Date Night At The Temple Before Conference Weekend!

Now before you say to yourself, "Not again! Not another temple picture with a post about the temple!" 

First of all, I just want to let you know that I won't be posting too much about our temple trips unless there is something absolutely significant to write about. I mean, the temple is amazing, and my experiences when I attend and then leave are always, always good so why shouldn't I write about it. Thing is, is that I don't want to come off  on this blog as this perfect, goody two shoes, mormon mom who thinks that just because i express my love for God, His word, and the temple means I'm all that, because even though I know all of those things are true, and important in my life, I am soooooo far from perfection! And this is why I attend the temple as much as I can. And the fact that general conference is this weekend gave me the desire to write a little bit of why the temple, for the fifteenth time is important to me! 

I love the change of season, and the Philly temple couldn't have opened up at a better date that in September which is my birthday month. I love the fall season, and with each season comes renewal for me, and having a brand new temple in our area makes that change for me this year even better. 

Ever since I went through the temple years ago I've always gone on or around my birthday. Whether it's with a friend, or with Jon I've always gone. And since my birthday falls right before conference I have always made the effort to go.

Well, this year, I have to say that I am so grateful to have picked the perfect person to attend the Philly temple with for the first time since it got dedicated. Jon and I absolutely love the temple, and really have a deep appreciation for it. We know how hard it can be to get there, but now that we are less than an hour away from one we are going to try to attend as much as we can. He had a day off yesterday which is very rare, and after renewing drivers licenses, fixing the car, and running a few errands until 4pm I was like, "let's go to the temple." We are a spontaneous type of people, and so after taking our girls to youth group at our church we hauled off to the temple, and made it just in time for the 8:00 session! 

The past few months have been trying only because we relocated to a new area with new schools, and adjusting to a new area sometimes isn't as easy as we think. We've now gotten ourselves into a routine, and the kids are transitioning a bit better, but just because we are doing well doesn't mean that we are exempt from moments of struggle, exhaustion, or even stress. Especially when something, or someone causes it. 

I can't even begin to explain the feeling I got as I uttered those words to Jon the other day about going to the temple. There are other things I could have been doing such as catching up with the laundry, stocking up the fridge, watching Gilmore girls on netflix, finishing up a book, going to the theatre, but the first thing that popped into my mind was going to the temple. Like President Monson said, "the blessings of the temple are priceless, no sacrifice is too great."

It didn't matter to me all the things that could have been done, but knowing that by going to the temple I receive strength in being able to handle the life of running around this new town driving three kids to three different schools, all while keeping the house in order. G

As I was getting ready for the temple I felt like I was going to the temple for the first time. I showered, got dressed, and to tell our kids over dinner why we are dressed up on a school night so that we can go to the temple brought excitement all around. The entire time I was anxious, grateful, and happy knowing that we were going to the temple because my goodness, I really need the temple to rejuvenate myself with that extra strength to get me through all that we have gone through with the day-to-day, and all the challenges that await us. 

Because challenges will always come. They always tend to sneak up on us when we least expect it!

However, I am grateful for the lovely breaks of being challenged-free in between those trials, and for the temple that helps me quiet my mind, and puts my life in perspective in knowing how to better my life. On our way out the door, I loved how Noah gave us hugs, and said, "mommy can I come. Can i go the temple with you all?" And how Lexie said, "I'm going through withdrawal from the temple, and can't wait to go again in a couple of weeks." My heart was overjoyed because of their comments. They really do love the temple, and I know they do because of the feeling they get when we are on the grounds, and when Lexie goes in. I'm grateful that our kids have felt a feeling of happiness coming from us which will help teach them that it is indeed a beautiful place to be, and that the reason behind it is not only to gain strength, but to progress the work of the Lord by doing family names, and bringing others to share in the joy of Christ. That is the whole purpose as to why we go to the temple, and why we have so many of them. My hope is that all my children will see how happy we are when we come home from the temple so that they can have the same feeling when it's their turn to enter in! 

And here's a grainy selfie of us taken after the temple. We would have asked someone to take a photo of us, but since it was 11pm there was no one around! 
The temple is so important to us, and it my hope that we can always make time to serve in the temple. President Nelson taught, "service in the temple, is a sublime activity for a family." How true that is. I see the look on my kids faces when we say, "get dressed kids because we are going to the temple." 

We are really looking forward to general conference this weekend! And to get you pumped up for the temple you can listen to this talk, and you can also log on to to listen to the word of our church leaders. I promise you will leave feeling hopeful, peaceful, and inspired longing for more! 

