It's leap day &... the last 4 days of february.

It has felt weird to have taken a three day hiatus on blogging, but I felt that I really needed to take a break in doing so. I did manage to get away from the computer, but not my camera. Since I took a few pictures I decided to post a little bit of what has occurred in the past three days...through pictures.

Sunday...Chelsea taught her first family home evening lesson on her own without any help. She gave a lesson on the prophet Noah, and we were very impressed. She taught like an adult...with sassiness, and boldness!
Monday...chilling at home after school. Noah and Chelsea have the tendency to get on any bed of their choosing and just jump on it. Although Sierra doesn't allow it, they managed to get a few jumps on her bed before she told them to get off, and they both cuddled giving each other lots of loves.
And...Chelsea wanted me to take a picture of her showing off her smile...(she lost her second tooth last Friday.)
Tuesday...Noah chilling with dad on his day off playing some games while I managed to finally watch the second season finale of Downton Abbey.
I absolutely loved this season, but there was one part in which made me "dreadfully sad" such as Mr. Bates getting sent to prison for life. I'm glad that he and Anna got married before that dreadful sentence.  
  I was extremely pleased with the ending though when Mary and Matthew finally get together! She's even developed a soft side to her! I look forward to next season, and I'm definitely buying this series!
Wet Wednesday...So far today I have allowed Noah to eat oatmeal on my soon to be reupholstered rocking chair. This won't be happening once it's reupholstered so enjoy it while it lasts buddy! He is now watching Shark tale while I blog, and then soon it'll be nap time. Perfect weather for it since it's raining outside, and it should be for the rest of the day!
I can't believe how fast this month has gone. Even through having the small trial of not having a vehicle at the moment- this month hasn't been too bad. It shouldn't be because this is my LOVE month, and my family & I sure have received lots of it during this time! 

I can't believe that we've had a mild winter thus far. Although I love snow I am crossing my fingers that we don't have any snow days. One thing for sure is...I am so looking forward to spring!

March 20th can't come soon enough!

Angelic friends to the rescue

The Lord has blessed us with amazing friends here in Jersey. If we have just one person in our lives that exhibit true friendship, and know the meaning of how it is to be Christlike...that's all we need. In this case we've had two, and if you don't mind I'm going to boast about them...all in the name of service. 
This woman has been a blessing in my life, and an amazing friend to the Jorgensen clan. She is Chelsea's former kindergarten teacher, and has become a surrogate aunt to her. Last night was Candy Bar Bingo at Chelsea's school, and substituted on my behalf in taking her. She wanted to take Chelsea, and see all the other kids from her former class. Ms. Griffith's tradition with Chelsea every time she takes her out is they must eat at Friendly's afterwards. Yes...that's Chelsea's favorite part. She also LOVES spending time with her.

As y'all know our car broke down two weeks ago, and one of the things I was stressing over was how the girls are going to make it to their piano, and violin lessons. Here comes Ms. Griffith to the rescue. I felt so comfortable in asking her if she would do me the favor in taking the girls to their lessons just until we got the car fixed, and she didn't hesitate for nothing. As a matter of fact I left her a long message on her voice mail explaining to her what happened to our car, and how I needed help in getting the girls to their lessons. She immediately returned my call right away. Not the next day, not two days later, right away...meaning within the hour!!!

The Lord has been extremely good to us during this trial. I truly don't feel alone at all in this 'broken down car/waiting for it to get fixed' situation.

As members of the church we tend to observe, and help others in times of need. You also know when someone truly LIVES the gospel, and understands how to serve in an unconditional manner just as Christ would. Someone who goes with the saying, "He will take his shirt off his back for anyone." Well, I know a few people in our church who exhibit that perfect example of service adding a mix of, "the pure love of Christ."

