2013...I'm ready.

I am beginning to love the start of a new year. Partially because I'm beginning to realize that as I get up there in age along with our kids that each year is deserving of a fresh start. It is another chance for me to put more energy into the things I feel I neglected, or didn't quite accomplish. And although I feel that I may never accomplish certain goals that it's okay, and life goes on.

As I look back at the past 40+ years of my life I have to say that this year has been the most challenging...with a family. I am extremely grateful for all the challenges that I endured throughout my life because without all those lessons I learned I wouldn't be the woman, sister, daughter, wife, friend, and mother that I am today.

This past year was filled with many fun-filled adventures. We also had a few minor trials, but nothing that we couldn't handle. One thing for sure is that we have learned so much from them, and I will take everything I learned from each trial with me in the years to come.

We survived a hurricane, and extended a helping hand to those who lost a lot from that unfortunate demise, and even though we were carless for four months we still managed to make numerous trips to the places we love that are so close to home:

Trips to New York City
Palmyra in upstate New York to see the 75th anniversary of the Hill Cumorah pageant.
Trips to the beach.
Washington D.C. for Sierra's birthday.
Mystic, Connecticut to eat pizza.
Bushkill falls to name a few.

I even had a childhood friend come visit me for a week!

Those adventures are the shared joys in life, and so far I have wonderful things happening in the new year in regards to our children. Particularly our eldest daughter.

So far she has been accepted on a part scholarship to Southern Virginia University, and is a part of the All South Jersey Choir.
Alexandra was selected to be a member of the All South Jersey Orchestra and she will be performing on stage playing the violin in front of an audience. She will be turning 13 one week after said performance, and she couldn't have asked for a nicer birthday present.
We have our youngest daughter being baptized into the the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints on January 20th (mark your calendars), and she has been waiting for this day since birth!
Noah has become an avid train lover, and I extend my thanks to all those thoughtful friends who gave him trains for his track this Christmas.
And last, but not least we hope to get some snow (otherwise we will drive further north to play in it!)

The Lord has been good to us this year, and we know that after all that has happened in 2012-whether good or bad that the year 2013 will bring forth a great future.

We are all looking forward to a fresh start of what's to come in 2013.

2013...we are ready!

Because I am your mother.

Sierra, this past year I have noticed ever loving, sweet eldest daughter, standing on your own two feet when it comes to making your own decisions, and in standing up for your beliefs.

One thing I love about you is the way you handle any unfortunate drama of any kind whether at church or at school. You have developed a unique tolerance in how to handle any kind of conflict, and have seen how well you've handled confrontations. Everyone knows how cordial you are to anyone that crosses your path.

I have witnessed how great of an influence you are when others are around you, and it shows in their countenance. You truly have that unique touch of lighting up a room with your contagious laughter, and lovely smile in which one would probably envy. I see the way you channel your love to others, and how they in return extend theirs.

For those who don't give you the time of day (which is very rare) will never know how great of a friend you can be, and they are totally missing out on a true friend.

Your boldness in the way you exemplify your talents is amazing, and I love how you and Lexie have a strong bond of sisterhood.
And how you and Noah have a beautiful relationship as a sister who is fifteen years older than him.
And no matter how much Chelsea can be a thorn on your still manage to show her that unconditional love.
I have missed your blog so much because it was always putting an extra smile on my face, but I know that you've been mega busy with school, church activities, extracurricular activities, writing essays, applying for scholarships, and filling out college applications. Not just one, but seven.

For some people living the lifestyle of a mormon can be hard...especially at your age. It can really be a challenge because there are so many of us who although we share the same beliefs we still have different opinions.

There are some of us who are born into the church, and some who are first generation members (like me.) There are also those who quite don't see eye to eye, and some who just don't "get it", or never will.

No matter how our fellow mormons (including me), and nonmembers live their life, know this...

What matters are the choices you make, the life that you live, and how in the end all that will matter to your Father in Heaven is how you lived this life in being a kind, and loving person.

Always remember that the Lord is perfect, and not the people.

I know how much you love being a member of the LDS church, and inviting those in sharing the gospel. You love everything that it teaches you, and have so much knowledge when it comes to the scriptures! The love you have for the Savior is beautifully shown through the four walls in your room with pictures of Christ, the temple, and a list of your friends birthdays with a stack of stationary laid out on your dresser. It is shown in the way that you sing, and through your countenance.

