Trunk Or Treat & A Pumpkin Carving Weekend!

This past weekend we had our church trunk or treat, and my family finally carved their pumpkins. This month seems to be passing us way too quickly, and because of that every outing, and activity we've had slips through my life like dust, and just like that it's over! I begin to feel melancholy because I really want this time of year to drag more slowly!

A Fall Morning Walk With Noah.

The sunshine continues to hang on into our neck of the woods, and with the little bit of rain we had yesterday it's beginning to feel more like fall. If we're lucky maybe autumn will be like it was two years ago in November! The leaves are becoming more vibrant, and colorful, and the air is much cooler. I really love fall, and because we haven't had much of it since September 21 hope it lasts a while longer, at least until thanksgiving.

Noah's A Cub Scout!

When I wrote this post five years ago I didn't think that we'd end up at this point that quickly. It's moments like this where time flees too fast, and now our son is a Cub Scout! Writing about my Cub Scout is a big deal for me because a) he's my only son b) I didn't grow up with my brother so I have no idea what it takes to be a scout, and c) because I'm a mom, and as a woman am eager to learn with my son as he grows, and excels as a Boy Scout. 

The Fall Party.

Noah's second year in his new school has been successful, and he absolutely loves second grade. Most of all, he loves his teacher Mr. B., and I have to agree with him. So far this year has been pretty great. Last year I was so stressed when we moved, and when he enrolled he somewhat had a hard time adjusting, and  because his teacher and I butt heads a lot didn't help, but by the end of the school year we ended up loving each other, and wished his first grade teacher well, and thanked her for helping him through the transition, and for forgiving me for my grumpiness and all! 

Spooky Sleepy Hollow In New York!

Four years ago when I heard about Spooky Hollow, and all the fun events, and historic "spooky sites" including the old dutch cemetery where Washington Irving and his family are buried in I knew I had to visit. It's been on my bucket list since like forever but time on the weekends permitted us to go.  Jon worked weekends when we first moved to Jersey, and until he joined the UPS team four years ago I made it a goal to go to sleepy hollow, and so we finally went this past Saturday, and ventured all day there!

A Hayride To The Pumpkin Patch At Johnson's Farm!

So far the month of October has kept us outdoors going to "fallish" places. particularly to various pumpkin patches, and we are loving it! One can never get enough of pumpkin patches especially when temperatures are in the 70's! Since the kids had no school yesterday we decided to find ourselves a hayride. We've already gone to pick pumpkins, and apples, but missed out on the hayride. 

Sierra Live, & A Few YouTube Videos.

Since Sierra left for school to Utah writing about her on my blog has shifted. I respect her privacy, and will ask her if she wouldn't mind me writing about her. Although she tells me I never need to ask, I do. Only because she has been through a heck of a lot in the past four years of her life, and as a mother wants to make sure she is healthy, and happy. Most of all happy.

Being "Booed"-A Fun, Random Act Of Kindness.

I had never been "booed" or ever heard of a "boo" until I moved to Utah, and I thought it was the funnest thing ever.  Recently I had a friend from Texas ask me what a boo was and I explained to her what it was. I was shocked to learn that she didn't know what it was so for any of you out there who aren't familiar with what a "boo" is it's basically receiving treats with a note inside saying to pass it on, and boo two other people or families within 48 hours. Or for a specific example you can read this

Mum Picking At Our Favorite Garden!

Autumn has finally arrived, and it definitely felt like fall today! I was in the mood to pick some mums so after the kids got out of school we went to our favorite mum garden. We discovered this mum garden last fall when we moved here, and it has become our desired mum spot! The owners are super friendly, and I'm always happy to give them business. So if you are in the area, and in the market for some beautiful mums at a great price come to good earth nursery before they get picked over! 

Sorry Homecoming, But I Have Priorities.

When I asked Lexie when homecoming was she said she wasn't sure that she would check the date to make sure it didn't fall during women's session, or my birthday weekend. Sure enough it did, because homecoming was early this year., and I was pretty bummed for her. 

Crossing Our Fingers.

If any of you out there who have ever worn braces knows now painful it can be when you go to your six/seven week check ups to have them tightened. I have never had braces, and so far Chelsea is our only kid who has to experience this unfortunate phase in her young life. One positive outcome of her experience with braces is the fact that Jon had them too. He was about her age, and had them on for about two years.

Pumpkin Picking in 80 Degree Weather!

Tis the season for a month of fall estivities! There are so many things we'd like to do as a family this season, but no way to pack in on all those things on our fall bucket list. Finding balance, and doing the simple things that are fun without added stress is the way to go, and lately we have been doing just that! 

Noah-isms - The Emotional Edition.

I don't know how much longer I can keep up with this little guy when it comes to his words, but man, oh man I can never get enough of him. I laugh, cry, and sometimes will raise my mom voice when he will do something naughty which is very rare, and I'm not lying. This kid is as good as he gets, but he has his days of grumpiness, and it's beginning to show. He definitely is growing up, and that's okay. I get it. In four years he'll be a tween! 

Because He Loves Us-My Thoughts On General Conference.

The other day Jon and I were talking about current events, and all that has been going on in the world, and how as parents we need to be better. As members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints  we may think we are doing enough as parents, and in fellowshipping, but I know that as a mom, neighbor, friend, sister, wife, and person I can do more, and be better. I am so grateful for general conference because this years conference was extremely special, and seemingly exactly what we needed to hear as a family.

Apple Picking At Battleview Orchards!

It wouldn't be autumn without our yearly visit to the orchard., and we are so lucky to live within reach of some of the finest orchards in Jersey. This year we decided to check out Battleview Orchards which is close to home. We continue to have the most memorable times while picking apples no matter which orchard we go to. This particular orchard was absolutely beautiful, and although it seemed a bit crowded, I have to say that this orchard is big enough for a lot of people, and we didn't mind all the people. We practically had a whole row to ourselves, and we just kept picking and picking.