The Albrecht's...
Since my husband is the seminary teacher in our ward, we were trying to figure out how he was going to get to early morning seminary. Since he picks up two other young women he was worrying even more as far as finding a solution to this problem. My husband's main concern was teaching seminary to the kids. To be honest, most of the parents didn't seem to help us find a solution as to how they were all going to make it to seminary, or if anyone else would be willing to sub for him...or even offer to help pick him up.

We thought of finishing seminary inside our home for the remainder of the school year, but then my husband mentioned that the kids can be pretty loud, and our house isn't that big. Although our basement isn't finished, I mentioned that I could fix it up and he could teach down there. We were seriously thinking of doing that when last Sunday Brother Albrecht came up to Jon, and said to him that he can use his car to take the kids to seminary, and leave it at the house for me to use. He is willing to do this until our vehicle is fixed. What an amazing guy!

I can't begin to tell you how much that meant to me. My heart swelled up, and it brought back memories of when we lived in San Antonio, and in North Carolina. This is the third state in which we had a 'car situation' and members of the church observed our predicament which ended up in a family offering the use of their car until it got fixed! Now that's what you call service, and an amazing Christlike attribute!

There are also two other friends we have in our community who have extended a helping hand, and I thank them also. We also appreciate those in the ward who have also had a part in helping us with a ride, or even the gesture as to being "concerned". I also appreciate those who instead of asking us, "Is the car fixed"?, or "When are you going to fix your car"? ask us,"If y'all need anything...please let us know." 

That's the kind of question I like hearing, and the ones whom I feel truly understand the meaning of service.

Mindless googling

You'd think that going shopping for prom dresses with your eldest daughter would be fun, but when you walk into most of the stores at the mall, or even nice boutiques, and all you see are dresses that look like can get a little frustrating not to mention exhausting!

Luckily we have the internet!

 Sierra's prom is on March 23rd, and we are running out of time in finding her the right dress. She is planning on going stag with some girlfriends, and it doesn't matter to her whether she ends up going or not. I know deep down she would really like to go after all she only has a year and a half of high school left, and would really like to attend and remember both her junior and senior proms.

I really think it's all about the dress. She is really picky when it comes to taste in modesty which is good because she doesn't want to settle for anything that is immodest showing too much skin. Sometimes she doesn't even care to wear a strapless or sleeveless gown even if she wears a bolero jacket. She says you're basically still wearing a strapless or sleeveless're just covering it up.

No... she is not being a snob about it because I have to agree with her. Although there are pretty dresses out there that are long length, but still a little too revealing, we don't judge anyone for wearing them. She has a choice, and the choice she has made is to find one that is comfortable, and FULLY modest.

I was googling all night, and half of today trying to find her the perfect dress. She is like a size 0, and most of these cute dresses are sizes 4-9!!! After endless googling I found a few that caught my eye, and showed them to her. 

The prices are not too bad either. They are all under $150.00. I'm lucky because she can pass them on down to her sisters when it's their turn to go prom or homecoming! 

Sierra loves color, and is debating on wearing a knee length dress, or a long dress. I think all of these are lovely, and these are the ones she liked:

This dress is darling! We love the baby blue beadwork, and ribbon accents on the dress. 
Capped sleeves= modesty...

 The ruffles on this blue dress are so cute...especially the collar. 
She loves the chiffon, and cream colors of these dresses. She loves the A line draped neckline dress.  The one on the right shows a little skin on the shoulders, but we can always add cream material underneath.
If she can quickly decide on which one she'd like to get...hopefully it will shipped here in time, possibly have it altered (if it needs to be), and ready before next month. We will see what happens. Wish us luck!

Inspirational thought

By the looks of this seems as if he will be a happy, helpful, compassionate kid. At least that's the way he this moment!
"The countenances of children, like those of animals are masks, not faces, for they have not yet developed a significant profile of their own."
~W.H. Auden

Happy President's Day!

"His heart was as great as the world, but there was no room in it to hold the memory of a wrong." 
~Ralph Waldo Emerson
Lincoln Memorial, Washington D.C.-2007
Happy President's Day!

