the national junior honor society.

"I pledge myself 
to uphold the higher purposes 
of the national junior honor society 
to which I have been selected... 
Striving in every way,
by word and deed
to make its ideals, the ideals of my life."

During the winter of 2013 Lexie was chosen to be a part of the National Junior Honor Society. Sadly she developed the flu that lasted five days which resulted in missing her induction that year. Although she was recognized that evening & given a certificate the day she returned to school I couldn't help but to feel sad that she missed her own induction. Luckily she had the opportunity to be present this year to assist the new inductees for the class of 2015. 

I decided to attend the ceremony last night to extend my support to this years new inductees, and to get a glimpse of what I missed last year. It's surreal to see my eighth grader growing up in becoming a sophisticated young woman, & hard to believe that she'll be in high school in less than seven months! Didn't I just have a kid that just graduated high school? It's bittersweet, & witnessing tonight's ceremony with all the chapter members of the class of 2014 was impressive. 
Hearing some of their speeches tonight were insightful & it's amazing to see how well this generation is becoming. These kids are too smart for their own good & it scares me sometimes! I always tell Lexie that you can succeed in all that you do & no matter how grand your dreams are you are the only one that can make them come true. 
I'm so pleased with her & obviously love to share my enthusiasm about my kids' accomplishments. It's great to see her being academically inclined as to keeping up that 4.0 GPA. 

Her intelligence reminds me of my own...up until the point I messed up in in high school ruining my GPA, but because of my faults I can bring forth the opposite example & teach her that academics are way more important than boys, & hanging out at the mall! 

Fun is great, but that can wait! 

Lexie is a doer, not a thinker & she definitely is a student before an athlete (at least for now.) She definitely shows great leadership quality, is confident, has a beautiful character in how she treats others, serves her fellow man with love & compassion, & exhibits an attitude of gratitude filled with mannerisms of humility, grace, & integrity. 

So glad I hung around for this event & that I was able to hear her play the keyboard while we sang the national anthem. 

Lexie is following in her sister's footsteps, and I'm sure that she'll be in the NHS once she gets into high school. That is something to be said about this mom who had it pretty rough in making "not so smart' choices that didn't meet NJHS material. Nonetheless I made out pretty well, and so are my girls. 
Congratulations to my 'not so little' girl (who's now taller than me) keep up the excellent work! 

You're going to grow up to do something amazing...I just know it! 

this blog is three.

I am a woman of faith, courage, and positivity. I believe in fairy tales, and that somewhere in the root of all the evil that overshadows us there is some goodness in this world. I don't ever want to let others bring me down no matter what words come out of their mouth. My family is a positive one, and each day I pray my heart out that we always do something good. That each of us can contribute something beautiful to this world, and/or for someone else. That we can make someone laugh instead of cry. Say something positive instead of hurting someones feelings. That we always think before we speak. Forget ourselves, put others first & serve them.
I hope that those who read short stories on various blogs including mine will actually read it in it's entirety, and look at the purpose of the post. In other words read between the lines, and not just look at the pictures and automatically judge by making assumptions.

We each have a life of our own, and no one knows what's going on behind anyones homes. The doors are closed for a reason, and that reason is because they have their own story. Not everyone shares their story, but many of us do... especially online. I love spending time with my family, and documenting every little thing that has occurred in our lives thus far. I love sharing my love for the gospel, and how it has saved my life in many ways. I love seeking out inspiration from various blogs. Especially those that share their beliefs, differences, crafty handiwork, cooking recipes, home design, trials, struggles, and fun adventures. 

I have a strong testimony of our Savior, and because of all the harsh negativity that goes on in the world I am not going to add to it, and bring anyone down. There is enough hatred, bitterness, and jealousy in the world that I never want to add to it online. No one should ever express any of those things in a global aspect. Especially to people we don't even know personally. I mean seriously...we need to all look at ourselves in the mirror, and ask ourselves one question...

What would Jesus Do? 

Would he be talking about people behind their back. Would he be gossiping, judging, or pointing fingers, and being impatient with one another. No...he loves everyone unconditionally. No one deserves to be reprimanded in any way because of who we are, how we live, what we do on a daily basis, and the things we write. We are extremely close as a family, and families that are united as one do fun things.

The main purpose of having my blog is for my posterity, and in most cases...for you too. I hope that what I write on this blog can bring some solace, insight, and inspiration. And perhaps make you laugh every once in a while without rolling your eyes up in the air. Haha!

