Tuesday, September 5, 2017

A Few Photos & A Little Video of Noah In New England.

We spent Labor Day weekend traveling all over New England. One thing about our trips is that if there is a temple you better believe we are going to stop by even when it's closed at night. We first stopped at the Hartford temple to take a quick look, and parked for a minute to reflect on the beauty, and the peace that these buildings bring. We continued to drive until we arrived to our somewhat final destination in Boston, and found a hotel to stay in about 25 minutes from the temple. Noah has become pretty obsessed with the temple, and every time we tell him about a certain place we are going to he'll ask if there's a temple, and if so can we can stop by. 

And my answer is always yes! 
We attended the ward in Belmont, and after church we went to the temple, and captured some moments of our sweet little boy having fun exploring, and running around the grounds of the temple. It was a foggy, and rainy morning so there were not a lot of people around. It was a perfect time for me to just grab my smartphone, and capture videos. I compiled a few, and made a little video of this sweet kid of ours. He is growing up way too fast for his own good, and I simply cannot stand it! He starts second grade in two days, and at some times it breaks my fragile heart. As much as I love to watch his personality develop, and grow I still long for that little, dependent toddler boy. I'm lucky that he still likes to cuddle with me on the couch on days when Jon gets home late. I hope that lasts a little while longer. 
Here are a few photos of Noah on a rainy New England day as well as a few moments of us on Cape Neddick in Maine which was our second destination. I'll post more photos of our time there with the rest of the family tomorrow, but for now here are some shots of my boy! I also made a video of Noah at the temple which you can view here. It's hard to believe what a difference a year makes when I made this little video from our trip to Maine last year! 
Oh my darling little boy, don't you ever grow up! Just stay this little! 

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