Noah's Original Spider-Man Costume!

One of Noah's favorite superheroes is spider-man, and ever since we first introduced him to the movies, as well as the comic books he has been wanting a spiderman costume. Not just any costume, but an original. This is when I wish i had mad sewing skills like my mother-in-law so that I can be able to make him, and all his sisters costumes, and clothes! Luckily she was willing to make him one as she has done so in the past. She has made various costumes for the kids for Halloween among other things. I'll tell you grandma in Utah has a skill, and a mad talent for making anything her own, and it truly is an "original."

For those of you who are curious (I know I was), and want to know how she did such a great job I decided to write about it. She mentioned using Simplicity 1030, and that it's actually a Captain America pattern, and altered the top. She borrowed a spiderman costume to see where the red, and blue pieces were, and because it had a mask she drew a pattern for the mask. She mentioned that it was tender mercies form the Lord that guided her hand because she's not here to get his measurements, and sometimes when I tell her how tall he is and how much he weighs it's not the same. So luckily she has a good eye, firm faith, and a lot of "heavenly help" that guided her in making such a cool spiderman costume for my boy. 
She's also quite the artist, and used a stencil to draw the spider, and used puffy paint. She used a fabric marker to draw the lines. Such talent! For years I've mentioned how she can open up her own store, and be a designer, but she was never into that! Sure appreciate her skills!

Good things definitely come to those who wait, and patiently, and even though there were times when Noah would see the mailman walking towards our house at exactly 4:20 to see if had a package, and said "not today" he'd get over his sadness real quick. That's when we received a text from grandma the day after letting us know it was in the mail, and that it should arrive over the weekend! Noah was waiting, and waiting and luckily it did come this past Saturday. You can see his reaction here, and how excited he was when he opened it. He's such a sweet boy who truly deserved this treat, and this costume was the perfect gift. 
And he hasn't taken it off since. He even slept in it all weekend long! 
And played piano in it. 
And even wanted to take a mirror selfie. 

I was just sitting in the background letting him do his thing. Not even I take mirror selfie's so it was fun to watch him take one! 

He sure is a happy camper with his costume, and I'm sure that as it gets hotter he won't be wearing it as much. Let's see if he's willing to wear it for Halloween. That'll save grandma time from making him another costume. See...I really need to up my game in learning how to sew so that we don't bug grandma too much! 

A sewing machine sure would be nice right now. 

Hope everyone has a wonderful week! 

What I'll Miss About South Jersey: Part One.

For the past eight months I have been serving as the Faith in God Leader for my church, and I can't begin to tell you how much I will miss teaching these sweet girls. With each calling comes great faith, and growth and I have to say that this one was on the top of my list. I will miss these girls, and teaching them every two weeks was something that I always needed. I think they taught me more than I taught them, because for the most part they were quicker at memorizing the articles of faith than I was, and answered quickly to the questions that I'd ask when it related to a bible or book of mormon story. Pretty impressive minds! Seeing their smiles as I'd walk in because they would be there a bit early, or because I'd be running late made me feel worthy of their presence because it showed me that they were willing and ready to be taught! They truly have brought so much joy to my life, and the fact that I was able to teach my own daughter was a bonus! I can see that even when we come home she tries to do her best in living what I just taught her, but at least she keeps it real with her sassiness, and that at the end of the day she says her prayers, apologizes, forgives, calms down when she's having a drama moment, and knows right from wrong.
This past week was our final lesson, and I wanted to leave some memory with them that would be important for them to remember to help keep them focused on the gospel. And being that summer is coming wanted to keep them busy so I decided to teach a lesson on service which entailed bringing a long list of things they can do to serve, and help others as well as doing random acts of kindness on top of having a little bit of temporal fun. I combined a few ideas I got off of pinterest, and gave each girl a tin can to decorate with scrapbook paper, wooden sticks to write on and washi tape to decorate it for good measure. They all wrote the things that they can do during the summer as well as on Sunday on what they can do to keep the sabbath day holy with good, clean, happy fun. 

