Noah's First Superhero Youtube Video!

There are times when I give Noah time to play on the computer. Sometimes he'll practice on his math skills which is my favorite, and because of that I'll reward him with internet time to play games. I'm not a big fan of the internet except to blog, and catch up on current events that are going on in the world, but for the most part I'm an old school momma who handwrites letters, and still owns, and watches DVD's!

75 Degrees In February!

The weather we had this past Wednesday was absolutely gorgeous, and too good to be true especially in our neck of the woods. It's very rare to have warm weather in February. The last time I remember having a warm day in February was four years ago. 

Canada On My Mind.

Canada has been on my mind lately, and wanted to share a quick little story of the first, and last time we visited. Chelsea was just a baby when we went! That was 13 years ago! I will always remember this trip with our three little girls. They were always so happy every time we ventured out on road trips. The smiles of the girls in these photos prove all too well just how happy they were, and still get when we hit the pavement to unfamiliar territory.

A Touch Of Spring In A Photo On A Rainy Day.

Last Friday it snowed and it's been raining off and on since then! Looking at this photo from last spring brings all kinds of smiles to my face and helps me look forward to the bright colors of spring. Even though I have fresh flowers in my house every other week nothing beats the outdoors during springtime to take in the smell of different types of flowers, and these tulips! I love tulips! So beautiful, and rich in color, and probably my next favorite flower. 

Model Train Exhibit in Allentown, Pennsylvania.

This entire post will pretty much consist of a few photos with two "boys" facing forward looking at trains. Every time there is an opportunity to look at trains, ride on a train, or an event that consists of trains we have to go. After hearing a commercial on the radio about the model train exhibit in Allentown, Pennsylvania we knew we had to take Noah. Since the kids had no school we decided to check this baby out ourselves, and to our surprise it truly was a wonder! 


When we moved to New Jersey, and Sierra started high school they had a fun event called Mr. Highland where 12 boys are selected to compete against each other as to who is the most talented calendar guy. It was so fun, and because we saw how much Sierra enjoyed herself being a part of Mr. Highland  for two years thought it would be a fun thing to do if Lexie's new high school did it, and they did! You can view Mr. August, Mr. September, & Mr. October's opening acts here on my you tube channel

Our Valentine's Day.

Valentines day this year came and went by way too quick! With the kids in school Jon and I spent the day in the city. It was 60 degrees, and a perfect day to walk the streets of New York, and take in the nice early "spring" weather! We were famished, and had lunch at cafe lalo. It was perfect, and half empty which was nice. We were lucky to have found a parking space a block away for free. Reason I'm mentioning "free parking" is because parking can cost you up to 50 bucks in the city! Especially if you drive a mini-van. Counting our blessings every time that happens!

To All The Lovers Out There On Valentine's Day....

I just wanted to share some of my words as to how we've managed to keep our love alive for the past 20 plus years. Express love, and kindness to your significant other not just on valentines day, but every day. Sure there are times when our spouses annoy us, and believe me our ups, and downs come in waves. Some have come in a deep trough, and some have been close to the shore where the are easy to mend.

Our Last Hurrah At the D.C. Temple...At Least For Two Years!

This sweet photo was taken early last fall before Noah's baptism, and because of the beauty that surrounds the temple with the mums and all am using this photo for the beginning of this post, and just look at Noah's face! 100 percent laughter & cuteness! Plus it never made it to the blog until now. Yay! 

Noah-isms & The Things I Look Forward To When It Comes To His Words.

Some of Noah's sayings lately have been pretty funny, and "adult" like lately especially since he turned eight, and Lexie turned 18. Whenever he says something funny I try to laugh, and remember what he said so I can tell the girls, and Jon when they come home. Luckily I have my phone at times to jot down what he says so I won't forget. Eventually there will come a time when his Noahisms will become obsolete online, and as he gets older his words will become vast, extensive, and hopefully mature, but fun! But for now I will continue to take in his words as they come in hopes that I can remember as I get older!

After The Show...The Wizard Of Oz Musical.

After two months of hard work, and late rehearsals opening night for The Wizard of Oz has come and gone, and although Chelsea was exhausted from staying up late doing homework on top of rehearsals that ended at 9pm during tech week she's a little sad that it's over. She's a tough trooper, and carried on until the very end. She has fallen in love with musicals just like her sisters, and she is already looking forward to auditioning next year! 

Get Your Tickets For The Wizard Of Oz Now!

You can see the excitement on her face as she looks forward to opening night! She certainly has followed in her sisters footsteps (Lexie & Sierra) when it comes to being in musicals. She would have started in the 6th grade but for some reason this school district starts them in the 7th grade which is odd, but it's okay! Although exhausted due to two months of strenuous rehearsals (I swear they train these kids and auditioned as if they were rehearsing for a broadway show-ever seen A Chorus Line?) 

February Lovin'!

Happy February everyone! I can't believe we are already in the month of February and because it's a short month know that it's going to go by real fast! There are so many things I love about this month. I love that it's all about love and like Christmas gives us the opportunity to give and share our kindness to others.