The diagnosis, a fundraiser, & a humble heart

"Sometimes we want to have growth without challenges, and to develop strength without any struggle, but growth cannot come by taking the easy way. We must be careful that we don't resent the very things that help us put on the divine nature. Not one of the trials & tribulations we face is beyond our limits, because we have access to help from the Lord.
 We can do all things throughout Christ who strengthens us."
~Elder Paul V. Johnson (general conference April 2011)
My lovely Sierra covered in tulle that was used to decorate the floor entrance of the cultural hall at the fundraiser. 
I have to be one of the most grateful women in the world today. Although we have had a long week of endless questions concerning our broken down vehicle...we found out late in the afternoon yesterday what the deal is with our car. I also feel rejuvenated by attending my meetings at church and I give thanks to the Lord for all my blessings!

The diagnosis... 

The engine is kaput which means we need to replace it. Funny how it didn't stress me out at all. Sure I was bit sad, but I always manage to look on the bright side of things...we are all healthy, strong, and have some great friends who are willing to help us out until we decide what to do with the car. I also manage to observe 'life', and see that other people have much greater problems than we do.

We have two families in our ward who are in need of prayers. We have an 11 year old young girl who is having brain surgery this Tuesday, and a sister in her 60's (she looks more like 50) who has multiple sclerosis who just started having seizures. These two wonderful people are going through something much more harder than the 'Jorgensen's' having a broken down car.

Having such need in our ward helps me to focus less on myself, and that makes me so truly does.  Although I may not be able to visit the sick, or bring a meal to someone I thank God in having the ability to serve others through a phone call, Facebook, email, and sending a handwritten note.

Attending my girls YW fundraiser last night made my whole week. We brought things to auction for the fundraiser, and it feels so good doing things for a good cause. It turned out really well, and it was so nice to have focused on other things besides our car. The only reminder of it was when someone would come up to us, and ask endless questions about what our solution will be in fixing it.

Well friends...we have no answer set in stone, but listening to Brother Ward's talk today helped me focus on the correct way in looking for answers, and to have even more patience in waiting to listen for an answer from Heavenly Father. So we are in no rush in fixing the car. We are going to wait a while, pray our heart out, and look at our cash flow first, call places in town, and out of state for a motor, and also look into junk yards. It won't be an easy task, but with faith and patience we will know the right answer when the time is right. We are definitely going to lead by the spirit, and to be spiritually guided, and prepared.

I have been humbled through our past struggles not only with cars, but with the struggles that some of us face in the world today. Some of us may struggle with our testimony, faith, and other things. We have been down that road too many times, and I know this won't be the last. I have seen the difference in my spirituality today compared to ten years ago, and I know that those trials in the past have helped me grow spiritually.

I never complain anymore about the struggles we face, because without them...we will never grow spiritually. 

A broken down car, & a cup of humility.

our sick Quest
Our one and only car has been out of commission this whole week. It broke down on my way to church this past Saturday, and luckily I made it to the parking lot. I had to have it towed home, and I count my blessings for having two sweet young women keep me company while waiting for the tow.

Some of you may ask..."How do you do it with just one car?" Well, my answer is very simple, "very easily," I may say. We have managed quite well with one car since moving to the east. There are some of us who go stir crazy with having just the one car. Can you imagine how those would react if there one and only car broke down? I think they would be freaking out!

Unless you've been in our shoes you would appreciate how it feels to be carless with four kids. We have been through so much in the past 17 years with having owned nine cars, and each time one of them broke down it has taught us to be more patient, but most of all humble.

