happy halloween.

 ^^ the nerd ^^
^^ princess leia ^^
^^ luke skywalker ^^
I am grateful that all trick or treaters will be able to go trick or treating on the day of Halloween this year. It's hard to believe that a year has gone by since Hurricane Sandy struck. Going to the mall last year for Halloween treats was not our favorite, and although we were grateful that they did this for the kids it wasn't the same. Thankfully Governor Christie agreed to not "cancel" trick or treating and that he postponed it until November. Trick or treating in November last year felt odd, but I'm grateful that the community gave of their time because it made all the kids happy. 

It looks like it's going to be a perfect day to go trick or treating tonight with temps in the 60's. I remember the weather being colder in past years, and was grateful that my mother in law bought Noah a cute dinosaur costume which kept him warm. At any rate it looks like these kids are all ready to get some  treats. 

This year will be the first time trick or treating without Sierra & I'm glad she was here this past weekend to see her sibs in their costumes. 
If you follow me on instagram there's this fun video of Sierra and Noah fighting with light sabers (trust's worth the 16 seconds!) She had so much fun with him when she was here. I also hope Noah will be in the mood to go trick or treating tonight because he was being anti-social at our yearly church trunk or treat this past week. He stayed in the van with me while I was passing out candy. He didn't even seem to care that he wasn't getting any. I think he feels he can sneak some from his sisters because the next morning he managed to sneak a three musketeers, some whoppers, and a starburst for breakfast! Crazy boy...hopefully he'll be in better spirits tonight with the neighbors, and get some candy of his own! Luckily his sisters didn't mind. Could be because of his fighting efforts with his light saber.
Hope all your kids, grandkids, godkids, nieces & nephews have a happy and safe halloween evening! Can't believe this month is almost over! 

**For past halloweens you can go here.


pumpkin painting & piano playing.

Over the weekend we all had a pumpkin painting party, and as you watch this vine you can hear Sierra playing the piano in the background. 
We normally carve pumpkins, but this year the kids all voted on painting small pumpkins. It gave Noah the opportunity to use the paintbrushes that he has been hoarding the week before. It's amazing how all these kids have a unique eye, and an artist hidden inside them. They all painted their pumpkins differently, and with a little help from papa I think Noah's pumpkin turned out pretty awesome!

^^ you can see the look of concentration on Lexie's face as she's pursing her lips ^^

While all this was happening Sierra was playing music for us. I can tell she goes through a little bit of withdrawal playing duets, and singing with her sister. Sure they have a piano room at the university she attends, and takes piano lessons once a week, but her heart never left the first piano she first set her fingers on. She was playing the piano all....weekend....long....and we were okay with that! Never ever do I want to take her talent for granted because I have a feeling that she might be transferring to a university out west next year!!

Weekends when Sierra is home is so nice, and I love it when the house is filled with laughter, fun conversations, and the teasing that goes back and forth among the girls. With the holidays coming up those times are the ones I treasure the most. 

So having this girl home every weekend is fine with me. I don't mind paying that five dollar toll to cross the Walt Whitman bridge to pick up my girl, and have her here for the rest of the weekends remaining in 2013. 
Right now we are taking advantage of her time whenever she lets us!

So here's to another halloween fall tradition that we did, and many more to come. 

Halloween isn't over yet!! 

a little bit of our halloween so far this week.

With all the moving around we have done in the past 20 years of my life I have always managed to make great friends...the best. There are the ones that will be there for you when you need a favor, the ones that will immediately text you back the minute you press "send", the ones that will answer their door, invite you in unexpectedly thinking you're only going to say hi, but end up visiting for hours, and the one who was your child's kindergarten teacher three years ago who has now become a part of your family.

That's Maryann.

We love this woman so dang much. She is a gem in every aspect of the world! She seriously is like an aunt to all of my kids. Not only does she spoil them with hugs, and gifts...she is there for me when I need someone to talk to. She truly is like a sister to me, and if I had the room would have her move in with us in a heartbeat. 