Have a wonderful weekend folks, and get ready for October!!! Say what!! 

Celebrating 45.

This past weekend my dear friend Maggie and I celebrated our 45th birthdays, and it was so much fun! We had a sleepover at her place for my birthday, and then she slept over my house for hers. We stayed up late like a bunch of teenagers laughing and just having a good time. I ended up going to church with her on Sunday, and on our way back to my house had dinner waiting for us cooked by Jon and the kids. BBQ pork chops, homemade mashed potatoes, and green bean casserole awaited us as we came home. 

Then, came the brownie cake. 
The girls whipped up some brownies thanks to Betty Crocker, and when I pulled out the sparklers Maggie was in awe! She had never seen sparklers on a cake before. I have seen this done on other peoples birthday cake including my own last year, and since I had a ton of sparklers left over thought it would be fun to light them up on the cake! It was so much fun trying to contain them while the family sang happy birthday to us. Here's a short video of it. I cracked up after watching it too many times! 
Maggie was filled with so much joy on this day, and it showed! I love her dearly, and would do anything for her. It's nice to have a friend close by who's known you for half your life, and no matter what will be there for you. I loved her reaction when she opened up her gift too. She's a great cook, and is a hoarder of cookbooks so I gave her this one to add to her collection! 
What a treat it was to celebrate our birthdays together again. We didn't make it to the temple this time, but plan on going next month! We usually go together on our birthdays, or mothers day. I have to say that this was the best weekend ever spent with a wonderful friend! 

Happy Birthday to us, and may we have many more to treasure just like this one! 

Apple Picking In Fishkill Farms, NY.

Next to summer fall is a favorite in this family, and since it finally arrived we decided to do a little apple picking. Since it was my birthday I decided where to go on this traditional adventure, and ended up going to a different farm in Fishkill along the Hudson valley. We love venturing out to different orchards, and this one is at the top of our list! Lexie was really excited since she's never been. The times we've gone have been during the day when she's been at school staying until 5pm. This time we went on a Saturday where it was all play and no work. It was so nice to have gone out as a family, and even though we can easily go to our local farmers market and buy apples in a bag, and go home, there's something special and fun about going through an orchard and picking with the family.  It's an adventure for the kids, and boy did they have fun! Noah is getting older and wiser when it comes to picking anything in an orchard. Just as he was when we picked strawberries. He's very particular in what he picks, and wants the apples to be perfect without any damage, or bruising. 

I captured a few moments of this sweet family of mine pickin. I swear I get carried away taking pictures, but I love documenting every event we do because this is something that's so bonding to do as a family, and hope that the kids will start this tradition when they have a family of their own. 
Noah was so cute, and was determined to pick a lot of apples from the tree even while on his tippy toes. Both Jon, and Lexie had to help him out quite a bit. 
And of course Chelsea wanted papa to lift her up too. He obliged, and didn't care if she weighed 90 pounds! This scene brought back some memories of when we first went apple picking. Chelsea was six! 
Lexie loves fruits and vegetables, and she was serious in her apple picking. She had a look of concentration as she was going through the orchard trying to find that perfect apple. 
My crazy girl doing a little apple dance.
As we we were walking towards the farmers market we noticed a chicken coop, and Noah wanted to take a gander at them for a while. 
We then passed this beautiful sunflower garden! There were so many! So many that it was too pretty not to take pictures so I captured a few. 
As usual we chowed down on some grub including eating some apple cider donuts! Eating apple cider donuts, and drinking apple cider is a must when you go apple picking! 
And ice cream! Noah insisted that we get him an ice cream cone. He said, "mom, we should try one just to see how it tastes. Just one mom." I couldn't say no to that, and it was delicious! 
We all also had some time for Noah to play in the haystacks. He had so much fun pretending to be spider man jumping from hay stack to haystack. Or in his case, building to building. 

I couldn't believe how long we were here. It was sundown when we left, but man oh man I can just imagine how this place looks like in the heart of fall. 
We will just have to find out when we come back to go pumpkin picking. As much as we love pumpkin picking at this farm, we just might venture out to Fishkill again to grab ourselves some pumpkins. 


A Few Thoughts From General Women's Session.