Here are just a few cars from our past who have caused us a bit of trouble...
Our 1990 Volvo 
Jon's Mazda 626 
My 1988 Volvo-I miss her sooooo much!
The  2000 eggplant Plymouth voyager. Love that it gave great gas mileage and took ethynol gas too! 
To tell you the truth, sometimes it's a blessing when you are carless. You spend a lot of time in your own home, and also do a lot of walking on God's green earth. It really makes you appreciate all that you have, and it even helps you save money. We are not constantly filling the car up all the time, or running it to the ground by traveling around so much. Sometimes I wish I lived somewhere where public transportation was just around the corner. We didn't own a car when I was pregnant with my first, and living at The Covey apartments downtown in Salt Lake back in '95 was convenient for us to getting around on foot. There were times when I had to take the bus to work, and I didn't mind. All the walking around caused me to have a 'natural' childbirth without any drugs, and it also kept me fit afterwards. There are some of us who need a car to go to work, but our attitude is a good one when it comes to taking the bus, and/or having to ride a bike to work.

We have learned a lot throughout the years of having patience when it comes to fixing cars, and I am grateful that I have a mechanically inclined husband who has a brother, and a father he can call upon to ask questions. His dad is a mechanical engineer so throughout his childhood he, and his brothers would hover over their dad while he was fixing cars, and that is how they learned.

The bus system in New Jersey is not the greatest, and there are very few who are willing to 'drive us' around. Everything, and everyone seems so rushed here in Jersey, and to tell you the truth I'm not too fond of it. (Funny how when we drive into New York City, or Philly that doesn't seem to bother me as much.) We are grateful for those who have offered, and I have called upon them for help. My husband will ride his bike to work being that it is only a 30 minute bike ride. He doesn't curse, whine, or allow having car problems cause contention in our home. Having the car broken down during inclement weather is no picnic, but we always manage ways around that. We are lucky to have convenient stores nearby within walking distance, and our local library is a few blocks away. We have a bike trail down the street, and since we are feeling much better, I can bundle Noah up, and go for longs walks with him down the trail.

The Lord has been good to us for the past 17 years of our married life when it comes to cars. I am grateful for all the trials that we have gone through when one of our past cars have broken down. We have endless stories of how we have broken down in Spokaine, Montana, Texas, and the list goes on. Heavenly Father has blessed my husband with patience, knowledge, and the talent for fixing cars. He has blessed us with great neighbors, and a 'few good friends' who are willing to help us in times of need. I am thankful for the stress that Heavenly Father alleviates in times like this. I don't allow it to affect me, or my family. We still managed to get to church this past Sunday, and will not allow any negative worldly thing, (i.e. car) allow to get in the way of my eternal happiness. I thank the Lord for blessing me with healthy children that don't mind walking, and for having a healthy 40 year old body which still has a lot of stamina!  I am also extremely grateful for our car breaking down during a mild winter.

Oh husband is thankful for that!!

Bottom line is we don't need two cars. We've always managed with just one. Sierra will be legally driving soon, and there is no need for her to get her own vehicle. My husband and I both worked for our cars, and Sierra is in no rush. She is humble and patient, and is willing to drive our car when needed. When the time is right we can help her in buying her own little car when she is off to college.

We also realized a long time ago that it's not worth stressing over a broken down vehicle. In the end they always get fixed, and we will have all these funny stories to tell our children, and future posterity about all the cars that have broken down, and they will be a good laugh!

Inspirational thought

this is our heaven on earth...books!
"There is something wonderful about a book.
We can pick it up. 
We can heft it. 
We can read it. 
We can set it down. 
We can think of what we have read. 
It does something for us. 
We can share minds, 
Great actions, and 
Great undertakings in
the pages of a book."

~Gordon B. Hinckley

Whitney...shoop shoop

She was an enduring legacy who left behind a lot of hit songs following her death. She was another huge role in my childhood, and today I just had to blog about one of the biggest icons...Whitney Houston.
I was a freshman in high school when I first heard the song, ""How Will I Know" at a sock hop. I had the biggest crush on this boy, and everytime I heard this song I often wondered if he was really interested in me, or if he was just getting his flirt on to pass the time due to his 'girlfriend' from middle school breaking up with him. Whatever the reason was...I didn't care because I really liked this boy, and didn't care less as to the reasons why he was being attentive to me. That's how I knew he really liked me. Always listening to that song always kept me in good spirits even after it was our turn to break up. The 80's sure was a 'love era' for me.

