Spring concert '12

Highland Regional performed their spring concert this past Tuesday, and it was phenomenal! I really loved it, and everyone did such an amazing job. I'm sure you will love these performances!

Her Chorale teacher decided to do a song at the last minute in which Sierra only had days to prepare, and memorize. She was the pianist while the Chorale was singing "Don't Stop Believin'" by Journey. As you can see on this video she did a great job, and was really getting into the song while playing the piano. I apologize for not recording it in its entirety. I ran out of memory on my iPhone, and had to quickly delete some old videos! I still hope you'll enjoy what I recorded!

A few of the band members including Sierra decided to entertain the audience during intermission with a spontaneous wrap skit. Everyone was clapping along, and having a good time. For a minute there I felt as if I was watching American Idol...another dream thought I suppose!
Here is the chorale singing "Dias Irae" by W.A. Mozart with Sierra playing the piano:

The jazz band played "Besame Mucho" featuring Sierra on the keyboard, (and I did record it in its entirety!) This is the song in which she won this award, this certificate , and this trophy in which she was recognized by having her name on this announcement board.
She performed so well, and I continue to be in awe with her talent. She had so much fun this year being part of the choir, chorale, and the jazz band. She looks forward to next year, and hopes to win more awards!

Summer preview

I love, love seeing the kids getting excited for summer to begin, and for school to come to an end. As much as they all love school they are happy to have a long summer break! This past holiday weekend we pulled out Noah's little swimming pool, and they all decided to cool off from the sweltering heat. I love that they don't mind getting drenched in Noah's small waiting pool, and having a great time. I had so much fun taking these (instagram mania again), and wish I could fit inside that pool with them. 

There will be many moments of time spent in the pool, at the beach, camping, and hopefully trying to accomplish some of the things on our summer bucket list.

We can hardly wait!

Scenes from Memorial day.

Each year as I grow older I show more and more appreciation for all mankind, and living so close to D.C. really motivates us a family to continue to pay our respects to those who have sacrificed their life for our country.

I love holidays such as Memorial day because it also gives me the chance to focus on the things that are important and sitting around at the dinner table whether indoors or outdoors talking about life, the world, the food, church, school, and the future makes me one happy woman.

visiting a loved one who was taken away from us too soon.
I am grateful for the relationships that I have with each of my family members...especially my husband. Without him we probably wouldn't be able to communicate so well with our children.  I love being a mother, and at this point in my life with my oldest soon going off to college within the next year and a half I am taking advantage of every single moment not only with her, but with the rest of our kiddos.

On this Memorial day...

You will never know how much it has cost my generation to preserve your freedom. I hope you will make good use of it. 
-John Quincy Adams
And I'm Proud to be an American, where at least I know I'm free. And I won't forget the men who died, who gave that right to me. 
~Lee Greenwood

A week in review.

Noah is a Cheerio freak! What kid drinks all the milk out of the bowl first, and then eats the cheerios in the end?
Poor Sierra. I know she will be so glad once finals are over. She has been so overloaded with various projects, work, and literally has been passing out when she comes home from jazz band. I don't know how she does it, or any other kids who are on the same boat as her. Kudos to you Sierra for being superwoman!
Noah no longer needs his wooby to keep him quiet, get him to sleep, or occupied. He doesn't miss it, and neither do I. Although I don't think I want to wash it. It has a babyish smell to it, and I wish I could bottle that up so that I can remember his final scent as a two and half year old baby. little boy is growing up fast!

These lovely flowers were given to Sierra on her 17th birthday by her lovely friend Lana, and to my surprise are still alive. Sunflowers are the most beautiful flowers, and Sierra truly does resemble them. I know Sierra will take care of them just like she has taken care of the friend that gave them to her (smile.)
I normally don't like the kids watching movies throughout the week, but since there are about ten days left of school I made an acception. Since Noah loves watching movies with fish they decided to watch this movie. two oldest still love watching animated shows, and they are not afraid to admit it!
image by tumbler
Since my better half fractured his elbow he, and Chelsea have been watching Matilda twice this week on Netflix, and it has been a huge motivator in wanting her to do a lot of summer reading. She even wants to watch the broadway show which opens in NYC in early 2013. That'll be her birthday gift since she turns eight in January. It'll be interesting to see how they convert the movie into broadway! See...not all movies are trash!
Sierra has been practicing her jazz pieces all week long for her Spring concert that will be held next Tuesday! I love hearing her play. She plays with such emotion, and I love watching her fingers as they glide effortlessly across the piano keys. She truly is a wonderful pianist.