What an amazing session of women's conference we had this fall! We are so blessed to be a part of a worldwide sisterhood where we can gather together to hear the words of our church leaders. I am so grateful to be part of a church where we have leaders that will inspire us with their words to help better ourselves. Some of us come to conference with joy looking forward to the talks to help remind us to be an even better and stronger sister in Christ, and some of us come brokenhearted, or sad hoping to hear words of comfort. If you choose the latter I guarantee you will leave feeling hopeful, peaceful, and saying to yourself, "I can do this. I can handle this. I am strong." Attending womens session is so inspiring, and the testimony I have for it is way too strong in emotion. With the way the world is today filling the youth with Satan's lies, and all that is good which is really bad it's times like this where hearing the words from our church leaders are comforting. I have so much appreciation for them at how well they prepare their talks so that we can be inspired and uplifted to know that the things they are saying will benefit us in this life. That no matter how hard things get in the way of our day to day that the Lord is there for us no matter what. That if we have faith in the things we believe in that we don't have to see with our eyes, but with our heart. That we can pray for things that we stand in need of, and really listen. And listen differently. To build our patience up through prayer especially when prayers go unanswered. And to trust in the Lord's timing. 

Every talk as always was unique, and something that we all needed to here. These talks were meant for every age group! From age eight to 98! And even though I feel as if I'm doing pretty okay with my life in regards to the Lord, I know I can do so much more! I want my children to continue to spiritually grow in the gospel so that they can be guided by the spirit in leading them to make wise choices. My hope for them is to never give into satan's lies, and to know right from wrong. 

In one of the talks they mentioned how we live in perilous times, but we also live in the fullness of times. How true that is! I love hearing that because even though there are going to be times where I feel like I'm failing as a mother, or overall a human being going through troubled times I can choose to let it strenghten me instead of weakening me. There have been times where my weakness in learning to trust in the Lord was difficult, and depending on the day, situation, and mood they still are. But I know that if I continuously strive to do better, and build my testimony in trusting in the Lord that those blessings will come, and I have witnessed it!

A couple of quotes stood out to me as I watched this session, and I'd like to share a few. All the talks were well written, and wish I could jot all of them down for you, but these are the two that really spoke to me. 

"Our obligation and privilege is to embrace improvement, and every one as we strive to live like the Savior." I really needed to hear this because I am so not perfect in this! Especially when it comes to my children, and who they are friends with. My take away from this is that we should all be looking for progress in one another. Friends, and family included! 

I also liked this excerpt from Carole Stephens,  "Hope and healing are not found in the dark abyss of secrecy, but in the light and life of Jesus Christ." 

Bonnie Oscarson's talk was one of my favorites and since it's too long to jot down you can listen to her talk here. I love how her words help me become a better person. 

President Dieter F. Uchtdorf's talk was, as solid, and stellar, and you can listen to it here. He's such an inspiration of gentle wisdom who doesn't lecture or demands. My favorite snippet from his talk..."We may not understand why certain things happen or why certain prayers go unanswered,  but we can know that in the end that everything will make sense."

This session was nothing short of a gift. It was filled with so much power, truth, and love. My heart was filled with so much gratitude as I spent this day with my family, and the fact that this particular session ended up broadcasting on the day of my birthday was extra special. I loved watching it with my girls, and pray that they will always take away something from each talk. I know that if I "bring the gospel into my home" that life will better. That God will never leave our side. I testify that Jesus lives, and shows the right way to everyone, so that we can be able to do better! 

Philadelphia Temple Youth Cultural Celebration.

I took this photo eight years ago when we first moved to Jersey, and toured the city of Philadelphia. I figured it was a perfect start to this post. 

Last weekend after months of rehearsing for the temple cultural temple celebration 1700 youth from the Philadelphia temple district got to shine in front of a huge audience on camera at the Liacouras center. 

This was something that Lexie had been looking forward to doing, and although I was getting a little weary of all the commuting with going to different areas (thanks to the Kellums for taking her a couple of times) in Pennsylvania to rehearse I too was looking forward to this momentous event. After only happens once in a lifetime. Especially when you live in our neck of the woods. 

The theme "We the People" was absolutely perfect and it totally set the stage in tieing the birth of our nation to our church's history, hence having religious freedom, thanks to William Penn. People talk of the founding fathers, and in my opinion William Penn can also be called one of the founding fathers. Because of his efforts, he was able tot give us the freedoms that we now have, and he laid a lot of the groundwork when it came to religious freedom. 

Candy McNaughton who directed the production did an amazing job in putting it all together. My daughter totally felt the spirit with her, and is so grateful that she never missed one rehearsal, and that she was a part of something special. 