It's devastating for those of us who tend to shun others simply because we're 'being ourselves', but remember...we're people too, and we are human. 

Why all the negativity? Why can't we just be unified as a whole? Oh...that's right, because we're all different. Because some of us don't read before we comment, or think before we speak. Or try to put themselves in other peoples shoes before judging them, or actually give them a chance to explain their entire situation before making assumptions. 

It doesn't matter because guess what? For those of us who have gone through hell and back in our lives only make us stronger, and that's why a million people have personal blogs. That's why I have a personal blog. To write my heart out & share my stories. Writing gives me a piece of freedom. Freedom to write posts that may seem picture perfect or blemished with things from the past. 

But they're mine. And knowing that I can turn said stories into something tender hearted...the ending is satisfying. 

I personally have been tested many times in my life, and so far I have won. I am strong enough to the point where I will never let anyone or anything  break me down. People in this world are different, & not one of us are the same. I think that's what scares some people. Things we write scare people, and people are afraid of different. I'm not sorry if we are subject to change. I like it because change is good for me. The willing to change had helped me become a much stronger, and better person.

And that's why I write. To share my life experiences, and my faith in hopes that it'll inspire someone including me. There's beauty all around in this world...especially when you believe in God. Knowing that He is the key to salvation brings more happiness into my life. The opportunity to forgive is a wonderful feeling, and for any blogger, columnist, or writer who is bold enough to write their heart out on a passionate topic, and take the heat with comments that are 'off the wall rude' & responding to them with class is commendable, and admirable. 
^^ picture stolen from my son's third birthday party! ^^ is wishing my blog a very happy birthday today. We sure have come a long way together. 

Happy Wednesday! 

dance like it's 1980.

lovely young women enjoying an evening of dancing like it's 1980.
-photo source Tom Hawkins
This polar vortex that we've been having sure didn't keep us indoors. This past weekend was planned with fun places to go one being New York to see Jon's cousin Kenzie, and beating the clock against New York traffic to get Lexie to arrive safe and sound for her first youth dance at our church. 

Darkness began to fall and it was already after five pm. We had planned it very carefully to leave at a certain time so that we can make it back in time for the dance, but to no avail.  

We didn't leave the city until past 5 & by the time we hit the Polaski skyway it was close to 6! Although we knew we'd be arriving late we tried to make up time without trying to speed. We obviously enjoyed Kenzie's company way too much that time spent with her flew like a leer jet, and we lost track of time. We just had to keep her until the very last minute!

We arrived close to 8:30 so that gave Lexie an hour and a half of 'boogie time" As we drove into the parking lot of the church and pulled into a parking space I could see some of the young women waiting for Lexie. I told Jon to reverse slowly so that I can catch a clearer glimpse of who they were. Not that I worry about who the girls were, but I was glad that Lexie's reaction to entering wasn't nerve wrecking (although I think she was hiding it very well.) I saw the girls welcoming her with open arms & greeting her with hugs. I can see Lexie smiling, and laughing from a distance, and that's when I knew she was going to have the time of her life. 

And I wasn't worried.  

Lexie had a great experience attending her first youth dance. It was an '80's themed dance, and I think the youth committee is doing a great job in planning these activities to accommodate the younger crowd. 

She turned 14 two weeks ago, and was pretty excited about going. I have no clue how one feels to be anxiously awaiting to turn 14 to go to a dance at the church. Sometimes I wish I was able to experience how Lexie and Sierra felt when she began going to youth activities. I know that it's a totally different feeling as opposed to a youth outside of the church turning 14. At 14 I had a boyfriend and doing things that were not "spiritual"...if you know what I mean. 

There is so much fun that goes on within the youth of our church both spiritually and temporally. Mini youth conference is coming up next month, and Lexie is definitely excited for that. Her favorite part about being 14 in the church aside from going to the dances, & seeing her friends from other wards is learning about the gospel at the level she is in. She is anxiously engaged in wanting to know more about The Savior & His restored gospel so that she can serve others, and share it in hopes that her level of spirituality will reach an all time high. I believe that it will.  

I am so grateful for these activities that keep our youth safe, and actively strong in the church. Having clean fun surrounded by happy youth is the way to be. I'm happy that Lexie enjoys learning about the gospel, attending her meetings, and learning from her leaders in her class. She is another daughter of mine who is unique in her own way. One of a kind, and it's so fun to watch her spirituality grow, and to see the love on her face when we talk about the Savior, and the gospel. It is a priceless look that I never want to go astray!

cousins reunite in nyc.