Being that this is your senior year I am going to take advantage of my time with you, and want you to know that no matter which college you decide to go to that I trust you. I know that through prayer you will be guided to the right one. I have faith that you'll always make the right choices in this life.

I have complete trust in you. I trust you because of how your father and I are raising you. I trust you because you are true to yourself. I trust you because you carry a heart so strong, yet it has so much room for tolerance, and forgiveness.

I trust you because I'm your mother.
Continue to strive hard in following the true principles of the gospel, and live your standards so high that people will wonder & ask, "Why is she always so happy, and different?"

Trust in the Lord, and you will blessed beyond measure.

Enjoy your last year of public high only get to experience it once!

2013 will be your year!

Loves & likes you-


P.S. Try to keep your blog updated once you leave for college...okay?

Returning home to the House of the Lord.

There are many of us who come home for Christmas, and some that go away for Christmas. In our case...we spent Christmas in our home in Jersey. Gathering around with friends, and family over the Christmas holiday to eat good food, reminisce, exchanging gifts, eating homemade carrot cake with pear Cinnamon cider is all fine and dandy, but something was still missing.

And just like that...Christmas is over.

Besides spending time with family and friends, one of the greatest joys in life...especially around Christmas time is spending it with our Heavenly Father.

With the hustle and bustle that occurs during this season we tend to forget the significance of what the season is about and the reason that brings us that joy in gathering around with friends and family, and how ironic it is to know that there is a building in which we can go to help us be even more closer to those we love.

Attending the temple is something that is dear to my heart, and it feels good knowing that I need not be invited to attend. It is a joy and a privilege knowing that I have an open invitation to attend the temple at any time.

While our husbands were out working hard in the 'world' yesterday attending the temple with my dear friend Maggie was a blessing, and since we didn't return home to visit our families out west, or in Texas this Christmas...returning "home" to the House of the Lord is the closest thing to feeling His love and peace that we all so deserve.
Especially when it's so close to the end of the year.

Merry Christmas!

From our family to yours:

May this day be the best Christmas ever spent with family and friends.

Make it memorable!

traditions matter.

Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, NYC-2012
Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, and no matter how busy times can get for us with baking, carpooling, shopping, tending to sick kids, attending numerous school concerts, piano/violin recitals, church parties, church activities, doctors appointments, a two and a half hour drive to the temple, a trip to NYC, weddings anniversary, birthdays, visiting teaching, seeing the Bishop for Tithing settlement, attending all your church meetings, etc...we always manage to squeeze in a family photo to send to our dear friends and family.

I remember when I was a little girl I would always see my mother put pen to paper to write letters, and send Christmas cards to her friends and family. She would write her heart out to her cousin in Las Vegas (still does to an extent), and in return would retrieve numerous family photos of friends. I was impressed, and learned from her example.

Seeing numerous cards on a mantle made us feel loved, and it still does when I receive them today.

As each year passes we seem to get fewer cards (I have to blame technology for that), and as that happens I always tell myself that I am not going to send out as much.


Even though I put our yearly Christmas photo on face book, and on my blog, I still manage to send cards to those we love, and the ones who don't do the whole card thing can just view it through social media.

Sending cards has always been a huge tradition in our family, and I will never stop sending them. Even when postage increases I will find a way to afford that! I have cards galore saved in a box from previous years, and it's so interesting to see how much our friends, and families change throughout the years.

That tradition matters to me, and all of those photos are priceless memories.

May we continue to build more Christmas memories this year. It truly is the best season of all!

grateful receivers.

Christus statue inside the visitors center at the D.C. temple. (picture taken by yours truly)
There is something about the Christmas season that brings people from all walks of life together.

In the past few years Christmas has become more commercialized, hence making Christmas insignificant. For some it may be all about the gifts as to what they are going to receive. For some it is mostly about giving.

Christmas is a time where you talk to the people you hardly ever talked to before. It's about forgiving your enemies, getting along better with your neighbors, extending a hand to a stranger, and talking to those long distance in whom you only reach out to during Christmas.

It is a time where more smiles, & hugs are exchanged, kinder words are said, gifts are given, and God is obeyed.

Today we had a special Christmas program at our church in which various members of our congregation participated in singing, and we even had the time to sit and watch the First Presidency Christmas Devotional.

It was a beautiful service, and as I observed those that came to worship I was in awe at the energy members of our congregation had in expressing love to one another. The spirit of Christ is indeed strong this time of year, and it was so nice to see those that don't attend often. So nice. 