Whitney Houston died too young. She was only eight years older than me.


I know that her lifestyle with drugs took the very best years of her life, and I am saddened at the fact that she became so involved with that. I'm sure having had a husband who had a drug habit as well didn't help her. With all the successes and pressures that come with being a big time celebrity has to be difficult in keeping up appearances.

Still...I will never forget her. I still play "I'm Every Woman" while doing something active such as cleaning the house, or out running errands with Noah. She was the 'queen of the night' in "The Bodyguard." She was my idol when it came to being an independent woman, and didn't allow any man to walk all over her in "Waiting to Exhale." 1996 was my year of 'girlfriends', and I will always treasure the evening I watched this movie with Courtney, Naomi, & Pua.
I will always love you Ms. Houston.

May you rest in peace, and I thank you for being a huge part in my life when it came to learning what love and friendship were all about through your music.

Happy hearts day.

I love valentines day, and always look forward to this day with my kiddos. It's so fun when you have little ones to make valentines with, and get crafty with them. This year I found this example of a valentine on Pinterest, and since Chelsea loves snickers more than suckers...she wanted to do a picture valentine with the snickers candy.
We also did goodie bags and filled them up with dove chocolates for her teachers. I also made a few and handed them out at church this past Sunday to a few of my 'special friends'. There are so many free printables on pinterest, and I ended up printing these. 
Last year I gave the girls these bowls filled with cookies and candy, but these year I put all of their various goodies inside these heart shaped felt bags.
 They are easy to make and there are a ton of tutorials on how to make them on Pinterest. can tell how much I love Pinterest. I do. There are so many fun, and crafty ideas to share on that site. I am getting a craft disorder, and love getting ideas from Pinterest. 

I hope that y'all had fun in making valentines with your kids, and if you don't feel crafty enough to make anything...that's okay. Just give someone a hug, or just simple say, "I love you."
Happy Valentines's Day from me!

Looking back at a nomadic life

Sierra-Chelsea-Alexandra~Valentine's day photo, 2007   
"We are each on our own journey. Each of us is on our very own adventure; encountering all kinds of challenges, and the choices we make on that adventure will shape us as we go; these choices will stretch us, test us, and push us to our limit; and our adventure will make us stronger than we ever know we could be."
~Aamnah Akram

I remember the very first time I began to take pictures of my three daughters, and I mean really take pictures (we had a nice Nikon that my husband had since high school), was when we moved to North Carolina five years ago. I was a 24 hour/seven day a week picture freak. I took pictures of them on every holiday, and would mail them to my friends and family. I even did fourth of July photos! If I had started a blog back then I would have had so much to show and tell. I guess I wanted everyone to know that we were okay and that we are continuing to love each other as a family. I'm sure that a parent no matter what age we are will always tend to worry about us. Hoping that we are financially secure, making rent, having food on the table, putting the Lord first, making sure our kids are doing fine, and attending our church meetings. I remember my in-laws having a concern because of our move from Utah to North Carolina. I admit I was a little nervous myself, and excited at the same time. With all the moving that we've done, and being in so many different wards...I knew that through the grace of God things will fall into place in North Carolina, and they did. 

They usually do. 

Lately I've been in a "looking back in time phase" because things seemed so simple back then. The girls were younger, there was no drama among them in church or school, my husband didn't work on Sundays, we had the most awesome piano teacher, we lived near an equestrian area where Sunday drives were a treat. The economy was stable, life was slower, people were nicer, your neighbors were grandmas and grandpas, and if you just made one good friend in your neighborhood, and even in your knew you'd be okay. All the moves that we have done up until now have been quite adventurous, and we have learned a lot from them. I have taken some of those experiences with me, and have grown stronger from them. I have had some of the best examples of members from my former wards built inside of me, and when I read back in my journal of all that I learned from them, I act upon it. I am reminded of why I am now here in New Jersey. I know that Heavenly Father will always look out for us no matter what. I know that the trials, the drama, and challenges I have been through here are for a dang good reason. I know they are to prepare me for what is to come for our future as a family. They have also occurred to help me learn, and to possible help others learn.

