Beach Day In Staten Island.

This past weekend, like presidents day weekend was too beautiful, and way too warm to stay indoors so at the last minute we decided to go for a drive to Staten Island Beach, and even when the temps dropped to 55 degrees after 4pm we still managed to have fun without some of the sun. There were no fancy pictures of food, or the city, or the kids splashing in the water (too cold) only a few moments captured with my smart phone of randomness. I don't know what it is with men, and no jackets.

From Sight Words To Story Books.

When we first moved here, and heard that the schools in our area were a "no child left behind" school, and that the curriculum was somewhat rigorous I have to admit I was a bit nervous for the girls. Well, truth is I wasn't having an issue with the girls academic potential. It was Noah's. 

George Washington's Mount Vernon On President's Day.

There are pros and cons to going to Mount Vernon which is the most popular historic home in America on President's day. Pro...admission is free. Con...everyone, and I mean the entire D.C. area including people from out of the country come!! It is always crowded, parking is always hard to find (unless you get there at 7 in the morning), and don't even get me started with the traffic!

The Taylor Swift Experience!

When Chelsea was three years old I remember writing this status on my Facebook, "dancing with my baby girl to Love Story."  I love that song, and every time it tuned in on the radio I'd turn up the volume. Even though we haven't been to any of her concerts yet, we are still a fan, and we absolutely love Taylor. Reading the history about how she came to Nashville to audition, and how she got signed on at such a young age is remarkable.

I Love........

I love Valentine's day. It's a pretty big deal to me because it is all about LOVE. I mean...everyday should be all about love, but on this particular day is when I tend to express it the most. It is the day I get to express my love for my friends, my kids, and my husband. It's the next best thing to our anniversary. I love to write letters.

100th Day Of School On Valentine's Day.

For the past couple of weeks I had been wondering how Noah can decorate his t-shirt for the 1ooth day of school. Well, instead of telling him how to decorate it I asked him what he'd like on his shirt. I am really glad that I have come to let my kids be independent in making their own decisions. This is obviously an easy one because it's about a t-shirt, and not about something serious! I remember when Chelsea was in first grade, and decorated her t-shirt with heart stickers. Sure it was my idea, but she really liked it.

An Evening With Stephanie Nielsen.

Last night the girls and I had the opportunity to hear New York Times best selling author, and global blogger Stephanie Nielsen at the chapel in Manhattan. I  have been following Stephanie Nielsen's blog since I started blogging back in 2011. I never knew about her tragedy until then which is shocking because having lived in Utah for so long you'd think I'd hear the news, but I was living in North Carolina at that time, and had no idea. Her story has inspired so many people worldwide, and I am one of them.

Our Snow Day Went Like This...

The day started out at 6am this morning when I woke up to take Jon to work. There was sleet, and light snow. The forecast yesterday called for so many inches of snow, and it is now after 6pm, and it's all slushy now, and pretty much melting. The weather yesterday was a wonderful 60 degrees, and today it dropped all the way down to about 25! Brrr.

New Britain Museum of American Art.

Attending the temple is one of my favorite things to do with my husband, but when we go as a family it is super special. Especially now that all my girls are of age to enter in. This past weekend we decided to take a day trip to Hartford. Lexie mentioned to us the other day how she has been going through withdrawal from the temple, and how she was in need of going.

Happy Birthday Momma!

One thing I have to say about my momma is that she has always enjoyed taking pictures. I think that's where I inherited the both photo, and writing bug from. All her life she has always documented her life. Whether it's through a letter, an old school notepad, or a photo album, she has always been diligent in doing that. Even with an old school cameras. (Thank you Kodak!)

Chelsea's First Temple Trip!

When Chelsea got her temple recommend from the bishop on the night of New Beginnings she was quiet, but super excited. She contained her composure pretty well, and as soon as we got home she asked if we had any kind of cover to put it in, and luckily Lexie had an extra one that was given to her years ago which she was saving, and gave it up to Chelsea. And she is proud of it!