You don't realize how much we really miss our family until you see a family member for the first time in seven years. 
This is Jon's youngest cousin. Kenzie was about 16 when we moved from Utah & what a blessing it was for her to have had an audition for opera in NYC & that we live close enough to have been able to see her. She was four when we got married & I'll always picture her with that cute baby face wearing an emerald green dress. Now she is this mature young woman with big goals in becoming an opera singer. She's amazingly talented & I'm so proud of her accomplishments. One thing for sure...talent definitely runs in our families. 

One regret that I have while living in Utah was not seeing 'the Matthews family' very often. Life gets busy for everyone but one thing I'll always remember & treasure are the Thanksgivings & Christmas gatherings we had every year. 

Every other year we'd rotate with Jon's family & Kenzie's family & hold the holidays at their homes. We'd exchange gifts, have dinner, & entertain for hours! It was lovely while it lasted...and then we moved. 

Family is number one in my life & because of their examples I plan on implementing that same tradition with my own children once they have families of their own. It's so important to make effort after effort in finding the time to spend with family. One must never take family for granted. 

I mean...look at how fast these kids grow up & how quick we age as a parent!
It's crazy & if I hear of a family member visiting the east coast within a 300 mile radius I will find the time to see them rain, snow or shine! In our case it snowed.

There was so much we wanted Kenzie to see, so little time & too much snow! One thing we made time for was taking her to see the temple in Manhattan. It was neat for her to see a temple in the middle of the city.

A snow squall hit the city around lunch time, but that didn't stop us from introducing her to Shake Shack on Madison Avenue where we ate outdoors underneath a heated lamp. Yeah...we were hungry and didn't want to wait an hour and a half at Eataly for a table. Eating outdoors in the middle of a snow squall was quite the experience. 
It was so nice to have spent time with her if only for a few hours. It felt as if I had three daughters again, and that is the greatest feeling as a mother...especially since my oldest daughter is out west! Seeing Kenzie again made my entire weekend!

P.S. She nailed the audition! 

Happy Monday everyone! 

missionary love.

There is something very special about having the missionaries who serve for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints come into our home to give a special, spiritual message of Jesus Christ our Savior.
They instantly become family members & are guaranteed never to be forgotten even after they get transferred, and/or have gone home. Just ask this beautiful girlthis lovely lady, and this spunky girl whom we miss so much. Every time they come over you definitely feel a 'happy' spirit (as my youngest daughter calls it.) You immediately want to share your life story with them, offer your services in any way that you can when it comes to missionary work, and just want to be there for them in any 'spiritual' way.  

These lovely girls are between the ages of 19-21, yet I feel so comfortable talking to them about anything and everything (even though I'm in my 40's). Perhaps it's because I was their age when I got baptized, and the remembrance of that special day will never be forgotten. I sometimes feel as if I'm still 'investigating' the church because every time they come over I get these flashbacks of when I used to have them over my house as an investigator. I love, love it when they come over with a spiritual thought, and then add a fun game to it! The spirit is especially fun as we converse with them over dinner, and if you have them over for a Family Home Evening it's even more fun because our kids can pick on them instead of us parents to read, & comment on the lesson they are teaching.
We recently had the sisters over this past Monday for dinner, and FHE. It was a bittersweet 'farewell dinner' because one of the sisters was transferring to a different area. I am so glad we were able to have her over two days before her departure (& the day before the storm hit!) She is amazing, and the love she has for the gospel & in serving her Heavenly Father is unique. All missionaries no matter how old they are or where they're from whether they're new in the field, or about to return home carry a uniqueness within them that in some way surpasses my own. I love bringing it into our home. I love conversing with them, laughing with them, playing spiritual games with them, learning more about Jesus Christ, and discussing ways on how we as a family can be strengthened in keeping a gospel centered home. 

No matter how old I get, I know that having the missionaries over will help me to continue to learn, grow, and to be reminded of the promises I made to my Father in Heaven 21 years ago. Having them over never gets old. It's not an obligation, and when I don't have them over for awhile my withdrawal kicks in. That's when the spirit nudges me to let me know that it's time to have them over, & to never forget them. How grateful I am for the missionaries who leave their families for 18 months or two years to serve the Lord for free! 

Blessings will be fulfilled throughout their lives for doing so. 
And that is very humbling to a woman like me.

**If you are interested in meeting with the missionaries you can go to this website. They serve all over the nation, and can be contacted anytime! 

Have a wonderful weekend & stay warm! 