She has too much fun with Chelsea. She constantly takes her out to the movie theater, shows, and eats at her favorite restaurant Friendly's afterwards. I swear I think Chelsea has seen more movies than anyone in our entire family! She'll even come over on a random evening bearing gifts for Chelsea & Noah.
Last week she bought Chelsea this cute little hat. It is the cutest thing in the world. When you squeeze the pink pompoms on each side the ears on top pop up! Made everyone laugh.

Last night we had our family home evening, & it went a little bit like this...

We had Maryann over for dinner, and Jon made us some yummy chicken caesar salad (sorry no pictures.) We then gathered around and made caramel popcorn balls, and was amazed at this awesome stainless steel top popper that we used to pop the kernels.
We make these every year, and it is always nice to have had Maryanne over to experience one of our family fall traditions. We made two for us, and one for our trunk or treat which is being held at our church tonight.

We also had someone "boo" us while we were making them. It had been two years since our last "boo" and we are always happy to pass it on!

It is so much fun having Maryann around, and I'm so grateful to have her in my life, and in the lives of our children. Living aways from immediate family is hard sometimes...especially when both grandmothers are literally across the country.

So...this is just a little bit of our pre-Halloween fun that we are having so far this week.

**Hope it is the same for you wherever you are!

finding peace & trying to live life better.

This past weekend consisted of hearing children sing, and reciting scriptures for a full hour, ways to find joy in attending the temple as well as learning ways we can pass on the love of The Lord, and our ancestors to our posterity. Suggestions on how we can make our home a heaven on earth without being bombarded with the "things" of the world, and how to overall just have peace in finding ways to regroup.

Although I'm beginning to feel that "good things come to those who hustle" sometimes slowing down is the best medicine. 

There are good days and not so good days. Luckily in the Jorgensen household we have more good days. I enjoy my days as someone who doesn't have much of a "paying job". I absolutely love being a stay at home mom, but to be honest my life (or I should say days) have been a bit rough for me lately. Noah hasn't been wanting to go to primary class, I'm still adjusting to Jon's new job, my calling, and having these two teasing each other every single day gets old. 

Why can't we all just get along!!

It's too much happening all at once, but I know that I can handle it. These two kids give the perfect definition of having a love/hate relationship. I am praying my heart out that it'll pass, and that when they are five, and ten years of age their relationship will blossom like their older sisters, & I will not give up on them!

Since Lexie has been staying after school for various activities it has given me the opportunity to have these two have some "outdoor time" together again.

This is my favorite time of year to spend outside, and take in every moment to see how beautiful life is. To really appreciate all that i have been given even when it's not enough. To always be grateful for opportunities when we can sit still, and not feel rushed to do the things that we feel have to get done. 

Because if you look at the big picture...the stress that we felt after packing so much in on a weekly basis is not a good feeling. 

My anecdote when I feel I have survived overtime hours of motherhood is seeing these two get along, because they usually don' least in our home. Every day they wake up teasing each other, and when she comes home from school it continues. 


My struggle right now has been yelling, and I tend to yell really loud. Believe don't want to hear me yell because us mexicans can yell really loud!

There are days when these two are literally pulling hair, and kicking each other (at least Noah does.) Although Chelsea has control on not to fight back, she'll still add in a little kick, and a side of an "I'm going to get you" look. I know...shocking huh. She's a sweet kid, but when it comes to her baby brother she has learned to defend herself. He's an almost four year old with a good amount of strength, and one who will certainly let you know to back off if you're bugging him. I know they are young, and again praying that it's a phase, and that this too shall pass. 

As I was hearing the words of the teacher this past Sunday about finding "peace at home" it clicked. I mean really clicked. I am seriously going to strive and thrive on finding that "unique" peace. I want to find that "unique" peace that I once had before all my kids got old! I want to find that "unique" peace where yelling was not a part of my life. I want my life to be filled with the spirit, and for my home to be a heaven on earth filled with peace, pure happiness, and love.

I know that it's up to me to me as a mother, and my responsibility to rear our children (especially these two) into being the best they can be. I am the only mother they have. They truly are good kids, and i love them both so very much! 

So here's to a life where from here on out my goal is to not yell when these two get out of hand, find peace within these two monkeys, and to simply live a happy and normal life. 

**Prayers are welcomed, and a Happy Monday to you!

the best of friends in sisterhood.