Timing is everything, and things happen on the Lord's timetable...not ours. I have learned that certain things have come up at the time that they should. There are times when I look back and say to myself, "If only this happened when we lived in Texas, Utah, or North Carolina, or if only I would have known this sooner." I look back at all the factors, and the things that were happening at that time, and the spiritual level of maturity I was at. Then I realize that it wasn't supposed to happen at that time. Let me tell you...God knows us very well, and he knows best! I am at an age, and at a spiritual level now where I feel confident that I can handle any hurtful, or challenging phase. I believe that it's the faith that I pray for everyday to help me carry the burdens of "real life" that are on my shoulders. Eventually they are lifted, and when they are...I am extremely grateful!

We will never live in a rosy, peachy perfect world. No matter where we have lived we have always taken the Lord with us. We take our testimony with us. There is always a church to welcome us. One thing that I have learned throughout our nomadic life, and in the 19 years of being a member of this church...the Lord is perfect, and the church is true...people (including myself) are not. 

Peeking on a first date

Sierra & Ben
As mothers we all can't help but to think on how our daughters are going to be treated on their first date. We wonder if he's treating her with respect, if he's letting her pick out what she wants to eat, if he's listening to her while she's talking without having any wicked thoughts. Well, if they are raised in the way that fathers should raise their sons with respect and good mannerisms...then we shouldn't have to worry.'s natural to worry about those things. Especially when its your firstborn.

But in this case...I didn't worry too much!

I was in my bedroom waiting for Sierra's date to pick her up. I noticed a car pulling up onto our driveway. Without making it obvious I peeked gently through the curtain, and ran quickly to the door. I saw him walking towards our door with his hands in his pocket, I stood behind it, and waited for him to knock. I was not worried at all in this boy taking my daughter out on a date for the first time, because I met him once before at a church activity. His countenance was gratifying, and I felt a sweet, peaceful spirit about him. I invited him in, and he patiently waited for Sierra. Since I LOVE to take pictures, and because I want Sierra to remember this moment in seeing how crazy of a mother I am, I took a photo of them. They were both so sweet, and happy to be going out.

Happy because they were going on a group date. Happy because they were going to be mingling with great friends who share the same values as they do. Happy because of the friendship they have made knowing that it is a special one, and nowadays...we all need friends like that!

It's moments like this in which makes me extremely grateful as a mother knowing that I have raised a daughter who lives by her standards in making the right choice. She is very responsible, and as parents we trust her. We trust her where she will be, what she is doing, and who she is with. I don't have to call her every five minutes, every half hour, or every hour just to check up on her. I know she was safe, and having a grand time. She came home around midnight, and once again I peeked through my bedroom window, and ran to the door. I saw him walking her to the door like a gentleman not expecting anything in return such as a kiss. I could hear her contagious laugh as they were saying goodnight to each other. Their night ended with a sweet, and simple hug goodbye. As she opened the door I noticed the look on his face (through the stain glass window), and he looked pleased...grinning ear to ear. How sweet!

I obviously scared Sierra because I was standing in the dark, and she started laughing again. I wanted to let her know that I wouldn't be peeking like this all the time whenever she goes out on a date. I just wanted to see their reaction being that it was their first date and all. She didn't mind, and proceeded to tell me about her evening. She began telling me how much fun she had being around Ben, and good company. There were four other couples present and apparently each couple cooked an individual dish. Sierra and Ben made a snack called muddy buddies, and the others made parmesan chicken, potato salad, and lava cakes. She proceeded to tell me how much fun they all had during dinner. There was laughter among them, and they were all talking about school, cars, and disney movies. Games took place as opposed to watching Avatar.