Hearing the words of the First Presidency about what Christmas means to them was as always inspiring, and I'd like to share some of my favorite excerpts from each of their talks.

"Therefore, we have it within us to experience this Christmas season with the wonder and the awe of a child. We have it within us to say, "My heart is brim with joy, and I will rejoice in my God"-The Giver of all good gifts." 
~President Dieter F. Uchtdorf

Success in giving joy at Christmas usually involves help from others. It is rarely found in solitary effort. Joining with others spreads the joy and makes it more lasting. And perhaps most important, invoking faith in the Savior, the Creator and source of all lasting happiness, invites the pure love of God, which is the greatest of all gifts, and the sure source of enduring joy.
~President Henry B. Eyring

There is no better time than now, this very Christmas season, for all of us to rededicate ourselves to the principles taught by Jesus the Christ. It is the time to love the Lord, our God, with all our heart-and our neighbors as ourselves. It is well to remember that he who gives money gives much; he who gives time gives more; but he who gives of himself gives all. 
~President Thomas S. Monson

Besides hearing our lovely daughter sing "When Mary Sang Her Lullaby", and watching the Christmas devotional via satellite my favorite part of today was seeing the love being shared inside the chapel.

Just as the First Presidency mentioned in said quotes seeing our brothers and sisters hugging, shaking hands, talking, laughing, sharing tears of joy (my tears), exchanging cards with gifts, and hearing the words "Merry Christmas" was a beautiful sight to see. I can never fathom any of us being ungrateful receivers.

To me-that is a sign of having the very best Christmas.

I hope that we will always remember the greatest gift of all which is the Savior, and that we will always be grateful receivers not only at Christmas time, but throughout the years to come.

the cutest little snow globes

A few weeks ago I had an itch to make homemade snow globes with the girls and we absolutely love them! There are numerous tutorials on pinterest in which we found, but this tutorial was our favorite. 

I have to give credit to my husband for sanding all the lids for me, and to Lexie for adding the perfect mixture of glycerin, water, and glitter. All I did was find trinkets, trees, plastic Santas, and animals to put inside the globes. 
Having these decorated all over the house makes it festive, and Chelsea loves shaking them.

Making these globes was so much fun. I hope they will last a lifetime. So far the water is still clear, and all the trinkets are in place.
The smaller globes from baby food jars are the sweetest. I was lucky enough to find tiny little animals just for that size of a jar.

This was their favorite Christmas craft this year, and I think they all turned out great! Aren't they just the cutest little snow globes you've ever seen?

I think so!

the joys of reading.

I absolutely love Christmas, and reading books about giving, love, believing, serving, and about the Savior really bring in the spirit of Christmas. 

After all...that is the reason why we have Christmas. 

There are so many Christmas books that we love, and little by little we have been collecting them. We have received some as gifts, and here are a few that are on our wish list this year. 

I'd also like to thank Deseret Book for giving the girls some ideas as to which books they would like: 

Lexie has developed a love for Charles Dickens.

Books that depict the story of the nativity is a must as well, and I love this one.

I would really love to own a Lion House cookbook, and get this one for my hubby!

Noah would really love to have this book only because it is the story about a boy and his electric train.

This book is one of our favorites. We read it every Christmas to our kids, and it is such a sweet story especially for the younger kids to ponder about.

I believe that books are the best gift that you can give to a child, or an adult. All of these books have a special meaning behind them, and I always imagine being at that place in time while reading the story. Reading to our kids is an important role as a parent, and I am grateful to have a husband who takes the time out of his busy schedule to read to our two youngest children.

There are days where he'll come home at 9:45 pm, and he will march right up the stairs to read to Chelsea. I have to admit he is a better storyteller than I am. Chelsea prefers dad to read to her instead of me, and it's probably because she knows she can get away with going to bed late!

I hope that instead of giving toys (that will probably break within 10 minutes) this year that we can give a beautiful story book that is spiritually uplifting as well as inspirational in which they will treasure forever.

Being surrounded by tangible books instead of media brings a different spirit into the house, and reading together as a family, or individually is a joy in itself.

"i love you mommy"

December is a very special month for us because we have three special occasions that we celebrate within two weeks of each other. 

Our wedding anniversary, my husband's birthday, and CHRISTmas. One thing that these special days have in common is the word "LOVE."