Having Sierra in college has its pros and cons. Pros because her siblings get to take over her room, and cons because, well...we miss her.

A few days after Sierra went off to college Chelsea wanted to sleep on her bed, and we said that was fine. Now...she and Noah have completely taken over her room. Meaning when Sierra comes home on some weekends she goes upstairs and rooms with Lexie. Which is fine for Sierra because they are the best of friends, and as close as any sisters can get.
^^ Lexie 5 months & Sierra (5 years), circa-2005 ^^

Ever since Lexie was born Sierra has always been by her side tending to her, playing with her, and keeping her company on the days I was a young tired mom. They never once bickered, fought, and I hardly ever yelled. I look back on those days and realized how wonderful I had it. Two sweet girls five years apart and they immediately hit it off like two peas in a pod. Sometimes I feel as if I took their good behavior for granted because of the way my childhood was. I sister and I got along when we were young kids, but there were days where I felt "left out", or "unloved". There was a lot of fighting, pulling of the hair, and yelling. I guess you can say I couldn't believe how having these two sweet girls was too good to be true. Having two girls who never fought. Till this day they are the best of friends. The best. Sure they'll tease each other, and have the tiniest of the most tiny disagreements, but they have never once uttered any hurtful words to each other, talked ill of one another, or ignored each other. 

I know we shouldn't compare lives with other mothers, or families but I'm going to compare my mother's in the way she raised me, to the way I'm raising my kids now. 

Even though we lived in a small house in Texas which literally had three rooms, a porch, a bathroom (shower was outside) my upbringing was so an unhappy kind of way. You'd think that with my sister and I sharing a bed for almost 18 years that we'd be close, but we weren't. I know it was because of how we were raised, and the example our mother set for us while we were young. 

Kids see everything, and hear everything. I saw everything, and heard everything. I look back and saw how resilient I was in all the things I endured as a kid, and I'm so grateful for it. Still...memories can come back and haunt you, and try to ruin your soul, and that's when I knew that I wanted different for my life, and the type of future that I wanted to embark on. 

The key to changing my life, and the ways I was brought up clicked inside my brain and knew that i wanted different for my future. I wanted happiness. I wanted to take God more seriously. I wanted to have a boyfriend who respected me, and didn't see me as an "easy girl". That wasn't my scene anymore, and i give thanks each day that I found that change. My conversion with The Lord was the key to my happiness, and that is something that I have passed on to my kids. 

My mother did the best that she could in raising me, and my sister. I thank the good Lord that we survived every trial as a youth, and that we didn't hold that against our mother, and that we are not estranged. I love her, and there is nothing in the world that I would do for the both of them. Too bad they live 1760 miles away!

Changing the ways I was brought up, and to not repeat those same mistakes my mother did makes me extremely grateful. Grateful to have The Lord as a firm foundation in the home, to never take Him or His word for granted, and that I am there for my kids no matter what. 

No matter what. 

Because of that I know that is why our girls, and the rest of our kids are all unified as one, take their baptismal covenants seriously, have never once compromised their values for any occasion, or for any young man, and that we are all bonded as a family. 

And why these two have the best, truest friendship in sisterhood anyone could ever have. Sometimes I'm envious with pleasure that they have that. Had to add the pleasure part because envy is not good! 


^^ Sierra (18) & Lexie (13)- summer in rhode island 2013 ^^
If you want to know two wonderful girls with a heart so big, and full of love with a forgiving heart as big as the sun...these are the girls you'd want to hang around with, and call "a truly good friend."

**Warning...they are half Mexican, so their crossness comes out every now and then. It takes a lot for them to feel that, but just beware. I've witnessed it in a cute, and funny way! one is perfect! 

smile & never give up.

As I was meandering the Deseret Industries thrift store back in Sugarhouse in 2005 where I used to live in Utah I noticed this young girl staring at me who was an employee. At first I wondered if the stares were due to having three young girls wondering around aimlessly playing in the rounders pulling off tags, and touching stuff they weren't supposed to. I's the D.I. What could they possibly break? 

Nothing because we were on the first floor which was full of clothing, and my girls were usually pretty well behaved every time we entered. I went about my business, purchased my eye candy, and went on my merry way. 

