Goodbye August.

Because sometimes pictures are better than words...

Goodbye August, and thank you for a lovely summer.

our adventures in New England.

This is how much we love New England. 

Although we spent most of our days in Newport we also drove to Maine, ate at this magnificent Mexican restaurant in Kittery, explored the outlet stores, saw two lighthouses, and also stopped by the Boston temple on the way home.

A lot of driving was done, but when you have three wonderful states of New England huddled within a 180 mile radius it's worth the driving time. Luckily we are a singing, license plate, i spying game playing kind of family while traveling on the road. I'm pretty archaic when it comes to road trips without the movie watching, always sleeping (unless your really tired, and have been lacking sleep all week like Sierra), and nonstop radio playing. I may have given in a little with Noah by handing him my phone to play a game, but he was such a good little traveler I couldn't say no.

There was so much that I wanted to record, and vine but I was appreciating every moment spent with these kids. They all knew that this would be the last long traveling trip with least for a while.

Enjoying this time without documenting their every move actually felt good. Sometimes it feels so nice to just walk along the ocean without a camera in hand, pick up rocks with your kid without creaking your neck trying to take a selfie (which I hardly ever do), and sit on the rocks off of the Cliff Walk with your little one to hear the waves crashing. I do take a lot of photos, but we do need memories for our posterity right?

So here are some moments of our trip to New England, and I hope that everyone has a wonderful long Labor Day weekend!

Jamestown-Verrazano bridge
 Point Judith lighthouse & rock towers.
Cliff Walk at Narragansett, RI

 Mansions at the cliff walk.
^^ Nubble lighthouse, in Cape Neddick, Maine ^^
^^ woke up to a foggy morning in Maine but still had smiles on our faces ^^
Special thanks to my husband who was my photographer throughout this trip.

And to the tripod that helped in taking this family photo of us! 

**The stars were definitely aligned in giving us these wonderful moments!**