Nauvoo Temple, Carthage Jail & A Testimony.

For the past month I've really wanted to blog chronologically about our road trip to Utah, and all that happened there, but it's obviously not happening so forgive me for my posts being backwards! Since my computer was in the shop for three months, I couldn't blog, but now that I have it back it's been nice to write, and import all 3000 plus photos that I had saved on my phone into my now fixed hard drive! 

My Focus On Raising My Boy.

I know some of y'all read my previous post about my assault, and although I was saving the nitty gritty for a "memoir" I'm hoping to write someday didn't want to put in all the gory details. Heck, I didn't even want to put it out there globally for my readers to read, but felt it appropriate to mention it because of the Ford Vs. Kavenaugh hearings, and now that I'm older, and "wiser" with grown kids (well, two of them are) hope that they will learn from this. Especially my oldest daughter who, unfortunately went through the same thing herself

Believe Women. Believe Survivors.

One thing I love about my mornings are when I take my husband to the train station. It gives us time to talk about current events, and this past Monday on my 47th birthday I was listening to NPR. and heard all about the news about Dr. Christine Ford's assault, and I believe her. I believe her because it happened to me.

Museum Of Ancient Life At Thanksgiving Point.

One of my favorite places I frequented often while living in Utah was a place called Thanksgiving point. It was a place where they had stores including one that sold a ton of Mary Englebreit decorations. It had a country feel to it. It was a place where I could go to just browse, and get ideas for our little apartment back when I had two kids. It was a place where my girls loved going to get away from the city. The drive was always a peaceful one, and since we were on our way to Provo to take Lexie to her dorm decided to stop on the way to check it out.

Go Yankees!

A couple of weeks ago we did something that we've been wanting to do since we moved to the east, and well we finally did it! We went to a Yankees game, and boy did we have the time of our life for those four and a half short hours! 

Mum-Picking With Noah!

Even though it felt a little like an Indian summer on the first day of fall when we went apple picking, summer is officially over, and after having so many summer time shenanigans with my family I'm so happy that fall has arrived. Autumn has our name written all over it, and we are so ready for a new season! 

F o r t y - S e v e n !

So today is my 47th birthday, and I have to say that I'm pretty excited to turn 47. 47 just sounds really nice. i feel like you can dish out a little bit of advice to those who are young moms in their 20's, and 30's because I've been there done that with four children, but still take advice from those who are in their 50's, 60's, and 70's whose children have graduated college, gotten married, and are grandmothers, and great-grandmas. 

Apple Picking On The First Day of Fall!

Although I've had a nice break from blogging I have missed it. I have missed writing and sharing our adventures, and thoughts on motherhood, getting older, children growing up, and all about life with anyone who likes to read and look at pictures. Although I have an Instagram where I've captured our life in tiny squares it's nice to put all those tiny squares on a written post and write in prose as to what is happening behind the photo.