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This is my life right now...

"Mom, what's for dinner?" "Mom, whens dad going to be home?" "Mom, I have a tennis match, then I have to get ready for tonight's football game."Mom, my violin lesson falls on the same night as her game." "Mom, I'm going to need this for my spanish class." "Mom, the money has to be turned in by the end of the week." Mom, I need to talk to you about ****and how I found a solution to hopefully fix the situation." "Mom, I need you." Mom, mom, mom...

In the midst of all these questions with the words please, and thank you in between Noah is quietly entertaining himself in the background...then Chelsea decides to take away his favorite toy. "No!!!!! Stop!!!! are the words that came out of Noah's mouth. I turn around and Chelsea has this innocent look on her face. I know she was the culprit of that little incident. I try to be as patient as possible, and I look at her with a stern look on my face hoping she got the message. Then I hear those cries, and the taunting starts up again. I finally pull Noah and Chelsea aside to tell both of them to settle down. I tell Chelsea that she needs to watch the things she says and does because Noah is mocking her every move. All the questions, and reprimanding stop for just a while, and then it resumes in spurts the following week.

Does this daily routine relate to any of you?

Not long ago I never thought that date nights would be so crucial in my life until now. I'm the type of mother that absolutely loves having our kids hanging around with us, but I have long since realized that we need that "alone time" as parents...especially when our four children depend on us every week 24/7 to be there for them through words, and actions.

I can't even begin to tell you how date nights are so necessary right now. Last night my better half and I had the time of our lives. We kept our date simple, and drove to Sonic for some grub. He fed me an Oreo blast, and we were acting goofy taking pictures. He is such a good sport when it comes to that.
We were laughing, kissing, and dancing in the car while listening to 80's and 90's music from our iPhone. We talked about how much we love our kids, but that being away from them is a good thing too. I used to feel so guilty when I used to leave them with alone with a sitter, or even with my in laws! Now I am more confident because I have two self sufficient daughters who are very responsible when it comes to baby sitting, and am willing to go out on more date nights. Possibly even going away for the weekend!

Last night I felt completely transformed, and looked at life in the home front in a different perspective. When I arrived home life was kind. I was more patient, and easily relaxed. I looked at our children with starry eyes, and thanked our oldest daughters for tending to Noah & Chelsea. I continued to chat with them about the evening, and even though Chelsea was a little grumpy because it was really late, my sanity was in tact and her grumpiness didn't involve raising my voice.

Bottom line...I was rejuvenated!

Our kids are our life, and I know that they rely on us every day when they come home to ask about their day. With four children involved with so much in their life, and with all that goes on in church, and at school they need us to be there for them. They need us to be strong, keen, and alert. They need us to put our listening ears on, and to be patient so that we can hear their news for the day. They need us to be the example of strength, and endurance so that they will be able to handle any trials that come their way.

The hour drive home gave us so much to discuss, and cleared our minds for what to expect next week, and as long as we have our date nights, and trips to the temple I have faith that we'll be okay.

I absolutely loved our evening, and I am so grateful that my better half got the time off to spend it with me. Even though he says I needed this more than anything...he needed this too. 

We both did.

the ability to create the greatest gift.

There are things in life money can't buy. Happiness being one of them. We have to create it. We need not only have the desire to create it, but to have the ability as well.

Luckily for us there is a place where the desire to create happiness increases, & if we allow it...the ability to gain it is up to us.

That place is the LDS temple, & I think we are all capable of that ability.

This past week even on my 41st birthday the days have been a-okay! Except for was phenomenal.

Attending the temple with one of my long time dearest friends was the icing on the cake. Most of us would rather attend the temple with our husbands instead of our girlfriends, but you know what...I needed this, we both did.

Sometimes we need that girl time. We need to reminisce of days of old as if it were a verbal journal to talk about how we started out as single rookies in an unfamiliar church to converting into compassionate, hard working loving moms.

We need that girl time to discuss the needs & dramas of our children mom to mom, and to convey those needs to our Heavenly Father in hopes that we receive answers to our prayers.

We need that girl time to discuss those spiritual needs as to how we can become a better wife & mother.

We did just that, and left the temple feeling more confident with a heart full of love, & seeing things in a different perspective.

I am so grateful to know that we are never alone when "life" hits us in the face, and that the need for constant spiritual nourishment is only two hours away.

I'm grateful for the ability to have those feelings, and to make choices in life such as finding the time to attend the temple.

That is what makes me who I am today in the forty first year of my life, and why I attend.

I attend in hopes that I will reflect God's countenance to others. I attend in hopes that in the midst of trials I can handle them & be strengthened by them.

I attend because I need that constant reminder to know that I am loved by a wonderful Prince who brings peace into my life.

I attend because I'm not perfect.

With all the turmoil that surrounds us in our daily lives we can create happiness, and share it with others.

Temple day with my dear friend on her birthday was the best gift she could give me for my birthday!

On this day she created happiness on my behalf, & that was the greatest gift of all.

Happy Birthday to me.

Today I turn 41, and I really don't feel any older.