Another thing that made this evening even better is the fact that they all share one love, and that is the love they have for the gospel of Jesus Christ. Although they belong to the same church, they don't see each other every Sunday. Some of the other kids attend a different building across town, and this was a treat for them in getting together on a group date. She sure did have a lot of fun.

I'm so glad she had a wonderful experience going on a group date. She was among mature youth, and says group dates are the best! I wish I could have experienced that as a teen! How fun that would have been instead of thinking that having a 'boyfriend' throughout high school was better...NOT! I didn't think so, and I am glad that she is experiencing the dating scene in the most pleasing way.

Day 100 of first grade

Today marked Chelsea's 100th day of first grade, and once again she had to create something that displayed 100 things. Last year she made a board that consisted of two of our favorite things...buttons and birds which spelled out 'LOVE'. This year she decided to get a t-shirt, and fill it with 100 felt hearts, and polka dots. We did this last night, and knew about this project since the first. I think the shirt turned out way cute for it being so last minute, and Chelsea was pleased. 

So far first grade for Chelsea has been a breeze. I have to admit she had a hard time transitioning from half days to full days when school first started, but she managed to adjust in under a month. She loves school, has become so much better at reading, and is super independent. She can be a little stubborn when it comes to asking for help. She thinks she is always correct when it comes to her homework. I had to explain to her that it's okay to ask for help, and to not take anything personally if someone in the family tells her she's doing it incorrectly. I always double check her work.

 She's the same way when it comes to playing piano. After taking a ten month hiatus from piano lessons, she began playing again as well, and I am amazed at the results after her first couple of weeks. She caught on right away, and is even beginning to sight read on her own. She has that talent just like her sisters. She still thinks she doesn't need to practice as much, but lucky for her having a mom like me...I make sure she practices at least for 20-30 minutes. I explained to her that ten minutes is not enough. She now realizes that, and wants to play all the time now. She is just like her sisters! Once you get the hang of reading music, you want to play your heart out on that big box of wood over and over again!

Anyway, she is such a fun child, and although her sassiness comes in mass amounts on a daily's manageable sass. Her teachers love her. Her friends adore her, and we all put up with her with love! Being sassy is part of her personality, and we will take that over an unmanageable child any day! 
 She has a big heart filled with love to give, and what's displayed on this shirt totally defines her. 

Young bloggers

Blogging is a wonderful talent, and there are only a few of you that I follow... including my daughter's. From what I have read on your blogs, each of you --Ali, Emily, Lauren, Megan, Ashley, and Whitley (and if I missed someone it's because I haven't stumbled upon your blog) y'all have a unique way of writing, and it's all good! By recording your thoughts, feelings, trials, dreams, ideas, cooking skills, accomplishments, and yes, even boys...I know there are people who are reading it. I am happy to continue to notice more of the younger generations starting a blog. I know it isn't easy to keep it updated while still in high school, but just by journaling one entry a week is better than nothing. Especially when your cramming for exams, having extracurricular activities with school, church, and just trying to live a happy, and normal life as a young teenage woman. It's okay if you don't keep it updated. You'll just have to write more the next time you blog!

I know that college life keeps you busy too, and I admire those who keep it updated from time to time. By being away from home, and all the challenges, and new experiences that you face in your life each day may not be easy. By recording the things you feel can be very helpful to someone, as well as therapeutic for yourself. Sharing your thoughts and personal experiences with the world can change a life, and possibly help them become a better person. It can give them the desire to be better, and the courage to do something that they never thought would do. 

I know there are many out there who struggle, and want to find a way to be uplifted, and perhaps heard. 
I know because I used to be one of them. 

There were two friends that I had known for eight years and within a year of each other we all moved away from Utah. They both started blogs a few years before I did. I'm old school (still am to an extent), and didn't own a computer until 2011. When I moved to New Jersey, and got on Facebook at the end of 2009 when my son was born, I felt a strong desire to start a blog. Although I keep a handwritten journal, and scrapbooked from time to time...I wanted to start a blog not only to record our life as a family, but to share another thing that is so important...our faith. I am grateful for those two friends who inspired me to blog, and I will never forget them. 