Words can mean so much coming from a three year old. It is at this age where their annunciation is much clearer, and more meaningful to the point where they actually might understand what the words mean. 

For the past few days Noah has been uttering four words-"I love you mommy" in a very clear sentence. It melts my heart every time I hear him say that. It's so clear, and when he says it with that beautiful smile of his it brings me to tears. My first boy whom I love so much. It makes me truly grateful to have you in our life. 

I can see why my mom loves my relationship with him, and why she constantly reminds me to never take him for granted. She didn't have that bond with my brother because she didn't raise him. Nonetheless my mother did her best in those short 18 months of raising my brother before my grandmother took over. 

I am cherishing every moment with him whether it's vegging on the couch while watching a little bit of television, cuddling with him on a cold winters day, or lamenting over his small tantrums in the store when he doesn't get his way. 

His small arms around my neck giving me a peck on the cheek then saying "I love you mommy" makes me so happy. Happy because I'm raising him, and because he is so much like his father...always joyful. 

These two are so goofy, and have some so much fun together. It's nice to now have two young boys tell me that they love me every day (sometimes more than once.)  
It's ironic that Noah has been uttering those four words more frequently since the tragedy in Connecticut happened. I never want to miss a day in not telling any of my family members that I love them, and I don't.

This is the time to reevaluate the small things that our little ones tell us, and to pay attention in all that they do...and I have.

My husband turned 42 yesterday, and he said to me that he wants to do just that. Our kids are growing up, and there is no time to waste. We must treasure, and take advantage of our time together, and just simply LOVE.

"Enjoy the little things in life...for one day you'll look back and realize they were the big things."
~Robert Brault

work hard, follow your dreams, & never give up.

Music indeed heals the soul. I hear it at church, and I hear it at home every single day. I hear it at yearly piano & violin recitals, and beginning in January of 2013... I am going to hear it in an orchestra.

To have three daughters so musically inclined is a blessing, and no matter how tired I may get of them constantly playing on the piano...I don't ever want to take music for granted.

This past Sunday Chelsea performed in front of numerous patients at a nursing home, and it was gratifying to see little old ladies with smiles on their faces singing along as she played "We Three Kings."

The week couldn't get any better.

Yesterday Lexie called me from school during advisory class to inform me about an email that her music teacher received. I am not one to check my email right away because mornings are pretty busy for me with the kids, but she told me to respond to the email right away because apparently the auditions chairman for the All South Jersey Jr. Orchestra opened up a chair for her!
She had auditioned for the All South Jersey Jr. Orchestra earlier in the month, but didn't make the cut. Due to a shortage of viola players they added a third section of violin players, and chose the next seven from the original cut-off list.

Lexie was on that list of seven violinists.

We are the happiest parents on earth, and look forward in seeing Lexie performing on stage in an orchestra next year. This will be a great experience for her, and a dream come true!

We are so pleased with our daughters accomplishments, and throughout their young lives as they continue to work hard in their efforts with their music. They don't take it lightly, and really strive hard to do their best.
Jorgensen girls, piano recital, circa-2011
We have no part in it except to encourage them with words of wisdom which is to work hard, follow your dreams, and never give up.
The best Christmas gift they can give me this year, and every year of my life is the gift of music. Hearing the sounds of them playing the piano & violin is all I need to live a life of fulfillment.

They have all improved so much throughout the years, and if you don't mind clicking on a few links to hear our daughters musical talent you can see them herehere, here & here, or feel free to go to my YouTube channel on the side bar of this blog to watch more random videos of Sierra singing while playing the piano.

Yes...I like to brag about our girls, and since they don't brag about themselves...I do it for them (wink!)

Always remember Sandy Hook

The shooting in Connecticut has got to be the most horrifying news ever since the terrorists attacks on September 11, 2001. It has stirred so much controversy against gun control, and I personally will not get into that subject.

The purpose of this post is to give parents hope that we may start our morning with a prayer of faith that our children will be safe, and a prayer for the families who lost loved ones on that day at such a young age.

Six is young. 27 is young... even 47 is young.

I cannot even begin to understand why someone would go off on a rampage and take innocent lives.

News like this really hit close to home because of family that lives in Connecticut. Luckily my brother in law lives an hour and a half away from Newtown, but the fact that they live in CT with children elementary age really hit close to my heart. I gave them a call to let them know how much I love them, and our nieces.

Our oldest daughters heard of the incident through social media at school so they were well aware of what happened when they arrived home. As for my seven year old she had no clue.