About a week later I returned back to the store (yes...I was a D.I. addict) to do some more shopping because this location was the bomb for finding awesome treasures, and I saw that same girl again. 

She kept staring at us...again. This time I walked towards her to the rounder she was color coordinating. I began rummaging through the clothes, made eye contact, had the courage to smile, and said hello. It was reciprocal, and we began chatting. I had the girls with me again, and this time she complimented them on how beautiful they were. She later then told me that's why she kept looking at us :-) I thanked her, and because she had an accent I asked her where she was from. I always ask people I meet with accents where they're from. It's so interesting to know that information! 

Honduras she said.

Have you ever met someone where you instantly click, and feel as if you've known each other forever? Well, that's what it was like for me with her. 

We began talking for what seemed hours, and then it was time to close the store. We exchanged our personal information and that was the beginning of our friendship. 

The special part about this story is the fact that I had introduced her to the LDS missionaries, and gave her a Book of Mormon before moving to the east. That was eight years ago! Till this day she has told me she has never forgotten the time I shared something so special with her. She was even honest about how the timing was bad in sharing the gospel with her, and how that time of her life was "young", challenging, and she was not ready. She was 18, and had been living in the states for less than a year! I found her to be very mature for her age, and felt prompted to share my faith with her, and tell her how much it has blessed my life. 

While she thought that was a wonderful choice I made in my life she never converted while I was living in Utah, and that was okay. I respected her choice, and our friendship continued. 

It still does. 

Seven years have passed since I'd seen her, and I was so excited when she came to visit me last month for my birthday. We shared so much with each other, and I was impressed on how much she has grown up. She is now a mother with a beautiful daughter, and her spirituality is so strong. She finally committed to baptism, and hopefully she will decide on a date sometime in the near future.  

Sharing the gospel with her was easy, and I'm so glad I never gave up on her spiritually. We have been friends for over seven years, and I have to thank Facebook, because for a while we lost contact. Like I've mentioned before...I love to hand write letters, but because we moved three times in the past seven years mail can get lost, and not forwarded, hence losing in touch. And then facebook kicked off! 
Having her visiting me recently was so much fun that I neglected to blog about the time we took her to the D.C. temple. 

It was a Monday morning, and even though the temple was closed we still wanted to take pictures of the temple. The visitors center was open, and I am so thankful that Noah needed to go potty because in all honesty... I had no idea that the visitors center was open on Mondays. No idea! Did you know, because I didn't. 

We met with two lovely sister missionaries and stayed there for a few hours talking to them. We had such a wonderful time visiting and as much as we didn't want to leave (neither did our kids) we had to go. We were hungry, and wanted to see some of the sights which we did. 

I will never forget this day. We both met two new friends, and as we were leaving the temple Ceyda said to me, "I cannot wait to go back to church, and finally be baptized."
I count my blessings for the strength I had in being fearless to introduce myself to this young girl while shopping at a thrift store in Utah not only to befriend her, but to share the gospel with her.  
She will always remember that day as will I, and thanks me for never giving up on her. 

It makes me feel good to know that I did something right because of how her life is today. She truly is one of my dearest friends. Sharing the gospel is something that is so important in my life, and whether or not someone denies it, is not ready for it, or doesn't believe in it doesn't mean that I will stop fellowshipping them, or loving them. 

So for those of you whom I have shared this wonderful book with, and doesn't accept it in this lifetime, or believes it... know that I will always love you (and will never give up on you!)

Ceyda and I's friendship continues to grow long distance, and always will.
^^Noah pointing at the angel moroni to Celeste^^
And so will our children's. 

primary blues.

So for the past two Sundays Noah has not been wanting to attend his primary class at church, and it's beginning to get a tad bit frustrating. I have no idea what has caused him to not want to attend after being in this class for ten months, but hopefully we will find a solution, and figure out as to why he's not wanting to attend. 

Quite shocking because Noah loves primary! He loves his teacher, and all the little girls in that class. We can be out of town in a different state, same church with different people, and Noah will have no problem going to that primary class. At first I thought it was the fact that we had general conference earlier this month, or the fact that he was going through withdrawal with Celeste being gone. He's perfectly fine when he's at home. You know.. with saying prayers, and participating in family home evening. Scripture study can be a bit of a struggle, but that's to be expected from a toddler, and sometimes he won't sit still. He's turning four next month, and I personally feel that it might be that he's just growing up. 

