Hall Of Breakfast in Salt Lake City!

Pop up museums have become a favorite and when we heard about the Hall of Breakfast in Utah knew I had to get tickets and go. It's a seasonal museum so they are only here in Utah until Sept. 1st, and then they head out to a different state. It truly was the best interactive art installation ever created, and we had so much fun with picture posing all around us! 

A Morning At The Indianapolis, Indiana Temple!

The best part about of road trips are all the stops we take along the way. Although the drive to Utah was soooooo long especially when you go through Nebraska knowing that there are places to see up ahead gives us the motivation to go, go, go, and after we made a pit stop to funky bones to let the kids wiggles out we decided to go to the temple the following morning. 

Funky Bones In Indianapolis.

Noah exclaimed, "This is the coolest thing ever" as he was jumping from rib to rib, and skull to sternum, and stood on a clavicle among other parts of the human body known as Funky Bones which is an art installation at a park in Indianapolis. 

BYU Bound!

Well, this is it. Another daughter of mine is heading off to college, and this time will be living 1900 miles away, and it's okay. It's okay because I know that she is ready, and that this is the place she chose for her future academics, and that she will be in good hands. And just like her older sister who has been away from us for five years now will do many a great things. I always miss them both when we venture out on our regular family trips, but it's nice to see Sierra living an independent life, working hard to live, and it will be nice to know that Lexie will be studying hard to gain the best education. 

The Faces Of Summer & A Road Trip Ahead.

Oh summer. You sure are passing us by pretty quickly, and it sure didn't help with the first two weeks of August being taken away from us because of moving into our new place. Still..we are savoring the last moments of summer until fall temperatures arrive, and looking forward to seeing mountains, eating at In-N-Out burger, and hopefully making it to a few new LDS temples along the way! 

Regina In Brooklyn!

With all the moving, and unpacking we did in the past 15 days I can't believe that we still managed to get some time in for the small and simple things. Well, not that small, but having gone to see Regina Spektor in concert with Lexie was a huge deal for her, and we had so much fun. One thing I learned after attending her concert at a "standing only" venue is that I can't stand for long periods of time! Maybe I'm weak in the knees, or the fact that I carried four babies caused me to have sciatic pain, but nonetheless I endured, and stood until the encore! I would rather watch her at Radio city, or any other venue where I can sit the whole time!

Life Lately In August.

There are times when you just need to escape, and get away from social media, and blogging. As much as I love to blog I find that as my kids grow older, and because it's summer time I'd rather give them my physical attention. The fact that my Mac has been in the shop didn't help my motivation to write either, but I'm back and hope to write more as the kids return back to school in a couple of weeks.