On Being a Playful Parent.

“Children don't say, 'I had a hard day...Can we talk?' 
They say, 'Will you play with me?'"
Lawrence Cohen

What Is The Most Important Thing In Life?

There are very few people in this world who inspire me with their words, and actions. Some are the leaders of my church, some are friends I've known my whole life, and some are friends whom I've met online. 

Noah's First Pinewood Derby!

Last night Noah, and I got to experience our first pinewood derby event ever, and it was pretty cool. The fact that we literally only had two weeks to assemble the kit, design, sand, saw, drill, and paint didn't overwhelm us in any way. Just kidding!! Luckily I have a patient husband, and a boy who took his time in preparing his car. His little "hot rod" didn't place this year, but the main take away from this event was that Noah had fun! 

Spring Blooms At Sayen Gardens.

It's been almost two years since we've been living in the Princeton area, and feel as if we've neglected exploring places that are close to home. We constantly go out of town on the weekends, but hardly ever venture out into familiar territory that is literally in our own backyard. Since we can't venture out to the city too much during the school week the kids and I decided to find places close to home where we can go to for recreational fun. 

For The Beauty Of The Earth!

It looks like spring has officially sprung in our neck of the woods! The weather this past weekend was electrifying, and perfect in every way. We didn't do much on Saturday because Noah worked on his little car for the pinewood derby so he and Jon spent most of the day working on it. I vowed that I wasn't going to be cooped up in the house so the girls and I decided to play some tennis. I love this part of spring when it's not too cold, and not too hot, and it was a perfect day to play! It was euphoric, and I'm so glad that I got myself out there for a little bit of a workout!

Happy Birthday To My Niece Who Turns 29!

Oh how I long to go back in time and relive the days of the the times we'd drive from Utah to Texas to visit family. Memories spent with my niece will forever be etched in my heart. I remember our days visiting her in the little town I grew up in Texas, and taking her to the infamous Dick Kleberg Park where she, and my girls would have a grand time being kids, and venturing out to Corpus Christi to take her to the beach, and eat some amazing, authentic Mexican food. I really miss those tender moments of our time spent together. 

The National Portrait Gallery In D.C.

One thing about living in New Jersey is the convenience of living near different cities, and when I heard the temperatures were going to be as high as 80 degrees last Saturday there was no way that we were going to stay indoors. Since the girls and I spent the eveving in New York on Friday we decided to go to D.C. as a family and check out the cherry blossoms, and the Obama portraits at the National Portrait Gallery. 

An Inspirational Girls Night Out In NYC!

This past weekend we had the opportunity to attend a fireside at the Lincoln center in New York city. Although this specific fireside was broadcasted in our area my girls, and I decided to make it a girls night. We drove into the city in hopes to have a little one and one time with each of them afterwards, and we did! This evening truly made up for no longer having general women's session in the spring, and it was so much better because we got to meet with all of them! 

An 80's Theme Promposal!

"Promposals" didn't exist back in my high school days, and if they did my prom date in my senior year sure as heck didn't do anything like this, and had he done even something close to this man, oh man maybe we would have ended the night on good terms, but that's a whole other post! 

It's National Library Week!

You'd think that because we are a family who loves to read, and frequents the library often that we'd know it's national library week. Well, we didn't. In all honesty I haven't paid too much attention to all things that are "national" but I am glad that we found out about it, and that we had some fun exploring the library yesterday. If you look at my instagram story (gotta click on my profile pic) you can see just how much fun Noah was having at being at the library. 

Noah-isms//Spring Edition.

To start off this lovely edition of Noah's "Noah-isms" I have to share with you that Noah's favorite saying lately has been "what the what!" At first I thought he was going to say the "f" word, and the only reason I say that is because kids his age are saying that, but luckily he didn't, and he hasn't, and even though he's heard it he knows it's a dirty word, and vows he'll never say it, but then again he's eight, and innocent which makes me want to keep him at that age forever, but then again he has to grow up, be challenged, and tested, and learn in order for him to grow up to be charming, strong, and valiant! 

Pink Bluebonnets In Texas Hill Country! Circa, 2003

A number of years ago while roaming around Texas hill country we discovered these pink bluebonnets! Pink! It's funny how I lived in Texas for half my life, and never discovered them until the year 2003 while living in San Antonio! I've also seen them in white, and lavender, but these pink ones really stood out! They are unlike the bluebonnets, and in all honesty I prefer the blue over pink, but aren't these pink ones pretty! Apparently it's a rare wildflower, and only grow downstream from the mission Alamo. 

An Egg Hunt & Confetti Cascarones In Central Park.

One thing I miss about living in Texas, and having my kids attend school were the traditions that the school district had for them. During the easter season they always set a time for the kids to go outside, and have a little fiesta whilst cracking confetti cascarones on their heads. I remember a year or two when my elementary school did it as well. This is a Mexican tradition that makes me proud to be a Latina, and grateful for teachers, including my mom who took the time to make a few when I was little.

General Conference on Easter Sunday.

For the first time in all the past general conferences I've listened to I've sat down with my pen, and a journal in hand to jot down words that I hear from the leaders that inspire me. This conference was different. Different in the sense that my family and I pretty much just sat, and listened. Sure I shared a few quotes from the apostles, and speakers, but when our new prophet President Russell M. Nelson spoke I couldn't help but to stop what I was doing, and just listen.