His sisters never really went through phases like this of not wanting to go to their little class. Sure once they entered nursery for the first time, or a sunbeam class (which Noah is in now, and he's not even four yet) can be overwhelming, and scary. But overall they all did well going to class, and we didn't have to deal with anything like this.

What is it with boys? Or is it just my kid.

I remember in other wards I've lived in, (and I've lived in a lot of them folks) nursery age was up until the age of three. Once they turn four is when they enter the sunbeam class. I don't know. I'm not complaining (okay maybe I am just a little...too late) it's just that Noah was barely three years of age when he entered the sunbeam class. Well..he's turning four next month so there is no turning back, or no use whining about it because that gets us nowhere! All we can do is try to find a way where he will go to class without causing a distraction, and continue to love this kid when he doesn't. 

Jon was such a good sport this past Sunday, and ended up taking him to the class he was teaching. Even then Noah wouldn't sit still, and wanted to "go to the car". I felt bad for Jon, and for the youth in his class who probably sensed the contention. I wish he would have grabbed me to take him since I wasn't teaching. He even took him to priesthood which didn't go very well. Apparently Noah thought it was play time, and decided to play behind the curtains (priesthood is on the stage in the gym in our ward.) I sensed Jon's frustration on our way home, and felt super sad for him!  

Noah is a darling little boy, and there are times when Chelsea will try to take him, but to no avail. I feel like a bad mom bribing him with treats during the week so that he'll go to class this Sunday. Not that I've bought him anything, but i gave in by giving him my iPhone to play games on, watching more than one movie, etc. I'm such a softee.  

I don't know if anyone has ever had this issue with a toddler about to turn four not wanting to go to class. We shall see how he reacts this Sunday. 

Jon and I both teach Sunday school, and this week it is my turn to teach Gospel Doctrine! Yes...I'm excited, but still nervous!

I don't want this small trial to run our lives every Sunday. I know that this too shall pass.

He did say he'll go to class though...after i gave him some technology time. Thank goodness for these little cards

We shall see.

Pray for him, and me... 
^^Noah and his sweet friend Celeste^^
That he'll have a smile of excitement on his face again when he's on his way to class! 

pumpkin picking at argo's farm.

One thing I absolutely love about living in South Jersey are all the pumpkin patches that surround us. There are tons of them within a 75 mile radius to choose from. Even though we have two pumpkin patches within 15 minutes from our house we like venturing out to a different one each year. Yes...we are spoiled living here!

This year we decided to check out Argo's farm, and so far this one is at the top of my list of favorites! It is try a family friendly farm it is worth the 75 minute drive. 

They had everything from a corn maze to pony rides, and the perfect pumpkin patch with tons of fun for the kids. 

The kids wanted to get the smaller pumpkins to paint and the bigger ones to carve!
^^love them gourds^^
I absolutely love this fall family tradition. As a youth I never, ever went to a pumpkin patch in my life until I moved to North Carolina. I know pretty shocking huh! Seriously...I never had this opportunity.  

Chelsea was Noah's age when we first experienced a pumpkin patch, and a corn maze. Hay rides came later when we moved to Jersey. 
^^I'll take these two please^^

It was so fun watching Noah pull the wagon throughout the patch trying to pick the ones he wanted. He was going to town when he started putting small gourds in it, and I had to take them out because the wagon was getting too full! 
He's so cute in this vine too!
This was the perfect weather to go pumpkin picking and it truly felt like fall. It wasn't that sunny, and it felt nice to have a chill in the air. 

I am so happy that I have made this a tradition for us to go pumpkin picking every year, and have fun as a family. 

I wish Sierra would have been with us this year. I remember how much fun she had last year when she helped Noah pick a perfect pumpkin. She'll definitely be spending the weekend of Noah's birthday with us next month. 
Hopefully y'all have this on your list of fall family traditions because it is indeed one of my faves! Especially when you have little ones. 

