Happy 6th Birthday Blog! Let's Celebrate With A GiveAway! (Closed)

This month marks six years since my first blog post. It might seem silly to celebrate a blog's birthday, but the fact that I've been writing all about my life for the past six years is mind-boggling to me only because I didn't think that I was going to start a blog. I've always been into scrapbooking my kids lives, but as I said in this video that i made last year the age of digital media has truly taken over my scrapbooking days, and is in full force.

A Good Reminder When It Comes To The Temple.

After experiencing such hardship in her life one of my oldest daughters dear friends who helped her look at the temple in a different perspective said to her...


We've been singing Hamilton all year long, and the other day when I started singing, "My Shot" Noah says, "oh my gosh! I'm so done with that song!"

Jazz Java Jam!

This past Friday Lexie's high school band had an event called "Java Jam" This was  Lexie's first performance playing the piano with her new jazz band. Although she misses the jazz band at her old high school she really has adjusted to this great group of kids, and her teacher. Every jazz band plays differently, and every teacher has their own style, and I have to say that I was impressed with this particular jazz band. They all sounded amazing, and everyone did a great job playing their part with great sound. Lexie is also part of the all girls A Capella group, and they all sung great! I didn't get to record any of their singing, but I did record one of my favorite jazz pieces which is Duke Ellington's "Caravan" in which the band played. Caravan has become a favorite of mine, and I blame it on the movie Whiplash. I absolutely loved that movie, but not the barbaric actions on how the teacher in the film teaches his students. I love the drum solo in Caravan, and the adrenaline rush it gives when played, and the drummer in this jazz band nailed it. I'm only grateful that Lexie's new jazz band teacher doesn't curse, or treats his students as J.K. Simmons did in the movie, and motivates them without having to throw any furniture, or cymbals at them! 
Had so much fun listening to them play, and watching them all get down as they were playing. You can view more on my you tube channel if you'd like! It truly was a great evening with relaxing sounds of jazz, and voices that sounded like gold! Good job kids! 

Celebrating 12 & 17 With A Video!

Time flies when it comes to birthdays especially when I have two kids with the same birthday in different years. I will always remember Lexie being by my side when I had my baby shower for Chelsea. She was sitting right beside me helping me gather the gifts so I can open them, and throwing away any unwanted tissue and wrapping paper afterwards.

A Birthday Celebration In Brooklyn.

Since the girls birthdays fell on a Sunday this year we decided to celebrate them on Saturday. I had asked the girls on new years what they would like to do for their birthdays, and Chelsea said ice skating. Lexie, being the humble, and money saving girl that she is said it didn't matter. I then said to her, "there must be something you'd like to do, or want."

Holly Trees & A Few Pics of Our Winter So Far.

Since it snowed quite a bit last week I wanted to capture some moments of the kids in our new place. This is our first winter in this area, and so far this week has been mild with a high of 65! I am lucky to have captured some shots even though it was bitter cold! I love the holly trees that are built along the property of our house.

Chelsea's Winter Choir Concert.

Well, it looks like Chelsea is following in her sisters' footsteps with everything musical including choir. Her 6th grade winter choir concert was this past Tuesday, and I have to say that these kids rocked the house! I was extremely impressed with these particular group of kids, because at a young age they have a voice! 

Farewell To Elder Johnson.

First and foremost I'd like to say that all missionaries from our church serving all over the world are amazing, and that i've met some who are super awesome. It's very rare that I write about a missionary who served in our church, (unless your my husband, Sisters Barton, Ricks, Moeia, Nichols, Jensen, LeFevre, Nutting, and my fave...Stacie, but I'd be remiss if i didn't add Elder Johnson to my list.

Snow Day On A Saturday!

Everyone woke up earlier than usual this past saturday. We had music lessons, and planned on visiting a friend in south jersey afterwards. But all that changed as soon as it starred to snow. Lessons got canceled, we didn't get to visit our friend, and Jon got called off of work. You can imagine the kids faces when he called to let us know that he wasn't driving, and by the sound of his voice...he was relieved. It's not a perk for being a UPS city driver driving in the snow!

On The First Week of January...

We made it to the temple! Yay! 

So far this new year has been off to a great start. With Jon's busy work schedule we finally made it to the temple! The holiday season always gets super uber busy for Jon that it literally gets impossible for him to make time for the temple! I feel so bad that he hadn't gone because I know how much it means to him, and although he's happy that i attend on my own, he wishes he could come with, and every time I go without him I always think of him, and those I love.

A New Year, The Same Me, But Better.

Resolutions in my opinion are overrated and so instead of writing down the things I'd like to change I've decided to go on living each day as I've been, but better. Pressing forward through all the challenges that face us. 2016 was no different from any other year I've had, but one thing I do have to say is that when it comes to relocating to a new area a lot can change. 

City Center D.C. & Arlington Cemetery in December.

Spending our last day of the new year in D.C. was the absolute best! It didn't matter that we rang in the new year in our car on our way home from D.C. listening to U2's new years day on the radio. Having good conversation with Lexie made it a pretty fun drive being that it was midnight! Teens have a lot to say when they're wired, and it was pretty sweet! 

Washington D.C. Temple Lights on New Year's Eve.

In our family, traditions are a wonderful thing, and we have a few during the Christmas season that we like to do. Normally we see the temple lights in D.C. before Christmas, but because of various new traditions that we started didn't get around to it until New Year's Eve. What better way to end the year though, by going to the temple to reflect on what's really important in hopes that we will carry it into the new year. 

A Recap of 2016!

Since Sierra arrived on the 21st there was no time to take pictures, and send them out in time for Christmas. So our Christmas cards turned into new years cards. However, I did send a card out to a few folk with a photo of all of us from 2015, and because we still look the same and haven't changed too much felt it wouldn't hurt to use. Luckily, my good friend Maggie came to our rescue and captured some pretty nice shots of my crew on Christmas day, and i think they turned out pretty good being that they were taken with an iPhone!