Taylor Swift Live At Gillette Stadium!

It's been a week since I've blogged, or written anything on here, but I have good reason as to why I haven't. It's been one crazy summer for sure with the kids, and in all honesty just want to spend simple, quality time with them before summer disappears. Especially with Lexie heading off to college soon! So this free time from the internet is for me, and my family and if you'd like to hang around in my corner of the internet, and check back every once in a while to see if  I've written anything you are more than welcome to.stay. I am truly grateful for those of you who continue to stick around and read this little blog! 

Noah-isms In July.

It's hard to believe that in less than four months our little guy will be nine. There are days when he acts his age, and days where we're like, "what did he just say?" Our conversations with Noah are becoming more adult-like, and he truly is becoming an old soul. I blame it on having three older sisters and the fact that even though they spoil him with hugs and kisses they talk to him as if he's 12 and not eight. I am amazed at how he words things, and talks about life, and how he's not afraid to share his thoughts, and feelings with us.

Good Times With Noah!

I know I've written one too many posts about how fast our kids are growing up, and how quickly graduation comes along for them! My time with Noah is fleeting fast, but I notice that when I don't rush his childhood, and spend one on one time with just him without feeling rushed that time somewhat slows down. At least for those moments when I'm with him. 

Saturday In Palmyra, NY!

The Hill Cumorah Pageant this year was, as always a great experience! In spite of leaving late Friday evening, and arriving in the wee hours of the morning we filled our Saturday making memories as a family. This place never grows weary on us, and every year we come here we leave with a different experience, and it is always a good one! 

Victorian Gardens Amusement Park!

Ever since we introduced Chelsea to the Victorian gardens amusement park inside Central park when she was almost 10 we have vowed it to be a tradition for the kids so as long as they don't get too big! And since Chelsea is leaving for girls camp tomorrow for a week we decided to go today!

A Nostalgic Childhood Memory.

Awwww to be a kid again when our moms (at least my mom) did her best on her own to keep our days simple, and happy. Every time we'd walk out of a Gibson's or a Kroger store (do y'all remember those) I would ask her, "mommy, can i have a piece of gum, and she'd respond in Spanish, "Si, no mas uno." And then I'd see the machine next to it with cheap gold rings, and toys inside a huge plastic bubble case, and ask if I can have one of those too. 

"We Don’t Need To Be The Same To Be One."

I love this video that my church put out recently and with all the crazy, sad things that are going on in the world with our government, politics and, families being separated  that we can shed some light by being "that person" who chooses light over darkness. Hope over despair. Joy over sadness, and LOVE instead of hate. 

Our 4th Of July Celebration!

Our 4th of July celebration consisted of endless walking among new york crowds, in high humidity, eating good food where we spent most our time downtown touring the federal building, and walking along various streets in the city where there were lots of balloons!  

A Pioneer Trek in Virginia!

When our church cancelled trek last summer due to a major thunderstorm we were all a bit disappointed especially since some of the youth had never experienced it. Luckily Lexie was one of the few who had already experienced trek the year before in a different state, but she had been looking forward to going again. When we heard they were having it this year Lexie was excited. See, this is her last year to go in her teens, and would like to experience the feelings she felt two years ago as well as remembering all that she learned from her first trek experience. Especially when it comes to her heritage. 

On Ministering & The Beatty's Last Day.

"We are constantly surrounded by those in need of our attention, our encouragement, our support, our comfort, our kindness whether they be family members, friends, acquaintances, or strangers. We are the Lord's hands here upon the earth, with the mandate to serve, and to lift His children. He is dependent upon each of us."