She did however, seem a little curious as to what all the excitement was about, and why her sisters and I were so upset. I explained to her what happened. I don't sugarcoat anything with our children when it comes to serious events that are occurring in the world. It's tragedies like this which involve school shootings where we need to explain to them the best way we can as to why tragedies like this happen.

To be honest, I don't think she could comprehend what happened to these children. When I said to her that a sick man broke into the school, and began shooting teachers, and small children her age with a gun...her eyes grew big! Her facial expression was so innocent, and it got me thinking.

Like her facial expression...I believe that all of these children had no idea as to what was happening. Death was swift for them, and I feel that with with the innocence these six year old children had died with angels surrounding them.

That is a comfort, and knowing that there is a plan of happiness for families to be together forever is a huge blessing!

I can never fathom a tragedy happening like that in our borough in Jersey, but I will say this. I want to be prepared. Prepared to have a plan in case this tragedy happens again. Prepare ourselves with a Christ loving heart, and to never take our children, or anyone for granted.
My heart continues to ache for the families of the little ones as well as the brave adults whose lives were taken so suddenly on that day, and I extend my sincere condolences to them.

I pray that they will find the strength to know that there precious ones are with their Father in Heaven, and that the most precious gift that they will receive this Christmas is being with the Savior.

May we always remember this day, and move forward with faith in preparing ways where we can better protect our children. That's all we can do....pray.

We know how are day will begin, but we will never know how our day is going to end.
Found this sweet pic here & wanted to share. Since we also have an elf on the shelf there were no shenanigans in our home. 

Keep praying, and move forward with remembrance.

a perfect match.

"Find one thing every day that your husband
 does nice/well for you
 or for your children,
 and then compliment him on it...
with Sincerity."

I am totally guilty of this sometimes. Not all the time... just sometimes, and I want you to know how much I appreciate you! You are such a hard worker, and with the kind of year we've had I don't think I've said it enough. We are blessed beyond measure and no matter what obstacles come our way we confront them with all the strength that we can muster, and resolve them the best way we know how.

I love the relationships you have with the girls, and how they can talk to you for hours...especially Lexie! I have to admit I get a tad bit jealous of that because I never had that with any of my fathers.

Thank you for being a great father to Noah, and for being the girls knight in shining armor when times get tough for them, and for me as well. You have saved me from the stresses of the world, and although you tell me you learn a lot from me... I have learned a lot from you.

 Okay...we both learn a lot from each other. That's what makes us a perfect match.

And that's why we got married! Okay...a sweet baby named Sierra was a bonus!

Now we have four precious children.

And they are ours.

I love you always and forever!

"Grow old with me...the best is yet to be." 

Happy Anniversary my love!

The Santa Express

Last night we rode the Santa Express on a historic train for one hour with Mr. and Mrs. Claus, and numerous families with children. This was our first time experiencing this event, and for riding coach it wasn't too bad.

We stood in 35 degree temperatures while the kids anxiously awaited for the train to arrive. Luckily they were bundled up, and as soon as they heard the train whistle their eyes lit up.

Aboard the train was Santa Claus.
We dressed up the kids in their pajamas and they brought along their favorite stuffed animals. Chelsea with her ugly doll, and Noah with his sock money.
She hung on to all of our tickets and waited for the conductor to punch them. (I think she was expecting Tom Hanks.)
Santa, and Mrs. Claus had a little one on one with the kids, and Chelsea was a little too calm for this experience. Maybe it's because she has seen too many Santas in her life, and is noticing that they all look different! Nonetheless she touched Santa to see if he was real, and wanted to take a picture with him. She then told him what gifts she would like.
Noah on the other hand didn't seem to care about telling Santa what gifts he wanted. He was just thrilled to be riding on a was my better half (just take a look on his face!)
Songs from this movie were playing, and as soon as the song "Hot chocolate" came on Noah stood up, looked over at the end of the entrance expecting to see waiters come out with hot chocolate! He looked a little disappointed, but luckily his resilience is incredible, and as he grows up I will explain to him that "The Polar Express" is just an animated film...not real!
The train ride went by too fast, and the kids fell asleep on the way home. This was Christmas fun for the little kids to all enjoy, and if you have small children particularly a little boy who has a train obsession that says "choo choo" everytime you pass by a train station....this is another place to take him.
Even on a school night.