One thing I've learned about blogging is to be yourself. Don't be afraid to write something that you feel needs to be read. It is your blog, and it shouldn't matter what other people think because they are your words. If they find something offensive, or hurtful they don't have to read it anymore. Luckily I have had nothing but positive feedback in my writings. 

My yearly anniversary of blogging is coming up, and I am so grateful that I have kept it going. Being a mother of four children never gets easy, and life keeps me busy. I may not have a 'paying' job, but being a stay at home mom is priceless, and I am glad to find some balance in finding the time to write (which is usually late, late at night!) My stories may not be for everyone to read, but if there is just ONE person out there that I have inspired, JUST ONE PERSON...I am going to keep on writing. It makes me happy when people compliment my blog, and tell me how much they enjoy reading it. They may or may not comment too much, and that's okay. I know that my words are being heard, and that my stories are being shared. The main purpose for my blog is for my family, and of course for y'all to hopefully be inspired. By blogging I hope to make the world a happier place. 

 and so I write this again...

To all you young bloggers out there...keep writing. You never know who you'll be uplifting.   

Inspirational thought

Baxter chasing Chelsea in Connecticut, circa-2007

"Life isn't measured by the 
number of breaths you take,
 but by the number of moments
 that take your breath away."

Capacity to love

I didn't grow up with a lot of affection in my home. I realized that it was my turn to break the chain, and to give the love that was left in my heart to my future family that I knew I would eventually have. Little did know that I was going to have a lot more love to give.

And I did.
The results...
I count my blessings every day for the strength that was left in my heart to know that I was capable to love, and that in return...someone would love me back.
 I have a husband who has shown me unconditional love who brings joy to my life every day.
Never, ever thinking that I would be so lucky as to have these four forever expressing their love to me.  
Yeah...I'm dang lucky!

A birthday wish with a short story

"Absence makes the heart grow fonder."
~Eleanor Roosevelt
my crazy bro, and silly hubby~circa 1997
This is my crazy brother. He just celebrated his 45th birthday which means in five years he'll be 50!! I can't believe it. You know...we weren't close at all while growing up. My grandparents raised him, and it's a long story as to why! One of these days maybe I'll write about it. I lived two blocks away from him, and hardly saw him. There were days when I would escape to his house to feel protected from the things that were happening in my home, but I still felt alone.

You know...having an older brother should be a treat when your a little sister. In my case it wasn't. We were five years apart in age, and lived separately. It didn't help our relationship, but I don't want to look at the past too much with that, and I don't think he'd want to either.

He has been through a lot in his years, and I commend him for having served our country. Sometimes I never knew what was going in his life because of our estrangement. Sad...well not anymore. Although he's in Texas, and I'm here we try our best to keep in touch. Even though we have different fathers I consider him my real brother, and I love him. It didn't matter if he never wanted me around when I was young. Then again, if he and my grandparents knew what was going on behind closed doors in my own home, they probably would have cared enough to be more involved in my life. They never knew the reasons that caused me to escape to their house, and why I would sneak in through their window when no one was home. I was seeking safety, and their unconditional acceptance.

Well, both of my grandparents are deceased, and I survived without them. Too bad my brother found out about my abuse later on when I was already married, and it's funny how I ended up marrying someone with the same name as him. Things could have been a lot different throughout our childhood had we spent more time together. Oh well, we can't rewind time, and I know that there are reasons as to why my sister and I were not raised with him. I look at our lives now, and I am so glad things happened as they did. I am extremely grateful for the relationship that we have built through out the past few years. I believe that being apart from each other for so many years made both our hearts grow fond of each other.

We only look towards the future now, and always wish each other the best.
my brother John and I~ circa, 1997
So here's to my brother celebrating 45 years of living. I hope it was a good one. Love you bro!