Hall Of Breakfast in Salt Lake City!

Pop up museums have become a favorite and when we heard about the Hall of Breakfast in Utah knew I had to get tickets and go. It's a seasonal museum so they are only here in Utah until Sept. 1st, and then they head out to a different state. It truly was the best interactive art installation ever created, and we had so much fun with picture posing all around us! 

This day brought so much joy to my soul because all my kids were with me! Memories of all our trips before sierra moved to Utah are still fresh in my mind, and miss her coming with us on our adventures. This was a treat for her since she is never off on Saturdays, and I'm so glad she was able to share in on all the fun with us! 

Voting for waffles or pancakes.  Noah prefers waffles. 
sierra prefers pancakes
It was such an exciting day with an egg toss game,a bacon slide, and jumping in a pit filled with 200,000 pink and white balls. It's times like this where these kids keep me young at heart! I know all this action is going to catch up with me once I get back to Jersey, but who cares. I love it, and I'm living life to the fullest! 
Here's hoping everyone wakes up on the sunny side of the bed each day, and that y'all have a good week! 

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