Looking back at this old post when Noah was little saddens me with joyful tears because it's proof that he's growing too quick! It makes me even more pleased and happier that I am building these traditions in hopes that they will do this with their future families. 
This day was perfection.

Have a great week now! 

blessings of a daughter.

Sometimes I wonder how life would be like if I didn't have another teenager left in the house to help me out both physically, and mentally. 

With Sierra off at college it has been a tremendous blessing to have Lexie by my side not only to help me clean the house, and watch the kids while i go out and run errands...but to talk to. 

She is there for us when me and her pa are in desperate need of a date night because seriously...don't we need those to keep our marriage strong, and young (wink, wink.) If you read this post you'll be happy for me that I have her.

Lexie is as awesome as they come. In many ways she is a lot like her sister, yet they are so different. They are five years apart, but if you talked to her you'd think you were talking to a 20 year old. She is older than her years, and very mature. There are days when I forget how old she is, and I will talk to her about something that is R-rated, but then I think about it and I'm like...she's mature enough to understand what I just said. 

And you know something else, she gives the greatest advice...just like Sierra used to (and still does.) 

There are reasons why many of her elementary teachers had her sit in front of the classroom right near their desk. Not because she was a troublemaker, but because Lexie was their "comforter", or "solace" what have you. There were so many kids in the class, paritcularly her fifth grade class that would misbehave with such disrespect, that all Ms. Bottcher had to do was take one look at Lexie, sigh and say, "I can do this because of this one child. I can still teach because of this one child. I will finish out the next year because of this one child." It sounded like her mantra for the year Lexie was there, and I couldn't help but to laugh a little when she told me this during a parent/teacher conference. 

I thanked her for looking at her with such praise, and for all the wonderful compliments she said about Lexie. I concluded to tell her that her sentiments for Lexie was the same way for me not only at my house, but in my life as well.  

When chaos erupts in the home between my two younger children, or in the world I not only look at Lexie, but all of my kids, and I am pretty relieved. Relieved at the fact that they don't carry many burdens in their life (yet), and that they are not bullies. They love, forgive, and befriend everyone they meet. I thank Heavenly Father for bringing them down to me, and for the strength that I have to continue to raise them with true principles. 

As a parent one can give up on their kid once they reach their teens, or head off to college. You'd think because of my past, and the things I endured as a kid that I'd be raising some messed up kids. 

Not me. 

I call Sierra at least four times a week and send her sweet texts on a daily basis. Not because I don't trust her, but because I love her. 

Everyday before Lexie and Chelsea leave for school I give them a kiss and a bear hug, and if I get a chance I'll sneak in a note inside their lunch bag. With the way the world is today we all need someone in our life to give us comfort, and our kids need to hear that in return. I believe that's what makes my kids develop such sweet, yet strong personalities. 

Sure I have my husband, God, my sister, mother, this little blog, and my journal to "vent" to, but sometimes you need your daughters. 

I need my daughters, & I have learned a lot from them!

And I'm so grateful that I have three of them. They are indeed the greatest friends anyone could ever have, and some of the greatest people on earth. I personally have never met any other kid that could possible carry my daughters attributes. I count my blessings that I have them life, and two of them who are mature enough to.

Lexie is my stress reliever, and my book critic when it comes to reading. If any of you want to know about young adult fiction this is the "go to girl." She can read any book for you within 24 hours and give you a thumbs up or down. She'll even give you the latest books that are coming out. 

I am so thankful for our children. They are all wonderful, and each carry their own uniqueness, & talents. They are just awesome! 

"Happy for those whose child brings so much joy, and energy into their life."
That's me.

Downton Abbey is my drama.

Being facebook friends with Downton Abbey has its pros and cons. Pros because you get to read what is new for Downton such as new actors, who's leaving the show, when it should be airing in the US, etc., and cons such as residents from the United Kingdom talking about episodes that haven't even aired yet in the U.S., hence spoiling it for those who haven't seen them. don't have to worry about that with me because I don't give out spoiler alerts!
So yesterday around noon I found a link to watch season four of Downton and I was excited!! I immediately logged onto the website, and tada...there were the first four episodes of Downton Abbey online begging to be clicked by my little finger! I was happy to have found it at the right time while the kids were at school (Lexie can watch them later.) All was quiet in the house except for Noah who could have easily watched them with me, but it's kind of hard to keep a toddler still on a chair while watching a show on a mac.