The whole evening was indeed a celebration. It was so nice to see the kids enjoying themselves with music while dancing. I myself was dancing in my seat when all the kids came out with their painted mural representing which area they were from. They were all truly unique. When the mailman dance came into play I could see the grin on Lexie's face as she raised the flag to the beat. Total ear to ear smile! I could tell she was having the time of her life. 

When President Erying made an appearance he told the youth that this will be one of the most memorable moments of their life, and that as they grow older will be something to talk about for years to come, and tell their future posterity. The fact that it fell on Constitution Day made it extra meaningful. 

The whole celebration was amazing, and having the presence of Henry B. Erying, and D. Todd Christofferson was extra special. These are amazing leaders that the youth look up to. They were not just extras sitting in an auditorium, but extra special because of their role in dedicating the Philadelphia temple the next day. How blessed we are to have apostles lead, and guide us in today's world. 
picture via 
The closing number to the celebration gave me goosebumps, and watching the youth putting the bricks one by one on a replica of the temple got me all teary eyed. It reminded me of my life, and how far I have come to having my family for eternity. My life has always been a puzzle, and when all the pieces came together when I joined the LDS church so did my life. Being sealed to my love, and children will be a day that will always be etched in my mind, and heart forever. 

Having a temple in Philadelphia will definitely bless the city, and if we choose to do so, can, and will change the hearts of the people from the surrounding areas in our temple district. Including our children. It is up to us to be the example, and share that special message of "families are forever", and the whole purpose leading up to this entire celebration. 
The temple is an enormous blessing for us all, and because of the history of Philadelphia feel as if this temple is meant to be in the city of brotherly love. The city now feels "complete" now that a temple is built. What an extra blessing it'll be for our youth since they are the generation in which they will be doing most of the work in the temple, and press forward in sharing His gospel.

As we all should! 

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! 

Early Morning Seminary.

When we first met the seminary teacher of our church, and asked how many students attended early morning seminary class my jaw literally dropped! I was amazed when she mentioned that there were 20 kids attending. With Lexie that made 21. Lexie seemed a bit excited, and a bit unsure on how to take this news. She was so used  to a small group of kids back in our old congregation which was usually anywhere between six to eight kids. And now, there are 21 kids! 

A week before seminary began we had a fireside for the parents, and children for those taking seminary this year. I was really impressed with how well this fireside was put together, and how caring the seminary teacher is, and if you don't mind I'm going to boast about her for just a bit. 
Sister Dearden is one of the most kindest sisters I've ever met, and is going on her eighth year of teaching seminary to the youth, and doesn't in the least look burned out! She was so insightful with her words, and the way she expressed the love for the gospel was so sincere. She converted to the church when she was 18, and has such a deep appreciation for teaching the gospel, and getting to know the kids. All of her children are grown, and out of the house which makes her an empty nestor, but having these kids every day in her home for 45 minutes brings a smile to her face. Knowing that these kids are learning about Christ's teachings truly brightens her life, and it shows every time I see her. The bishop even mentioned how she definitely is a morning person, and I could see that she is every time we come to church. She's always jovial! 

Well, a week of seminary has passed, and so far Lexie is loving it. One thing she loves about the whole seminary set up in Sister Dearden's home is that she has chairs as their desk. It's totally set up like a class at church. She loves that set up because it prevents her from falling asleep. Her teacher before had a long table which was so easy for the kids to put their head down, and conk out! Not this set up! If they do fall asleep they will literally fall out of their chair.  

The remarks our Bishop gave that evening were one of the most inspiring remarks I've ever heard in a long time that I really needed to hear. I think we all did. His remarks were inspiring, and were focused on having a love, and commitment to The Lord in learning all about His life. His compassion that was expressed when he mentioned finding ways to get all the kids to seminary was super impressive! I saw a light in him that shined so bright because of how passionate he is to get all the kids to seminary. He really wants all the youth to attend, and emphasized how important, and beneficial attending seminary can be in their lives. He mentioned that although there will be a lot of school work, and extracurricular activities that will exhaust them, attending seminary will be something to help them deal with all they have to face in a world that teaches us what's not good!

Spencer W. Kimball said, "Of all treasures of knowledge, the most vital is the knowledge of God, his existence, powers, love, and promises."

I wholeheartedly agree, and because of seminary I get the chance to ask Lexie all about her morning, and somewhat learn with her. This year they all learning the New Testament, and believe me I have a lot to learn when it comes to that book. Because of converting at the age of 20 I didn't take seminary as a youth, and so every time one of my children takes seminary gives me the opportunity to study with them. How wonderful it is to hear your child speak so fondly of the Lord, and his gospel. Sure there are times where Lexie would like to sleep in she is extremely grateful to have seminary in her life because it does strengthen her, and helps make her days at school more tolerable, and fun. 