I didn't want to keep them too late, and because they were having so much fun decorating we went over time, and some of them had to take them home to finish up. I love crafts, and finding ideas for them to not only cultivate a talent, but to learn at the same time is worth going out to get the things that we need. It's fun, and I think the girls enjoyed doing it.
Sister Trace, who was my assistant has been a huge help, and guide for me in this calling. Sometimes I wonder if she should be the leader because she knows her stuff! She's so good with the girls, and I think the fact that she has years over me when it comes to primary callings is why she's so great with kids. She has been in the primary off and on since I moved in the ward eight years ago, and was my other daughters (Lexie) first primary teacher. She currently teaches Chelsea in her final year of primary, and has really enjoyed having her as her teacher. 
Towards the end of the evening I wanted to take a picture of the girls and of course they had to be goofy as all pre-tweens are and they wanted to "dab????" I had no idea what that was, and found out as they were doing it! They are so fun!! 
I'm sure going to miss these girls, and their wonderful, unique, different personalities. My hope is that these girls wil remember what I taught them, and live it! Being that sister Trace is still around to teach them gives me hope that they will continue to be taught true principles and be in good hands! I really care for these sweet girls! 

Here's hoping everyone has a safe, and happy three day weekend! 

Fun Day With Noah & Chelsea!

It sure was bittersweet attending my kids school yesterday to volunteer for what they call "fun day" as it will be their last one at this school. Chelsea began preschool here, and being that it was Noah's first year I'm so grateful that I was able to take part in his life as a kindergartener during the school year. I have really enjoyed chaperoning and volunteering in a lot of his activities and trips, and it's hard to believe that this school year is coming to a close, and that this fall they will both be attending different schools!

At the end of each school year all the kids have an event called "fun day" where they lay bouncy houses all over the school grounds. Each grade takes turns and have about 40 minutes to play, and bounce around in them. The weather couldn't be more perfect for it too! 85 degrees with blue skies, and sun shine all around with dry heat, and no rain folks! Sure wish all our days can be like this from now on until fall comes around! 

It was Noah's first time experiencing a "fun day" with bouncy houses, and he loved every second of it. This boy has too much energy for my own good! I realized today that I don't need a gym because he's my personal gym. Running around after him, and his buddies making sure there aren't too many kids inside the bouncy houses. Sure got my exercise on this day, and I even sweated too! It was so fun to see him and his little friends gasping for breath as they were jumping, and luckily they listened to their bodies when their tummy said, "I'm thirsty." They all had water bottles, and after taking a few sips went right on back to playing, and sweating some more! I'm telling you, my kid has waaaaaaaaay too much energy. A total different energy than what any of my girls had when they were his age! Either that or i'm just getting old! Ha! Ha! 

Watching Noah on this day reminded me of when Chelsea experienced her first "fun day." I wish I had days like this back when I was little kid. I didn't even have any kind of "fun day" back in my school days, and if I did I just don't remember, but if we did they sure weren't bouncy houses. Wait...were they even invented yet? Noah sure had a blast and I certainly took more photos of him than I did his sister.
Those red cheeks, and ear to ear smile is an indication that he had the time of his life. It's the little things. Even bouncy houses that make a child smile! 
After the kindergartners time was up the fifth graders then came out. I saw Chelsea with her posse and immediately went up to her, and gave her a hug. I wanted to create more moments of this day with her, but then I realized that I didn't have to. I can just sit back, and observe without intervening. And then I thought again. I volunteered my time for Noah's grade, but having Chelsea come out right after them was pure luck. I wasn't planning on hanging around much longer. So I decided to say my goodbyes to her, and her friends and left. Reasons why is because I want her to have fun with her friends without me hovering around her all the time. I don't want to be one of those helicopter moms who hovers and stares and follows them everywhere. I also don't want her friends to be glaring at me as if I have five heads thinking I'm a weirdo, or saying stuff like, "why is your mom following us?" Kind of like this mom in this movie scene from New Years Eve. I want to give her personal space, and for her to enjoy herself. I want her to know that I trust her, and so upon leaving I captured a couple of photos. 
Let me tell you something about this girl Ciara. She's as sweet as they come. She is someone that I wish we could take because she is such a true friend to Chelsea. Since pre-school they have been there for each other, and have a lot in common. This is one of her best friends, and Chelsea is really going to miss her. 
Can't believe she's growing up. Bittersweet, but at the same time it's so fun watching her blossom into a beautiful young woman. I know that once she turns 12 next this winter that the years are going to fly, and then before you know it I'm only going to have one teenage girl left in the home to hang with! I know that as she gets older I will allow her to govern herself, but at the same I will be that mom who cares, and won't just let her do whatever she wants. This day was different because she was with her friends, and many other teachers, and parents were there to supervise, and so it was okay for me to leave! 

There's also a lot more on snapchat (r_jorgensen), and if it's still on there you can view it for about another hour or two! 
Have a wonderful day folks, and enjoy the sunshine! 

