Sierra To Sing In General Conference With Her Institute Choir!

One thing I love about spring is the renewal that the season brings to both mind, and spirit, and also....general conference! I am sooooo looking forward to this weekend. Not only am I excited to hear a new prophets voice, but excited to listen to the choir sing. That is, Sierra's institute choir! Yep...she'll be singing her heart out along with other talented men, and women. 

Easter In San Antonio,Texas- Circa, 2003

Since Lexie is graduating from high school this year (she's the little one with the ear to ear grin on her face) I was looking through some of her scrapbooks, and organizing her photos by year on the computer, and look what I found! Easter photos with her big sis from the time we lived in San Antonio. And boy is there a short tale to tell....

Noah's Second Grade Spring Party!

It was 1:30 p.m. and as we walked into Noah's class it seemed as if the party had already started. The kids were eating ice cream cones, and as we stood in the classroom waiting for instructions there was nothing but laughter, and chit chat. Noah gazed over at me and Jon with a huge smile, got up from his chair to hug us, and then sat back down to finish his ice cream. 

Celebrating A Christ-Centered Easter.

I know I've written many posts in the past about how we celebrate easter, and as my kids slowly leave the nest, and grow older I still try to somehow keep those traditions going that way when the time comes to have their own families they can continue said traditions. 

Girl's Night At Its Best!

It's been a little over a year and half since we moved away from the familiar territory that we knew, and even though I feel confident at church, and in my new area developing true friendships can be hard. I'm grateful for the extrovert in me, the fact that I've found ways to adjust in unfamiliar territory, and that I'm fearless when it comes to introducing myself, and saying hello to a fellow parent at school, and of 

Playing For The Drowsy Chaperone.

Well, it's Lexie's senior year, and it looks like she's following her sisters footsteps when it comes to playing with the band for her high school spring musical. As much as she wanted to be a part of the cast she, and her band director suggested she'd play with the orchestra, and although she's a tad bit nervous because of all the older, more experienced players, she's excited to be playing the piano which in her case is very rare. 

Frozen The Musical In NYC!

When Chelsea was in the fourth grade she was a pretty big fan of Frozen. She'd always sing "let it go" under her breath, and one time even caught her singing the song so loud from our computer when I walked into my room. She was so little, and at times still long for her to be that little girl with that soft voice. 

Welcoming Spring With Bluebonnets! San Antonio,Texas-Circa 2000

Growing up in Texas I was amazed at how spring sprung. Especially in San Antonio. I totally repressed some memories as a child, and forgot how beautiful Texas is. It's not all flat land like people may think. There is beauty in the heart of Texas, and I found that in a field of bluebonnets with two little girls while living in San Antonio. 

Be Free, And Alive Without The Smartphones & Chrome Books!

After reading this article recently I couldn't help but to pause, ponder, and write. I've written a couple of posts about technology, but this one hit the core of my heart, and wanted to share more of my thoughts on how this "hands free mama" is right on point when it comes to social media, and smartphones. 

Happy Birthday Pa!!

How cool is it that my in-laws have back to back to birthdays! Since I wrote a bit about Sue yesterday I figured I'd add a few words besides "happy birthday" to the man that is a spitting image of his son! I'd be amiss if I didn't have something to share about him, and want to let the world know that he too, is indeed, a great person. 

Happy Birthday To The Coolest Momma-In-Law Ever!

I couldn't let this year go by without wishing my mother in law the happiest of birthdays. I rarely ever write, or even talk about her on this blog, but because she has put up with so much of my bull**it , and has done sooooooooooo much for me, and my family throughout the past 24 years of being her daughter-in-law wanted to express my love and appreciation to her for so many reasons. 

"Flower Power" Art Installations in New York City!

I know I've mentioned this before but one of my favorite things I love about New York is when you randomly go out of the blue especially after having a loooooooong snowy day! New York is definitely a city full of surprises, and as we were in Soho the other day we walked by this awesome looking red car with a lot of fresh flowers displayed inside. It was absolutely beautiful. There were so many people taking pictures with it, and I swear most of them were models with photographers holding cameras the size of an old-fashioned boombox!


When everyone woke up yesterday the first question we all asked each other was, "where is this snowstorm everyone is talking about", and "is this why they cancelled school for?" We were expecting to wake up with a ton of snow on the ground, and there literally was only half an inch dusting of snow on the grass, and within two hours it was all gone.

Lexie Lately- Her Acceptance Into BYU Provo!

As the years have gone by I've kind of shifted to a point where I don't really write too much about my girls. I know that I post, and write a lot about Noah, and our family adventures, but when it comes to personal things such as relationships, and school I don't want to invade their privacy, and so I leave it up to them to post, or write about whatever they want to write about on their own corner of the internet. 

Memories of The D.C. Temple On Their Last Day.

Well, it was inevitable and eventually the time has come for the doors of the D.C. temple to close down for renovations. It's amazing how well kept it's looked in the past 44 years. I also can't believe that I'm older than the D.C. temple! I personally think the temple looks fine indoors, and outdoors but after going two weeks ago, and looking at all the furniture, and slight wear and tear on the carpet, and cushions in the sealing rooms can understand why it needs to be redone. So 80's, but yet still beautiful, and I'm sure that once it's renovated it'll look even more lovely! 

Dr. Seuss Night!

Was it just last year when I wrote this post about celebrating Dr. Seuss? It seems like we relived that day yesterday! Going with Noah again this year, and adding papa to the mix was the icing on the cake. Jon rarely gets to attend any of Noah's activities because of getting off work late, but he's been lucky to be able to be there for his son the past couple of events he's had, and Noah is loving it! 

Noah Earns His Wolf Badge!

Since joining cub scouts five months ago Noah has worked hard on completing all the requirements needed to earn his Wolf badge, and last night during the Blue and Gold banquet he received it! Some of these requirements required little effort which was pretty easy for him to achieve, but at the same time make sure that as he is completing them that he also understands as to why he is doing them.