Never a dull moment in the Jorgensen household. No notes to be taken this time. School is almost over, and when my better half's elbow heals he'll be able to join in on having more fun!

Thundering rain, a sprained elbow, and a visitor.

Something happened to my better half yesterday that hasn't happened to him since he was about 16.

While I was at Target with my girlfriend yesterday it began pouring rain. The rain came down really hard, and after it let up we decided to go home. As I was entering the house I didn't hear Noah laughing, or any kind of commotion. I called out to them, and they both came walking out of the bedroom subdued. Apparently Jon was running to every room to roll all the windows down due to the rain, and ran up the stairs to close all the windows. We have very steep & narrow stairs and as he was walking down with Noah by his side his flip flop bent forward (don't ask), he lost his balance, but managed to save Noah in the process by throwing him across the room on to the couch. He scraped his knees landing on his elbow, and couldn't move it very well. He was stubborn at first, and told him that we should have gone to the ER but he wanted to wait a while to see if the pain & swelling would subside. It didn't. I then called my girlfriend, and she immediately came over to pick him up, and drove him to a nearby clinic.

He came home wearing a sling, and it looks like he might have broken his elbow. He is seeing an orthopedic specialist on Tuesday, and we will find out more to see if it's fractured. I have to admit I was a little frustrated when that happened to him, and I feel terrible. I felt so sad for him because he won't be able to ride his bike to work, or run around & play with Noah. Luckily he is off for the next five days so that will give him time to heal. We're hoping that it's just severely sore, and not broken!

Noah has been so patient and sweet throughout this whole experience. It's as if he knows his daddy is in pain, and so he kept his distance from coming near his elbow. He constantly kept kissing it as Jon was trying to relax and take it easy.
We also had Jon's high school buddy who was his best man at our wedding came over to visit with us from Utah. He was in town on a sales convention, and he took the time to come over to see us. I really enjoyed his company, and it felt as if we had a home teacher visiting a very good way. It had been about eight years since we've seen him, and we were talking about spiritual things, our families, and comparing life in Jersey to Utah. It was a very pleasant visit, and hope to see him and his family again soon.
In spite of a thundering afternoon with pouring rain, a sprained elbow, and a late dinner having Don come over all the way from Utah sure put a smile on all of our faces.

Thanks Don for making our whole evening!

The best job.

For the past 12 years I have been a stay at home mom, and I count my blessings for making the choice in staying at home in raising my children, as opposed to working endless hours and never having the time to be there for my kids when they come home. I want to be there when Chelsea gets off the bus, and to be able to greet all our kids when they come home from school. I think about all the things I do on a daily basis as a mother, and as much as I would love putting myself to work in the world I am grateful for the choice I made in staying home to raise my children, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

I do commend those mothers who have a full time job in a workplace, and yet have a balance as to spending time with their kids, and being involved in their lives as well as being active with their daily activities. I was one of those moms when I had my oldest, but when I had my second daughter I made the choice to stay at home. I do see a difference in my demeanor when I made that decision, and no matter how hard our financial circumstances can get I will always be grateful for the choice I've made in being a stay at home mom. I also see many blessings that come from it.

I find myself interacting with people on a daily basis anyway. I am very active with my church, and try my best to follow up on the things that need to get done. Besides raising our kiddos I try to help the needs of those in my community, my girls schools, and in the church. Sometimes I wonder if I actually had a full time paying job would I be able to do all of those things. Probably...who knows. I know that if i did I would probably grow weary, and never find time to spend with my kids, eat dinner with them, and then life would eventually become numb. I know I would be too busy to cater to my kids when it comes to school, and personal issues. In other words...communication would probably go from a ten to a zero.

Being a stay at home mom also gives me the chance to visit friends who are also homemakers. I go through major withdrawal when I don't visit friends or even those in my church. I love visiting teaching and being able to connect with certain sisters who are in need of service. It truly helps me to be selfless, focused, and uplifts me knowing that I left their home with a smile on their face.