My solution...

Since Noah has been wanting Christmas for a week now I asked him what movie he wanted to watch and he said "Polar Express." I didn't care and so I put that sucker in. So while he watched his movie I tuned into my Downton Abbey episodes without any interruptions.

I love Downton. I will always remember the first time I saw the first episode in 2011, and how I had to brag about it on my little blog. There is something about these Edwardian shows that make you want to go back in time and live in it. It would be nice to live on a posh country estate in Europe having my own footmen, maids, and cooks to wait on me. I wouldn't need a nanny because I can nurture my kids on my own! 

If you're a Dickens, or Jane Austen fan, and haven't watched this series you need to get out and catch up. It is handsomely produced, and enjoyable to watch. It is riveting, and if you like hokey melodrama this is your show. It kind of reminds me of the series Upstairs Downstairs which aired in the 70's which i need to finish watching!!

All I will say is this. Lady Mary is slowly adjusting to Matthew's death, and is improving. The episodes so far are pretty good...except for the third one. Terribly sad. Anyway I look forward to watching the rest of season four before 2014! 
And then I will watch it again on PBS on January 5th, and eventually purchase Season four on DVD. 

I love me some Downton Abbey, and that is the drama in my life! 

library, park, and a waffle cone kind of day.

This morning I woke up, did my routine as every mom does...get the kids ready for school, making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches (because the food at the school is pretty gross), hurrying Chelsea because she is the last one to leave, and I swear she will sleep in until the last minute, and hustle to get ready. I am still in my pj's while doing this, and luckily the school bus moved closer to my house because on rushed days like this it's nice to stand outside your door to watch her as she runs lallygags down the bus stop with other neighbors kids...and i don't worry.

The weather lately has been too gorgeous to pass up by staying indoors to watch cartoons, do crafts, laundry, or other things us homemaking moms do because with this boy my motivation is in full swing, and time standing still for him is limited.

Today we went to the library, and actually sat  inside for once. We normally pace around, choose which books we want, check them out, and leave. I really, really like this idea because it alliviates the stress of paying any accumulating late fees. No matter how many times I'll tell Noah to put the library books away in a place where we can easily find them to return, we always seem to find them after the date is due! I think trips to the library and hanging out there to sit, and read his favorite books to him is more beneficial than taking them home. Well...sometimes. I mean we do have a stash of books of our own at home. I really think that I'm going to invest in buying the story that he chose for me to read to him. 
After carefully choosing the book of the hour we sat down I read him this story which is now one of his favorites. I think the fact that it had boats, and central park combined in it has inspired him to build one and take it to central park to put it in the water. I'm sure that can be done.
After reading an x amount of stories to him we left the library, and sure enough I thought this kid was going to fall asleep in the car, and actually take a nap, but to no avail. 

As soon as he recognized the street I was driving on he knew exactly where we were headed towards. All of a sudden I hear his voice saying, "Park! I want to go to the park mom." 

It was such a beautiful day, and loved looking at the colorful leaves on this tree underneath the blue skies. 
Ah, fall! 
I love this time of year, and being alone with Noah again...just me and him without papa seemed like old times. Don't get me wrong, I love it when Jon hangs around, but sometimes you just need that mother and son alone time you know. Especially since I've been used to it since Noah was born! I'm just so grateful that Jon has a job!! Yay! Keeps us young you know! 

This indian summer sure is lasting a while and because of the strenuous playground time we had we stopped by Wendy's to get ourselves a waffle frosty cone. If you haven't had one yet you need to try these. They are delicious!! 
^^my messy little eater...he's such a BOY ^^


Times spent with you are the best, and I count my blessings everyday that I had you. You are the sweetest little boy, and I love you. I didn't have days like this with my mother, and because of that I know this is why i hold on to you, and treasure the things I do with you like there is no tomorrow.  This day is going down in history as one of the best days of my life. 


Can't wait until next week when the temps will be in the 60's! That will be a perfect week to go to the pumpkin patch, and go apple picking! 

Bring on the fall traditions!