A Girls Weekend in The City!

Once in a while we all need to have a little get away not only with our family, but with our girlsfriends too. Just the other day I was talking to a girlfriend of mine of how I wish we could have a girls getaway" and how it's been years since I've actually gone anywhere with a friend. We mentioned how time, and money can become a factor, and the fact that we just love our families so much, and feel that it's okay to stay home, and not do anything is really okay, but then we looked at each other and said, "but we still need a break!" And it's not because our families annoy us, or that we wish to be away from them, but to get away because we'll love, and appreciate them even more when we return, and to also keep our sanity as a mother, wife, and overall human being! 

This past weekend one of my dearest friends Maggie had texted me asking if I wanted to spend the weekend in NYC. Surprisingly enough I didn't jump on the opportunity only because it was so spontaneous. I know, here I am the supposedly spontaneous mom who will go anywhere at the drop of a hat, but hesitated at this opportunity! Well, after about ten minutes of thinking I texted her back saying yes! She also had me at temple too! We have gone to the temple many times before in Manhattan, but have never spent the entire weekend away from my family. I love that she was so willing to provide for me, and because I am moving out of South Jersey wanted to do something nice. I love the fact that we were able to get away from the things that can be weighing us down whether it's relocating to a new area, packing, and! 

Attending the temple was the highlight of this trip. I hadn't gone since Sierra was here, and when we attempted to go a couple months ago it was closed! So going to the temple recently was something that my body, and soul really needed. I know how important it is to return frequently to the temple, and the blessings I receive from going are unimaginable! 

When you're in the city the day tends to go by so fast, and even though it was sprinkling drops of rain we walked around for a bit. I was craving a cookie from Levein bakery, but didn't really want to stand in line, (and believe me the line was super looooong) so I wasn't able to satisfy that craving. That's what we get for coming on a Saturday close to closing time! Guess I'll grab some next time I come! We had such a grand time even though it took us forever to find a hotel.  And, because it's the weekend we had to take what we can get so we ended up staying in this small rinky dink motel, but man oh man was it fun! Totally reminded me of our college days, and Maggie and i were laughing at all the cons that this motel offered! Too bad my snaps from that night are now erased, because they were pretty hilarious. As long as the room had a bed to sleep on was fine with me.  

Another highlight of the trip was going to church on Sunday, and can I tell you how humbling this ward was! It totally felt like the United Nations. I loved seeing so much diversity, and everyone was so welcoming! One thing I love about this church is that it's nationwide, and no matter where I go there is always going to be a church around where there will be brothers and sisters welcoming us with open arms. It was a wonderful weekend, and coming home to see my family brought such joy to my heart. No matter how much I love my family, I know that having a little getaway is refreshing, and doing just that this past weekend is a reminder to me that I need to do this more often! 

Superhero Library Kind of Day!

One thing I look forward to during the summer time is reading!!! I have been struggling to finish this book, and have extended the due date, and because its so good I'm just going to go ahead and buy it! One thing the kids look forward to during summer is going to the library. We try to go at least twice a month during the school year, but this year has been pretty impossible. With Noah going to school half a day the morning flies, and with after school activities there just isn't enough time in the day to venture out there. I remember when Noah and I would walk to the library, and because Noah wasn't in preschool we'd come home on our own leisure. I was his teacher for five years, and to get back those days to go to the library, check out some books, and just lounge around on a comfy couch in the library to read was dreamy. Okay, now I'm thinking of Matilda. Luckily on this day the kids didn't have anything going on after school, and on their own motive asked if they could go to the library. Of course I said yes! Since it's only a couple of blocks away they wanted to walk, but we ended up driving because...rain. The sun is still trying her hardest to shine, but the clouds are just taking over. The weather around this time is so different compared to last year, and although I'm getting used to these dreary, and cloudy days with scattered showers here and there, I snap out of it, and so do the kids, and they do it with...............books!
Noah has become obsessed with everything marvel. Ever since Lexie exposed him to captain america, spider man, superman, and iron man he wants to read everything that has a superhero photo on the cover. He's really getting into comic books like his pa, and even though I feel like they could be a little too much to read, I make sure there are is no graphic content in them. Because Lexie is a fast reader she is pretty good, at judging a book through flipping through the pages quickly, and if she sees any type of curse word, or innuendo she puts it right back on the shelf. 
Chelsea always lucks out, and finds great books to read. I don't think she'll ever out grow the Judy Blume phase. She'll be reading those books until she's 20! 
Of course Lexie has to pick out the thickest book there is on the shelf, and also because...Orson Scott Card! She's a fan, and loves the book Enders game so much to the point where she has read it a gazillion times, and has a little crush on Asa Butterfield who plays Jacob in this movie which comes out this summer! She's read the entire series, and so she's excited to see the movie, and how they portray it. 
Even though he's a fan of marvel comic books, he's an even bigger fan of Transformers. He really wanted to check out this book, and so he did. He is hooked! 
These kids always have a grand time at the library. They can be there for hours, and like piano, I think they'd rather read than eat, and sleep! It's amazing what books can do in the life of a child. I know for me, reading, and really getting into the characters of the book is a way for me to relax, and escape. That's why I look forward to summer because it truly is the season to relax, sit down, and read a book. 

