Gulliver's Gate.

We thought we could brave the freezing temps when we went to the city the other day, but boy were we wrong! It's a good thing we did the whole Rockefeller tree/seeing Santa at the plaza walking around the streets of New York before this arctic mass hit! Nonetheless we always make the best of our day in the city even when it's bitter cold! 

Dyker Heights Lights '17

When we went to see the lights in Dyker Heights last year in Brooklyn I couldn't believe how many houses literally went all out out to get lit up! I was so impressed with the way they displayed the holiday decorations and although it was a bit over the top it sure was a fun sight to see! You can check out some short videos on my Insta stories too!

Merry Christmas From Us!

 "The Glitter of the season should never prevent us from truly seeing the Prince of Peace." 

Here's wishing everyone a Merry-Cheery Christmas Day, and hope y'all enjoy your time with family friends, and getting plenty of rest this holiday season. This season is all about bringing light to others, spending time with family, and reaching out to as many people as you can to let them know they are being thought of. The Light The World campaign this year gave us many opportunities to do so, and I am so grateful for that.

Noah's Winter Party '17

Didn't Noah just have his winter party last year? Man, it feels as if it was yesterday that Noah had his winter party! Time is definitely passing us by especially when you're having fun and enjoying your kid! I have loved volunteering at Noah's school for the past year. It truly is something I love to do and missed out on when Sierra was his age. His face lights up every time I walk through his classroom door. When sees me walking through that door, he knows momma's here to help out.

Visiting Santa At The Plaza, & Other Christmas Festivities!

Durign the holidays we try to fit in as many activities as we can especially since Noah is getting older but then I realize that it's the simplest things that matter. As much as we'd like to see "Elf" or "the nutcracker" there is so little time, and not enough Saturdays in the month of December. Jon's work keeps him extremely busy during the holidays especially when it gets closer to Christmas but I've gotten used to it which probably isn't a good thing, but at least we have our weekends to venture out to enjoy some of the Christmas festivities---especially in the city. 

Light The World '17

The Light The World campaign has been a huge blessing in my life, and in the lives of our children. Especially when one has had a rough year. Luckily we can clean it up and finish the year off with lighting the world not only for our families, but for others as well. There are so many people out there who can use some light in their life, and it's not too late too start. I love the scripture that is written for that day as well, and I have to admit when I watch the videos I tear up a bit!

23 years.

Today is our 23 wedding anniversary! The past 23 years have been filled with trials, and triumphs, but there is no one in the world I'd rather be enduring them with than with this guy! Happy anniversary Jonny! xoxoxo

A Little Winter Christmas Concert.

Last night was Noah's winter concert, and it was amazing! It seems that the older he gets the better he, and the rest of his class sing! This concert was so well prepared for the second graders. Everyone looked so sharp, and nice and their voices sounded so awesome! I can tell their music teacher went all out in helping them by rehearsing, and I can see why these kids grow up and get into acapella groups like their older siblings, eventually audition, and make it into the major competitions as they enter into their high school choir. 

Snow Day In The City!

After we helped out at the food bank this past Saturday in the Bronx we walked out into a winter wonderland! It was snowing, and it looked so pretty! The first snow of the season always looks so fresh and clean. Since we were in the city I wanted to take advantage of this magical moment in Central Park. Central Park looks absolutely beautiful in the winter time, and this time my kids got to witness it. We had tickets to see Peter and the Wolf, and because we had some time to kill before the show decided to play in the park for a bit.

Giving Back At The Food Bank For NYC.

So many wonderful things happened this past weekend but first I want to talk about the service that my family and I did together in the Bronx. It was a service project that Naomi Davis set up and I have to say it was the most organized and one of the best experiences I've ever had. What made it even more special is that I was with my family. Watching my eight year old going to town with that tape gun taping boxes made me all kinds of happy. He's just like his pa when it comes to hard work.

Hunting for An Evergreen!

I love these pictures for what they are, and for the sake of memory going to post a bunch of photos of us surrounded by trees because...evergreen and Christmas! Tree picking has been a tradition for us for four years now, and for awhile was debating on buying an articifical pre-lit tree this year. I did, but as soon as we put it up it looked so fake. Even when we puffed out those douglas fir faux branches it still didn't feel...homey. So we stuck with tradition and bought ourselves a real tree!

Building Traditions With The Youth of Your Church!

As I was looking through some old photos when we were in our church in Cherry Hill I was blindsided by nostalgia with this picture. All I could think about were the kids that are in this photo as well as the sister missionaries that were serving there at the time. I think about how they are doing, and what they are up to these days. I thought about the time I was in the stake young women, and how I would do everything possible to unite our youth in the stake as well as our ward.

Happy Birthday To My Sister, My California Girl!

So my one and only sister turns fortyyyyyyyyy..........niiiiiiiine today!!YIKES! I know she won't mind me advertising her age globally because she looks amazing! I only hope I'll continue to gracefully age just as she and our mother do! I attest to that to all her years of running, and being so athletic since she was in middle school! 

Celebrating With Mari In NYC!

I blog this for memory, and because Chelsea doesn't have social media wanted to document her adventure with her peeps. Since Chelsea moved here last year she has been fortunate enough to have made a great group of friends. She avoids all cattiness, and drama, and if any drama should arise she tends to be the peacemaker of the bunch. She's a lot like me in that aspect, and I am grateful that she has learned that no matter what, there will always be 7th grade hormones raging, middle school drama, but at the end of the day what matters is how you handled any dramatic situation, and to always be yourself while being an example to others.

Robotics Discovery Day!

When Noah came from school last month and brought home a flier that read "Enjoy a day of robotics with robot building out of legos" I couldn't help but to ask if he would be interested in going. Our school district is huge on robotics, and because Noah is into building contraptions, buildings, cars, and transformers with his legos I figured this would be something he'd like to experience, and it was!

These Are A Few Of Our Favorite Things In NYC!

Hey December! We are so excited for this time of year. Time for day trips to the city to see all the decorations on fifth avenue, and all around the city. I swear they never get old. Time to finally go ice skating at Rockefeller center. We are so excited for all our holiday adventures, and for the sleep that I'll hopefully get in between. Traditions are important in our family, and we try to keep with them for as long as we can!