12/12/12...a once in a lifetime event

When this great movie hit theaters three years ago Sierra said, "No...the world cannot end in 2012 because I am graduating in the year 2013!" I retorted saying, "Sierra, the world is not going to end. Believe me, because I thought it was going to end in 1999!"

I was ten years old when this popular track  hit the billboards in 1982, and always wondered if the world would end in 1999. Maybe that is why I literally partied like it was 1999 throughout my youth thinking that I was going to die. Little did I know that I would have my second child Alexandra in the year 2000, and what a beautiful gift she was for that year!

I don't think I'll believe any movie, or song of the world coming to end like I did when I was little.

Now it is December 12, 2012 and I am much happier now than I was in my teenage years. I am alive, healthy, and happily married with four children who are great kids.

It has been a good day thus far, and no matter what... we should still live for today doing good things as if it were our last. So if you are visiting a friend, getting married, celebrating a birthday, anniversary, or any special occasion make it a memorable one.
The year is almost to a close and I hope that we will all celebrate this unique day in a meaningful way for we will never have the same triple digits like this ever least until Janurary 1, 2101.

Miss Congeniality with the sunniest smile.

As I attended the Who Who's nominee event for the class of 2013 last night I couldn't help but to observe all the students, and to see in all of them something good. It was interesting to see all the drama members sitting in one section of the auditorium, and the jocks in another yet you could still hear them talking amongst each other. It's nice to see that all these seniors get along, and enjoyed themselves on this night.
I really enjoyed the host, Mr. Winfield who was Sierra's History teacher last year. He is quite the comedian, and made everyone laugh with the remarks he was making as he was announcing the nominees as well as the winners. I wish I had a teacher like him while I was in High School. Maybe I would have paid more attention in History class!

Out of a class of at least 320 seniors Jordan and Sierra are the only ones who are LDS, and yet they are friends with the entire class. It doesn't matter what religious background anyone is they are both friends with everyone.

I also think it's great that these two strive to live their standards in a world where other students may not agree with their beliefs.
Jordan with his cute girl Meredith, and Sierra
For four years Sierra has been attending Highland, and for her to be nominated for two different categories in her Senior year really tells you something about her. For some of the students at Highland who are "veterans" (meaning that they were born and raised here) accept her for who she is. To me that doesn't make her an outsider, but somewhat a "Jersey girl." She may not have been born here, but in the past five years she has made friends left and right, and continues to do so.
Sierra with T.J. who won for most school spirit. 
Even though she left without "a trophy" she definitely has the sunniest smile, and her congenial nature makes everyone want to be her pal.

She is Miss Congeniality in our eyes, and she doesn't need a trophy to tell her that she is.

I love Hunter...the boot, not the boy.

Christmas came early for Chelsea this year when she came home to see a package on the table with a box that read "Hunter" on it. She immediately jumped for joy, took them out of the box, and I swear she wants to wear her Hunter boots every day!

I've always wanted to get a pair for each of our girls, but lets get real. We don't want to buy a pair of expensive shoes for the younger children especially since they'll outgrow them in six months! Still...I couldn't help it, and I have to give credit in being a part of The Mission List. I thank them for paying me $$$$ for writing this blog post about my thoughts on reading this book as well as chatting for an hour online discussing topics on underage drinking. Without their compensations I wouldn't have been able to buy our girls multiple pairs of TOMS and Hunter boots ( I did buy myself a pair too!)

The weather has been wet for the past few days, and these boots couldn't have arrived at a better time. She outgrew the rain boots I bought for her last year, and they were not as good quality as these. They are perfect, and she loves them. I wish she had these last year when she decided to go out and dance in the rain.

Since we woke up to rain yesterday she decided to wear them to church. As we were on our way home from church I asked the girls how their classes went. When it was Chelsea's turn she told me about this sweet boy in her primary class who asked her a bold, but sweet question, "Do you... like me?"

She wondered why he would ask her such a question, and as she saw him staring at her boots it was then when she realized that he must of thought she engraved his name "Hunter" on her boot. We all laughed and I asked her what her response was to his question, and she said that she told him, "Nooooo, you're my friend", and proceeded to explain to him that the reason she had the name Hunter on her boots was because it is the brand name of the boot...not the boy she likes. Too cute!
She is too young for boys, but old enough to wear Hunter boots. They are so worth the dollar amount, and I hope to get considered for more campaigns from the Mission list because these girls would love to have a pair in just about every color!