Or in our case, try to read as much books as we can!! 

Happy Monday folks! 

Spring Art Show '16.

Growing up I don't recall ever being as artistic as my girls are when it came to drawing. I know that the encouragement that the kids receive not only comes from their teacher, but their grandma as well. Art it is a way of expressing themselves, and the more effort, and work they put into it helps them to develop such a talent. I think that is one of the major reasons why my mother-in-law gifts them art supplies, sketchbooks, and the best drafting, and drawing pencils there are out there, and why I expose my kids to art museums. We live in a perfect spot where there are so many museums to get inspired. So many, and especially grateful for teachers who have a love for it enough to go out of their way to display over 1000 pieces on the walls of their school, but most of all for teaching the kids to understand that art is important. That without it there would be no way to express our emotions. That without it there would be no color, thought, or imagination. It's amazing how well these kids did on their pieces this year. 
Last years art show was very impressive, and I think it's because they did the work of Picasso which is a personal favorite. This year Chelsea's fifth grade class concentrated on discovering the world of optical illusions, and they also studied the artwork of Victor Vasarely. The students used curved lines and contrasting colors in a repeating pattern to create these three dimensional examples of Optical art, and I think Chelsea did a pretty good job! 
They also became familiar with Andy Warhol's style of art. He was famous for his style known as "pop art" in which Chelsea drew a mr. pibb soda bottle. Pretty cool! 

As I was walking through the hallways seeing all these walls covered with colored pictures brightened up my day. I really appreciate any kind of art. Whether it's Picasso, Chelsea's, or any other child. 
Total daddy's girl! Jon was impressed with the way she created her very own landscape with watercolors. You can see the whole picture at the top of this post! 
 // Saw this in the hallway, and it's the truth baby! //
 I'm sure going to miss Ms. Czbas. She has been such an inspiration to all my children. Especially when she taught  the drama class at Lewis middle school where my oldest daughter first met her. She has taught all of my kids a love for art, and I hope that the next school we go to that Noah will be lucky to have a teacher like her.  
Thank you Ms. Czbas for being such a great example to my children when it came to the arts. Your talent, and knowledge in teaching our children has a been a blessing. I think we ended Chelsea's final year at Blackwood with a fabulous art show! 

Hope everyone has an amazing weekend! 

My Sweet Sierra Turns Twenty One!

Really been missing my oldest daughter lately and being that it's her 21st birthday today I felt prompted to express my love, and write a few things about her. It's completely bittersweet that I have a 21-year-old, how crazy time flies when it comes to age. I'm extremely proud of who she is becoming and how she carries a good head on her shoulders. She knows where she stands in her spirituality, and what her goals are in this life. There are times when I've talked to her over the phone and I swear it's as if I'm talking to an adult. Oh wait...she is an adult! Even my sister was impressed with how her vocabulary, and use of language is in high order. As a mother I'm beginning to seriously see the light in a lot of areas especially as she gets older, and finding her own path. She's a hard worker, and wants to pay her own way to college through scholarships which I know she can do because of her impressive writing skills, and hopefully lots of financial aid! She knows what she wants in this life, and is at peace with all the decisions she has made so far in her life. I'll tell you one thing is that she's made better choices than I did when I was her age, that is except for joining the LDS church at the age of 20. Now that was the best decision I ever made, and I only hope that she continues to stay with the spirit and makes wise choices. I'm very proud of her in keeping her head clear and striving to do what is right.

