Chelsea got her temple recommend from the bishop on the night of New Beginnings she was quiet, but super excited. She contained her composure pretty well, and as soon as we got home she asked if we had any kind of cover to put it in, and luckily Lexie had an extra one that was given to her years ago which she was saving, and gave it up to Chelsea. And she is proud of it! 

Ever since our kids turned 12 we've made it a tradition to take them to the temple. Lexie, and Chelsea had the desire to go since they were little, and were waiting to the day to turn 12 so they can go. We were lucky to have gone exactly one week after their 12th birthdays. I was so happy that Chelsea made this decision on her own to want to go. When she asked Jon if we could go this saturday he said, "of course we can!" Chelsea and I were both excited not only to go to the temple, but because he didn't have to work that day either! Lexie would have come, but she's been having mandatory musical rehearsals on Saturday mornings so hopefully she'll be able to come with us next time!
Chelsea and Lexie must be kindred spirits because as soon as I got on my phone to check my email, and notifications Facebook popped up a throwback of when Lexie first went to the temple. It was the exact same day we took Chelsea! How cool was that! 

So this day was very special for all of us, and even though I didn't get to go inside with them I had a fun time with Noah. We walked around the city for a while, and when it got to cold we hung out at the visitors center, and then went inside the chapel where Noah made some friends and played a little church ball. Even though Noah wore his boots instead of his sneakers he managed to have a bit of fun traveling with the basketball. The look on his face shows that he's definitely wearing sneakers next time we go to the temple just in case! 
Once they were done at the temple I saw that Chelsea was a bit quiet, and super reverent. Something that I'm not used to seeing especially when it comes to the comforts of being around us. She and Noah constantly pick on each other, but she seemed so peaceful. Even Noah was sweet to her, and asked how she liked going inside the temple. He's been inside when we had the open house, but is still too little to actually go inside and perform ordinances. I asked her how she felt, and she said, "good, and much happier!" Happier she said. She truly loved every moment of being inside that building, and looks forward to going again soon! 
That peaceful moment didn't last too long with the kids once we went to shake shack for lunch, but it was all good and man those burgers never get old! 
We had an amazing day filled with laughter, peace, and joy and can't wait to do this again. Hopefully one day we can all go inside together as a family when our kids are all old enough to enter. Because there was no one outside at the taking of this picture we asked our little photographer to take one of us, and this one was the best one i chose from my phone that didn't have our torsos cut off! Good job Noah!
So proud of this girl, and for the choice she made on her own to want to go to the temple so soon! That made me super happy instead of me saying, "we are going to the temple today y'all so let's get ready to go!" Even though I still say that they are always excited to go! But this time, it was all her! 

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