She loves her teacher, she loves the class, and the gospel, and I have a feeling that seminary this year will be exciting for her!

Back to School Vibes.

"Go forward in life with a twinkle in your eye, and a smile on your face, but with great and strong purpose in your heart. Love life, and look for its opportunities."
~Gordon B. Hinckley
We did it, or actually they did it! 

We made it through the first week back to school with much success, and even though there were a few tears (mine) I'm so proud of these kids! I have to admit that I had mixed emotions with them starting new schools here. I obviously have a lot to work to do when it comes to moving and again the fact that I was in a place for eight years got me so spoiled in being established with the teachers, neighbors, and all the staff from the post office in Blackwood. I mean, I'd walk into Mario's pizza, the local grocery stores, closest Marshalls, and T.J. Maxx, and everyone would call me by my first name. Here, no one really knows me yet. The fact that I live in a semi-rural area doesn't help either. I don't have many neighbors, and the closest wawa is 10 minutes away by car. Yes, we were so spoiled, but we are going to make the best of our time living here, and I'm going to put myself out there in volunteering at my kids schools. It seems that they rely a lot on us here for that. 

Other than Princeton School District, there is only one school district where we live, and the fact that there aren't any other schools that are combined into one high school, and middle school is very different for me. Down in the south you had like three middles schools going into one high school, and three elementary schools going into one middle school. I personally call it the "elite, mini ivy league of schools because of the way the curriculum is set up. Totally different dynamic here. Pressures seem greater, and the expectations a little higher compared to where we were before. For example, Lexie has freshmen kids taking AP Physics!! What the heck??? Apparently they started doing that last year, but still...who takes AP Physics as a freshman unless you want to graduate high school at 15! Anyway, I did get some comfort after going to the kids back to school night, and meeting all of the kids teachers. As a mom I ask a lot of questions, and want them to know that we are not from here! I mentioned that my girls are new to the school, and curriculum! They are really friendly, and I realized that the teachers here really do care about the kids, value their education, and want them to succeed and do well. 
Lexie admits being a little nervous attending her new school, but it doesn't surprise me that she is catching on and doing her very best to easily transition into a new school in her junior year with all the AP classes she's taking. It won't be easy, but I remind her that if she finds a balance in managing her time in between homework, tennis matches, practices, and any other extra curricular activities that her days will easily flow. They won't be perfect, but I know that by learning to balance a load with little sleep (thanks to homework, and attending early morning seminary) it can be done. She's a wonderful teen, and I really hope that she will achieve her goals for her junior year. 
When I heard that 4th grade was once a part of middle school in this area I was like what???? How is it possible that 4th grade is middle school! Well, today, fifth grade is part of Chelsea's middle school, and because Chelsea didn't take science in the school she came from had her all lost, and confused when they were reviewing Science. She felt a little inadequate when they started talking about atoms, and was grateful she was familiar with the periodic table of elements thanks to her older sisters having a huge copy of it, but luckily she's a quick learner, and is a very good listener when it comes to learning! I'm telling you, they really seem to push the kids here when it comes to their academics! Something I'm not used to coming from south jersey! Nonetheless she has one good friend who also goes to our church, and have one class together. That made Chelsea's whole year, and knows that because of that one friend she'll be fine! 
And here's Noah. Since school started he has been coming into our bed in the mornings to cuddle with me. This kid is going to be seven in two months, and still cuddles with me. Love it! I miss our half days together when we would go out on a quick errand, watch cartoons, or go for a walk before the bus picked him up at noon. Now that he's in school all day, that time is limited during the week. He comes home exhausted now. It has been an adjustment for him coming from a half day to full day. I know with time he will get into a routine. He loves the fact that there is an actual playground with a rock climbing wall, but isn't too pleased with all the food they give him during lunch. He didn't have lunch as a kindergartener so when I ask what they served him today he'll say, "mommy, they give me too much food that my tummy starts to hurt." He's certainly not one that is used to having a full lunch. He's satisfied with a bowl of oatmeal, or a ham sandwich. Other than that he has made some friends, and is learning to enjoy his new school. 

Really proud of these kids for doing a pretty good job in transitioning into a new grade in a new school making new friends. That's a lot to take in for some, but am so proud of them for their strong efforts in doing so!  

Here's hoping they have a wonderful year! 