One thing I'm most grateful for is the fact that she's made it to the temple. She's so blessed to be surrounded by so many of them. I asked her if she's been going lately, and she said, "of course I am." Granted there are days where she won't attend because she's been working ten hour shifts due to the closing sale of the piano store she's currently working at, but tries really hard to make it on her day off. When I asked her to attend for the right reasons and not because I want her to, her response was,"I go cause I want to go mom, and I enjoy going." It really makes me happy to hear her say that, and to know that she is going for the right reasons. I reminded her of how important it is to keep the temple in her sight and I'm very pleased to hear that she knows how important the temple is. She's so lucky and you better believe if we were back living in Utah we'd be going with her every week! She feels the difference in her days when she goes and it strengthens her. The blessings of the temple are phenomenal, and I know she knows that they are. I know how busy life can get, but when I see the blessings that come from attending the temple often, and making it a priority that we can handle anything, and our lives are more at peace. I'm so grateful that she's realized that and has a testimony of it. 

Overall I'm so pleased with how well she's done in her young life despite of everything she's endured. She's such an amazing young woman with a lot of potential and I pray that she will build mountains with her knowledge and do the best that she can when it comes to church, school, job, and, relationships. 

She is attending college in the fall and I hope that in between summer and fall that she can be able to make a trip back here, and if she doesn't we will definitely see her over the holidays! 

Happy 21st birthday Sierra!

Have a fabulous year and looking forward to many more!


Momma bear!

Over The Weekend...

After a long week of rainy, and dreary weather (it totally felt as if I was living in Seattle) we finally got a bit of sunshine over the weekend, and I have to say that it was so nice to be able to get out of the house because this kind of weather cn really make one lack motivation to do anything. I'm not one to just sit around and mope around the house, but I felt a sickness coming on, and luckily it passed, but unfortuanely both Noah and Chelsea became infested with allergies and even though they both felt better after dosing with allergy medicine on saturday we came home from the adult session of stake conference (which was excellent by the way) to a very sick Chelsea. Her allergies turned into a cough, and was burning up a bit. We gave her some more medicine to alleviate the slight fever she developed, and she conked right out. We woke up the next morning, and got ready for church. I went upstairs to see how she was feeling, and could tell that she needed to rest some more so she went back to sleep. I could tell that she wanted to go to church, but explained to her how she really needs to rest. She can be stubborn at times, and sometimes it's a good thing especially when it comes to her not wanting to miss church or school, but what's important is that she rests that way her sickness doesn't get worse so that she doesn't miss church or school.

But that didn't last. 

30 minutes past after everyone left, and she came down to let me know she was hungry. Even though she looked a bit groggy she seemed a bit better. She was hungry, and so I made her some breakfast, and after we ate she asked if she could watch a dvd. But instead of clicking on to that remote, I asked if she was up for a walk on the bike trail. On Sundays I really try to refrain from any technology in the house, but almost gave in since she was sick. Had it been raining of course that would have been a thing to do, but because it was such a pretty day outside I couldn't let it go to waste by staying indoors. She obliged, and because it was windy she bundled up with a hoodie. We had such a nice morning together as walked, and talked. We saw a few flowers along the trail and asked if she could pick a few. I didn't see any harm in that, and so as she pickin' I decided to capture a few photos because...

I captured a few shots of her pickin' some. She absolutely loves spring, and on this day we were really feeling it! She saw some pretty colored flowers from a distance, and as she picked them ran up to me and said, "look mom they're bachelor buttons." I'm like, "how the heck do you know this? Bachelor buttons?? What a cute name for a flower!" Not even I know the names of certain plants, and flowers, but I guess she's learning a lot in school on certain topics, and then again she's been reading more and more lately (which makes me super happy), and that can help too. 

Here are a few moments from our Sunday walk...
After the rest of my crew came home we all decided to go the park to play bocce. Like I said, it was such a pretty day that I couldn't let it go to waste. We all gathered our picnic blanket, and bocce set, and while Jon was out visiting people from church we all went without him, and ventured out to the park for some family fun. He truly was missed, but nonetheless the kids had a great time. 
Can I also tell you that this was my first time playing bocce! So fun, and I think we need to buy a bigger set. I bought a small set only because the balls are easier for Noah to hold. He sure does love this game especially that little jack ball! 
It was a glorious day filled with lots of wind, and sunshine, and I am so blessed to have these kids by my side, and to see them getting along, and laughing have a good time brings a huge smile to this momma's face! 
And kudos to Noah for capturing such a nice pic of me, and his cute sisters! 

Happy Monday folks, and hope you're weekend was just as fun as ours!