The kids attended half a day of school due to the snow storm which arrived at approximately 11am yesterday, and as soon as we got home we ventured out around our neck of the woods to check out mother nature's handiwork. The snow was consistent in falling down, and we probably got close to 10 inches of snow which isn't bad at all! However...I'm actually glad (for once) that school is cancelled for tomorrow (which is today!) I slept in!!! 
 ^^ This girl is always excited for snow...she could definitely be my snowboarder or skier. ^^
 ^^ This little guy...not sure. He loves snow, but not when it's 15 degrees. I'm sure when he's older he'll have more fun in it. Still have hope that he'll be my snowboarder, or skier. ^^
^^ nearby cemetery ^^
^^the expression on their faces says it all...excited for a snow day ^^
^^ love when snow covers everything that's pretty ^^
 ^^ dead of winter ^^
 ^^ our sad, dead christmas tree which has still not been picked up to be recycled ^^
^^ Noah didn't mind walking in the snow. I said to him...if you're bundled up you'll be okay. ^^
^^ and when we came kept coming down. Until the wee hours of the morning. ^^

School is cancelled for today. The kids have brushed their teeth, and are now watching a little bit of toons, and now Chelsea wants to go sledding. She will encourage her brother to join. 

It's 18 degrees so we shall see...

Chelsea's choice.

There was something so pure & 'different' when Chelsea was born. I know and understand that all children come down from heaven with different personalities, and boy did Heavenly Father sure make this one different. A little too different. But remember...different is good. 

She is the only one with straight hair, daddy's teeth (not too bad of a thing unless she needs braces), daddy's calves, daddy's cheeks, dimples, basically- everything daddy! 

The only thing that made her unique from her sisters as an infant is the fact that I never had her ears pierced. I actually wanted this child to make the choice on her own as to whether she wanted to put them holes in her ears. 
And this past weekend, in the ninth year of her life she made her own choice. 

Sierra and Lexie didn't...

Sierra was born with the deepest, olive, most beautiful colored skin with so much hair people would pause to take a look at her and say, "what a beautiful baby boy." My response was a sarcastic "uh...she's a girl thank you." Then again I don't think that wearing teal, and light yellow onesies throughout the first six weeks of her life helped people see that she was a girl. Seeing my sister pierce her daughters ears as an infant made me a follower and my immediate thought as a young first time mom was- when you bear a girl (not a boy) you pierce their ears period. So with that being said, and the fact that 95 percent of Utah's population thought Sierra was a boy caused me to pierce her ears. 

Lexie was like my little personal doll. I loved dressing her up in cute outfits, and as soon as she turned a month old I ran to the nearest mall to pierce her ears. There was no excuse for piercing her ears because she looked like a thumbelina doll. I only wanted her ears pierced because would make her an even cuter thumbelina doll, and since her sister's ears got pierced might as well do it with this one too.

It's a totally different story with Chelsea. I think this is another reason why she's so unique, and why I myself felt so differently after I had her, and why I hesitated when it came to piercing her ears. 

That's when I truly learned about what it means to have a "choice." 

First of all please don't think I'm a weirdo for my explanation, and reasoning as to why I wanted Chelsea to have a choice in making the 'ear piercing decision.' I wanted her to think for herself, and to know that she has a choice about everything she does in this life. 

She was the first child to be born after being sealed in the temple, and my feelings of simplicity, and purity bursted inside of me as soon as I entered in. I wanted my life to be as it is whenever I enter inside the temple...clean, unworldly, simple, happy, and different. I wanted it to be like that when I left too. 

I wanted things with this child to be different, and this is where I think Heavenly Father has a sense of humor because he sure brought someone down that was completely different from her sisters in every. single. way!

When it comes to 'things of the world' we tend to make choices for our kids such as getting them into pageants, dance, and acting classes. Soccer, and music lessons. I mean...we all want our children to be athletic, and talented but not at the expense where they are going to regret all the things that we as a parent thought was for their benefit. 

For example-I see so many infant and toddler boys my son's age with earrings, and funky haircuts. Gosh I hope that doesn't sound judgmental but I would never do that to my son. I would want him to make the choice at an age where he understands what having an earring on your ear means, and why he's playing on this big box of wood (piano.) And although I will encourages lessons, and sports i will not force him, or any of sisters to do something they don't really want to do.