A Few Photos & A Tiny Video From Our Summer.

Ahhh, what a summer! 

I have to say that this summer has been of our best summers yet. Although we had a busy one with relocating to a new town, and moving into a new home nothing beats the stresses of life by venturing out to the places we love! Sure there were unforgettable moments that helped us grow into becoming a better person because when you relocate as much as we have that's usually what happens to us as a family. We choose to see things in a different perspective, and as we look back at the places where we once used to live we'll sigh, and say, "we were there for a reason, and now we are here for one too." 
I'm so grateful for Jon who is the hardest worker I know! To know that he drives all day in the city delivering packages and making time to finally go to the beach with us is so awesome on his part. I have savored each and every piece of summer fun that we fit into our schedule this past year. Extending our love to our friends, and going places together was the icing of our summer. Although we love doing things as a family, it's nice to invite others who we love to join in on our fun! 

I'm extremely grateful for my kids. 
Their laughter, smiles, hugs, inside jokes, and every effort they make in behaving themselves helps brighten all the days of my life. But most of all their unconditional love they expressed to me in the midst of moving, even though I yelled a lot is what always keeps me going through this precious thing called motherhood. 

I love, love time spent with my family, and only wish Sierra could've joined in on the fun with us this summer, but luckily for me we text, sometimes talk while she's waiting for the train to go to school, and snapchat every now and then. 
It's the little things, and the small bits of summer fun that mean the most, and there is no one or no where else I'd rather spend it with than my family, friends at the beach! 

I hope you're summer was just as adventurous, and fun as ours was. 

With the cooler temperatures we've been having lately I think fall is on its way, and we are pretty much ready for you to arrive! 
See ya summer, and have a great weekend folks! 

Our Day at the U.S. Open.

I remember my mom being glued to the television set every time the US open came on. Every year since I was six until my late teens she'd be watching it! She'd sit in and watch her favorites Jimmy Conners, John McEnroe, Billie Jean King, Chris Everett, Bjorn Borg all play. She got me hooked on watching tennis since I was like six! I wish I would have taken lessons as a child, but we couldn't afford it. And today I count my blessings for having a husband, and four kids who enjoying playing, and that they all have a passion to play. I'm so grateful that my mother's example in watching something on television that was uplifting, and fun stayed with me as I got older to the point where I was able to afford my own racket, and tennis balls! Yeah...I taught myself, and then married Jon, and he taught me more! Blessings for sure! 

This past weekend as an early birthday gift Jon took me to a place that I've been wanting to experience for a looooooong time. 

And he did. 
My dream of going to the US open finally came true. It was such a surreal moment for me to be sitting inside the Arthur Ashe stadium watching a live match where people play to win big!

The first time Jon took me to a tennis match was five years ago. I was so excited that I got to see my mom's favorite tennis player against mine! Connors, Courier, Sampras, and Agassi, although retired all played for charity. That will always be a date to remember! 

I couldn't believe we were there all day! This date started early in the morning, and lasted well into late in the evening, and man was it awesome! I don't think we mentioned our kids once except when I told Jon that we should definitely bring them next year so they can see a live match! And how great this would benefit Lexie since she is the most passionate about this sport! 
The grounds inside are absolutely beautiful. There's a huge jumbo tron in which you can sit in front of the fountains watching the game while doing a bit of shopping. There are quite a few stores where you can buy everything us open! And a number of food places where you can grab some grub, and believe me being there all day made me hungry, and so we bought some yummy food! 
  If Noah was here he would go crazy over this pretzel braid! 
 Like I said, we stayed waaaaay late until Stan Wawrinka won his last match agains Kei Nishikori which was close to 10pm so these pictures were obviously taken on our way out! I didn't take too many photos during the matches because hello, I wanted to enjoy the games! 
On our way out we saw my mom's favorite on the championship wall. 
And one of mine from my generation...
And the first one to win the us open who was an amazing example to all, and pretty much started it all! 
I absolutely had an amazing time, and didn't want to leave! I wanted them to keep on playing, and wish I had tickets to have seen the finals! Wawrinka ended up winning his last match agains Kei Nishikori. Kind of felt bad for Kei not winning. I could tell he was exhausted towards the end of the match, but Stan's playing wowed the heck out of me, and he really deserved to win. He also ended up winning the finals this past Sunday taking home 3.5 million dollars! As much as I enjoy Novak, Stan played a great game and deserved to win! 

We definitely look forward to coming next year as a family, and hope that one day we will make it to Wimbledon! 

Now that would be ideal!