Downtown Day Out In The City...

Keeping the kids active throughout the summer months is important to me and even though we can find things to do close to home there's something about the city that gives us the energy to live, and never grow weary of the surroundings that this wonderful city has to offer. The kids love it every time I mention going to New York, and when I ask if they'd like to go they do not hesitate to say yes! Especially Noah! 

Spring Piano Recital '18

With preparing for Lexie's graduation I failed to blog about the kids piano recital. It saddens me to write that this will be their last year with Ms. Nora. She was their teacher for three years. She was the most patient teacher that I found for Noah when he was five. He has picked up playing very well, and every now and then will nonchalantly sit at the piano and play all his old songs he learned while being her student. She was a wonderful, patient, kind, fun, loving friend/teacher and she will be missed. 

Strawberry Picking At Highland Orchards!

Although the time for picking strawberries is dwindling down we still managed to go picking, and yesterday we drove to Highland Orchards where most of their strawberries weren't over picked! We were lucky to have filled one little basket full of strawberries. Most of them were super ripe so we didn't pick too much. One basket was enough and we left with smiles on our faces. 

A Simple Outing In Downtown Allentown!

Summer is definitely showing off lately with sunshine, and blue skies, and with the days being long, bright, and  sunny couldn't bear the thought of staying indoors. I know school just ended, and that some of us may just want to relax, and chill at home,but when you have active kids, and live where I live especially in the summer months all you want to do is spend time outside. That is unless it's 100 degrees! 

Last Day Of Second Grade!

Noah has advanced to the third grade and we couldn't be more proud. He has certainly advanced in the two years he has been in this school, and we are so grateful for his teacher this year. His reading, and comprehension skills has improved, and although he loves socializing it seems as if he toned it down a bit toward the end of the year. Reading his teachers remarks on his report made me smile BIG! I can tell that he was a joy to teach, and that he in fact did enjoy coming to school to learn, and of course have recess! 

A Day in Dumbo, & A Lot Of Art.

If you want to have fun, eat good food, go to a flea market, and see some art installations in Brooklyn Dumbo is the place to go. We love this place because it exposes our kids to culture, and art. Not only do we have fun at the park, riding the carousel, and Noah scooting all over Brooklyn bridge park on his scooter, but everywhere you go there is bound to be a work of art in your midst. 

Summer Solstice: A Day At The Carnival!

On the first day of summer we decided to check out our local carnival that is put on by St. Gregory Parish. Family carnivals like this remind me of the ones I went to when I was a kid. Admission was always free, and I could go ride all the rides twice, and get pumped up on sugar all for under 20 bucks. I'd go with my friends,and walk around deciding on which ride to get on next. It was our first time going here, and it did not disappoint. 

Lexie's Graduating Class of 2018.

As the music began to soar with all the graduates walking down the field my eyes began to water. I held in my tears because I didn't want to ruin my makeup plus it was too early in the ceremony to be crying. My oldest daughter turned to look at me, and with a smile I said to her, "I'm going to be a huge mess when Chelsea and Noah graduate.These kids are my joy, and it's moments like this that make my world go round, and motherhood rock in full circle.

Seminary Graduation.

If you follow me on Instagram you may have already seen these pictures posted on there, but wanted to share them on my blog as well, and to express my gratitude on how extremely proud I am not only for my second daughter to have graduated from early morning seminary,but to all the youth out there who have achieved this great accomplishment. 

A Happy Day Ahead-Graduation Announcement!

T-minus five days to graduation and we are so excited to share this big day with Lexie. We have family flying in over the weekend, and couldn't be more thrilled to see some familiar faces that I haven't seen since Noah's baptism. It's going to be a busy week which means I won't be blogging as much, but you can follow up with any future photos I will be posting on my Instagram including graduation day!

2018 Senior Showcase!

When Lexie was a freshman at high school she always hoped she'd be able to sing in the choir as well as the acapella group called Vocal Resolution, and she did. She was lucky enough to have been in Vocal Resolution for two years to sing with her peers. She was grateful to have had the opportunity to sing as well as play with the jazz band, and man does she miss Mr. T sometimes. 

A Little Temple Day With The Kiddos!

When Noah handed me an invitation of a primary church activity that involved learning about the temple my face lit up. I was so excited that the primary leaders were doing this! I don't recall any of my girls having a church activity at the age of 8 that involved the temple. Having a temple closer to us gives us many opportunities to invite the children in our church at a young age to learn more about the temple and to get them involved as to what the temple is all about, and how it will benefit their lives as they grow older.

A Little Less Blogging, A Lot More Journal Writing.

It's been really nice having my Mac in the shop and taking a break from blogging, and in all honesty has been liberating. I'm currently blogging from Lexie's laptop and feel bad for hoarding, and loading a ton of photos on here. She doesn't seem to mind but I do so I'm going to make this post short, and sweet without a myriad of photos to look at. 

Little Manhattan.

When we come to New York I always want to appreciate it. I don't want to rush the day or quickly eat the food at my favorite restaurants (and there are sooooo many I love!) I want to appreciate riding the subway without having to complain on how crowded it can get, or because there aren't too many seats available. I want to appreciate taking the cab without complaining on how fast they drive because I drive fast myself.