I am on my way to visit one of my lovelies from church while my better half is off from work. He has numerous ways of keeping Noah entertained, and it's not the television or games (well sometimes he'll let him play a game.) I am so grateful to have a husband who is willing to let me do the things that he knows make me happy, and trusts himself enough to spend a long period of time with our son!
Yeah...being a mom is the best job in the world!

A simple note that lead to a new friendship.

Everyone has different trials, and each of us handle it the best way we can. The Lord gives us trials that we can handle, and the ones that I get may not be easy for someone else, and vise versa.

When I go through life's trials I try my very best to not say, "why me." I know that being without a vehicle for the past couple of months has been a challenge, but at the same time has brought forth many blessings into my life.

Blessings such as making another friend. 

There are no coincidences in this life, and I know that the Lord works in mysterious ways. Last week I came home to find a note on my door from someone who was interested in buying our Quest. I put it aside and this morning had the urge to call.

Our phone conversation went from, "Hi, I'm Rose and came home to find the note you left regarding our Quest, and in being interested in buying it" to "thanks for calling, and by the way...if I can't find that Book of Mormon that those missionaries left me long ago...can you send me one?" Time to put those missionaries to work!

I'm blown away at how Heavenly Father puts people in our path for a reason, and how this lady felt prompted to put a note on my door even though we didn't have a FOR SALE sign on the car. We were on the phone for about 40 minutes getting acquainted, and talking about God, life, trials, and other things. We are both about the same age, and have a lot in common. I felt so comfortable in talking to her, and we were even speaking the spanish language! Heck...I feel comfortable talking to anyone! I came home so excited and told my better half about my "gospel sharing moment of the day", and he was happy for me. I love sharing my life's experiences, and how much the gospel has influenced my life for the greater good.

I have also noticed when I am having a rough day, or going through a major trial- sharing the gospel, and serving others helps me to be selfless and not focus on me, me, me.

It's not all about me, it's all about how I can handle myself in any hard situation, and in thinking of others.

I also found this note that made my morning from my youngest daughter...
She obviously feels that everyday should be mother's day, and I loved waking up to this sweet note. I did love the wonderful planter that she gave me in which I neglected to blog about (it's still alive!)
It's the simplest things that make my day even better. I also like what it reads at the bottom-"We serve where you serve". That is so true! She served me this morning, and I served someone else in sharing the gospel.

*Thanks Navy federal credit union for printing that quote on your paper!

Birthday weekend at the nation's capitol

My family and I feel so fortunate to live just two hours away from the nations capitol. When my better half has the weekend off we make an effort to take our family to D.C. We have been lucky enough to have gone to the temple at least once a month, and since it was Sierra's birthday weekend we decided to forego the temple this time, and spend the day sightseeing.
view of the Jefferson Memorial building across the Potomac River
We love coming here. We've been here quite a few times, and it never gets old. We have come at times when it's packed when there is tour after tour, but we got lucky and had a chance to take some pictures without any extra bodies in them. I went a little crazy taking pictures with instagram so I hope y'all enjoy these pictures I took.

Noah & Fala-Franklin D. Roosevelt's scottie dog
waiting in line for the soup kitchen to open
We saw both the Franklin D. Roosevelt memorial, and Thomas Jefferson memorial.
Jefferson quote

The girls were obviously in a picture mood today. Sierra never really cared for the instagram app but now absolutely loves it on her iPhone. She too went crazy taking pictures of anything, and everything! Maybe she'll post some on her blog soon.

 These are all my photos (smile.)
Good ol' Teddy

Lovely Eleanor

The hands that bind

I am so glad that Sierra chose to spend her birthday weekend in the nation's capitol. I remember the first time we came here, and how much we really enjoyed seeing history. It truly makes you appreciate all that our forefathers, and war veterans went through. It was when we moved further north that we vowed we would take advantage of visiting D.C. as much as we can. 
overlooking the Potomac river
It's so peaceful to have a picnic, and to overlook the Potomac River that flows through the nation's capitol. I have so much appreciation for the nation's capitol, and for the rights that we have as an American. I'm always moved when I arrive here, and it truly feels like home to me.