That's how I felt about Chelsea. I wanted her to see for herself, and to know that this is what she wanted. Just like with piano lessons. She loves playing, and if she told me she didn't want to take them anymore I would pull her out of it. I'd probably be sad, and wonder why, but seriously...I would. I don't want my child to be miserable and resent me when they're 8 or 12 for forcing them into something they never wanted to do. 

Lexie took both piano and violin lessons, and told me two years ago that she prefers the violin over the piano. I was okay with that (saved me some money too!) Same with Sierra, and I guarantee I'm going to do that with my little man. 

I want them to be able to make their own choices in this life because nowadays society (as well as pushy parents) make it for them, and I refuse to do that to my kids. 

It feels so good knowing that Chelsea made her own decision, and that I didn't jump at getting her ears pierced as an infant. It feels really good! This may be petty for y'all, but this is a big deal for me because she and I will be the only ones in the family who'll actually know how it feels to have our ears pierced by a needle. No pain, no gain.

I was sixteen when I pierced my ears, and I had to pay for them. Luckily for Chelsea she didn't. 

And she was one happy camper afterwards. 

an inspiring weekend.

Ever been to a movie where you leave with all kinds of thoughts, wows, & 'aha' moments? Well Saving Mr. Banks was like that for me. It was brilliantly produced & if I could have five minutes with Walt Disney & Pam Travers in the next life I'd be one happy girl. 

This movie was such an inspiration to me. It resonated with me in so many ways. Having three father figures in my life was quite the experience & you know what...I'm glad I endured every thing that I experienced while having all of them in my life. 

While Ms. Travers had one father she loved him in a way that was filled with wonder & portrayed him in her book as if he were her hero. The love she had for her father was overwhelming, and one of a kind. 

This movie was mystical & magical. Magical because it's based on Mary Poppins. Throughout all the adversity & heartache this woman went through as a child her thought process on how to recover & endure from her experiences was admirable & remarkable! She had an imagination like no other. An imagination where she was able to endure & escape on how to deal with traumatic experiences. I don't want to give away too much of the movie but I'll tell you this. It has motivated me to write my own story in ways where a young life that was filled with heartache can be turned into something magical & beautiful. 

And then seeing the trailers of Son of God & Heaven is For Real right before the movie began prepared me for the tears that came later!

Next to the sound of music, Mary Poppins is by far my favorite musical. My kids can watch it over & over again & seeing it on broadway was fantastic!! Getting a glimpse inside this woman's head as to her coping with her childhood was touching. And as Walt Disney said "don't dictate your life by living in the past." Is something that I have learned. 

Go see Saving Mr. Banks. Better yet, own it!

Attending Kate's missionary farewell was a grand end to my weekend. I love going to missionary farewells & homecomings because they definitely put me back in full 'missionary mode' not that I served a mission, but it encourages me even more to speak up, and share this wonderful book.  Listening to her speak on how she chose to serve, & where she was spiritually before making this decision was very humbling. And I'm so pleased with her decision. 

We live in a world where everyone needs saving. A world where negativity is prevalent & different forms of parasites are roaming the earth to destroy the goodness that's inside of us. We can mend the world by doing something good & when it comes to sharing the is fulfilled, and the world seems like a happier place. 

I'm thankful for those who are called to serve The Lord to share his gospel.  

Good luck Kate! See ya in 18 months! 

'the cake'

This past week has been so busy with the girls having extracurricular activities after school including a free trip to the Franklin Institute that we neglected to do 'the cake' on the 'day of' their birthday. So last night we officially had their small celebration with 'the cake' & it was quiet & fun. It was especially funny when we began singing happy birthday to Chelsea because the number nine began falling down. I couldn't help but to laugh...LOUD! You can watch that that video here.

I had been debating on having two separate cakes for the girls this year, but Jon was like, "that's too much cake honey", & I agreed. 

When Chelsea was in her toddler years we'd always buy her a 2 inch round cake & make one for Lexie. Now that their older we've either made cupcakes for Chelsea & a cake for Lexie. This year we made one whole cake for the both of them. We individually sang 'happy birthday' to Lexie & Chelsea & then switched the candles. It was less stressful, there was less baking, & it worked out nicely. You know I'm glad...because when I found this note on my blender from Chelsea that morning it made me happy to know that they both love dark chocolate icing. 
And mandatory pictures of their reaction when they saw their cake.
For those of you who have twins or kids with the same birthdays how do you celebrate? Do you make them individual cakes or just bag it & take them out to dinner where the waiters sing 'happy birthday' to them & hand them a dish of ice cream. Or like me...make one cake for the two of them? 

Pray's interesting to hear how others celebrate when kids have the same birthday. 

All I know is that I'm grateful for having girls who are easy going when it came to 'the cake'. 

And they seemed very pleased.

The end.

the franklin institute.

It seems that the older the girls get the less gifts they get...and that's okay. They've never had a major birthday party, and if they did we've only invited close friends, and family. But this year it was extremely low key, and the girls didn't mind...neither did I.
The fact that we had a free bus ride, and admission to the Franklin Institute was a good enough gift for them. They absolutely love that place, and it surpasses all the times we've gone to the Please Touch Museum. The fact that it is educational and has all things scientific makes Lexie one happy camper. She loves Science, and anything that has to do with the Respiratory system. If you haven't been to the Franklin Institute, it's at the top of my list of things to do while in the Philadelphia area. 
I didn't take as many photos because I myself am amazed with this institute. I love it, and could come here periodically. I like to enjoy myself with my family, and pause to look at the reaction on my children's faces. I can tell when something amazes them, or catches their interest. 
 ^^ Noah's favorite part of the institute was the space command center and exploring all the gadgets inside this steam locomotive. ^^
^^ check out this helicopter outside the building...Noah sure loves it! ^^

This institute has various events and a new exhibit of something educational and right now they have an exhibit called One Day in Pompeii. This exhibit shows artifacts that are on a loan from a museum in Italy. It is amazing the exhibits they come up with! We also saw a 3D film about the animal kingdom in Kenya, and that was Noah's favorite. It showed all the animals in Africa, and how I learned that a hippo is very territorial, and how crocodiles sneakingly await to stalk their prey which are zebras when they cross the water. I'm glad they didn't show anything graphic such as the 20 foot crocodile catching one! Noah loved watching the animals, but was not too fond of the glasses. I don't think I'll take him to a 3D movie anytime soon because he couldn't keep his glasses on! I did manage to capture a photo of him wearing them right before the show began.
We have been here many times before, and it never gets old. Coming here a few times a year (especially when it's free) is a plus. It's such a fun thing for the kiddos, and I am extremely grateful that we have museums like this close to home. 
'Twas a good evening with our family of five. (miss you Sierra!)

a daddy daughter date: dinner at Chili's

January can be a somber month with gloomy weather with no sun for days, and we have been having a lot of those lately. Throwing our tree out onto the curb to be picked up for recycling this week seemed to be the official end of being in 'christmas mode'. Having two daughters with birthdays that fall three weeks after Christmas gives me something to look forward to which helps me get out of the rut of this gloomy weather, and helps me snap out of my winter blues. January seems to pass us by pretty quickly, and I think it's because of those two special birthdays.

It seems as if Chelsea was just baptized yesterday. Now she's nine, losing her 'young' voice, and beginning to sound a lot like Lexie which is scary. Where's my little girl? She's growing up way too fast leaving me phone messages that sound like something her sisters would leave. Last week she called while we were in the middle of lunch, and I didn't get to my phone in time. She left a very impressive message. "Mom, I kind of ripped my black leggings, and I have a hole close to my butt butt! If you can please bring me my red pants that would be great. Thanks mom." If I could somehow put her voice mail online for all the world to hear I would. The sound of her voice was cute, funny, and oh so serious! She really is growing up!

Chili's had a worldwide daddy/daughter date day yesterday, and Jon took advantage of the perfect opportunity of taking her out on a date. Chelsea has always bugged us to take her on a one on one date to a restaurant and well she had her dream date with pa yesterday. She was especially lucky that this event took place during her birthday week!

And she had fun. 

^^ Free pumpkin spice caramel cake dessert, and it was devoured in two seconds! ^^
^^ The balloon man came in and made a guitar for her. He even added a string to it, and sang "happy birthday" to her! She loved it! ^^

Jon said she was so excited and happy that it was just the two of them. She really loves him. I see it in the way she's with him at home. She always runs to him first when it comes to helping her with her homework, tucking her in bed, story time, and playing games. It doesn't bother me at all that she's a daddy's girl. I mean...isn't that the way it should be to some extent? Daughters looking up to their fathers when it comes to certain things. I am happy that she has that strong bond with him as the rest of our girls do, and that we are keeping up our resolution of having one on one dates with our kids. 

Last week Jon and Lexie went to see the second movie of the Hobbit. They are such book nerds especially when it comes to books that have been made into a movie. If any of you have read the Hobbit the movies are pretty close to the books. I so love that we have daughters who are completely different in personality. 

And they sure love their pa!