The sounds of my almost three year old speaking in clearer sentences, the adult conversations I have with my seven year old, the vast, extensive vocabulary my 12 year old utters, and the fact that I have a senior in high school who's graduating in nine months are the things that kind of make me feel a little old.

I love it though, and I'm cherishing every waking moment I have with our children. They are four blessings that truly are a joy to have in my life.

No matter the challenges that come with motherhood...I feel so blessed to have the Lord in my life to guide me through it, and for that I am eternally grateful.

Life has been pretty good with my hubby, and kiddos & I look forward to many more years with them.

I. Love. My. Life!

Happy birthday to me! 

ah, fall!

Instagram...isn't it great! Especially when the filters make a picture look like this!

Living in Texas for the first 20 years of my life experiencing nothing but summer all year round was normal for me, and that was the lifestyle that I had grown accustomed to...until I moved to the Beehive state.

Moving to Utah was indeed an eye opener for me especially when it came to the seasons changing. I've never seen different colored leaves except in picture books. You can imagine the look on my face when I first stepped out of that Greyhound bus to see snow on the ground, and the beautiful colored leaves when fall first arrived. Call me sheltered, but it's true.

I immediately fell in love with the mountains, and yes...even the snow.  Seeing the seasons change especially when Spring came along encouraged me to look forward to what autumn was going to be like, and I fell in love with it! Driving through the canyons where the foliage is more visible was illuminating.

Although we moved back and forth twice from Utah to Texas (I admit I was a little homesick) there was always something missing...especially when the holidays came.

That's when I realized that I didn't miss the giant Texas sized cockroaches or the fire ants, or the 100 % humidity in 100 degree weather. Living in Utah for the first five years of our marriage helped me to adjust to the seasons changing, and I missed that. It just didn't seem like fall existed in the Lone star state. That's because it didn't, and moving back to Utah for the third and final time was a charm. I developed an even stronger appreciation for the Beehive state, and all that it had to offer. I then vowed that wherever we moved we would always have the change of seasons, and so far we have.

While we only lived in North Carolina for two years we got a taste of perfect weather and a lot of pollen...especially during the month of May. It didn't snow as much, and while living in North Carolina we always drove further north to New England to visit family and friends, and also play in the snow. The fall foliage in that area is beautiful and far more vibrant in color.

Now that we live in New Jersey we don't have to drive hours to see the leaves change. We are spoiled no matter what direction we drive towards. Pennsylvania has the most beautiful mountains (okay I know they aren't like the mountains in Utah), but the Poconos will do for now, and autumn in New York is breathtaking.

I am so thankful for the courage that I had in moving to an unfamiliar state at a young age during the winter. I know that by converting to a life of Christ, and being close to the headquarters of the church I joined helped me to adjust a lot easier. I've always loved autumn in Salt Lake City, and I hope that Samantha Jane doesn't mind me using her photo so you can get a glimpse at how Temple Square looks like in the fall.
I love September.
I love fall.
I love the fact that I am an Autumn baby.

Now you can see why fall is my favorite, and why I will always live in a place where seasons change.

last day of summer & a bug on the wall.

This summer went by way too quickly.

I'm not sure if I'm ready to put away all of the kids summer wear, but the coolness of the air as we step out into the morning dew proves all too well that fall is definitely coming tomorrow.

This is my favorite picture of Noah blowing a raspberry. He's still hasn't grown out of giving those, and looking at this picture assures me that this little two year old had the time of his life this summer, and continues to love it.

I love Noah's laugh too. I've never heard a little kid laugh so hard like our Noah. In this video he is hysterically laughing at his sister who was trying to kill a bug with a flyswatter and succeeded in doing so.

 He always puts a smile on my face, and I hope it makes your weekend happy!

With children like this...I'm always entertained, and life is pretty darn good!

Holding on to summer.

The major thunderstorm that we had this past Tuesday brought nothing but sunshine, and 0% humidity. The weather has been perfect for the past two days, and to tell you the truth I hope it'll last a little bit longer.

For the past two days I have been suffering from allergies so major that I had to take some heavy medication. I loathe taking any kind of allergy medicine because it leaves me so lethargic, and unmotivated to do anything. I realized I had to suck it up (literally), and take medicine in order to make myself well so that I can be able to go outside, and entertain our two youngest. I certainly hope the allergy phase diminishes throughout my birthday week!

Noah continues to have a blast whenever we go out to any park. He especially loves this one where he can rock climb, and for the first time wanted to cross the monkey bars. With a little help he reached to the end, and it was a sight to see!
Hopefully we will have more days like this before it gets too cold. Although they have recess at school, these kids can't enough of the outdoors! Makes we wonder with Noah turning three soon how much he'll love venturing out in the snow!

Stay tuned...

Loving the train phase.

I love this age. The toddler years are indeed my favorite...especially when it comes to having a boy. I have my share of also spending time with our girls, but this kid...he's awesome! 

He keeps me active, and the knowledge for raising a boy becomes broader, and the toy obsession becomes bigger. He is in love with trains! Throughout the entire summer he watched Polar Express at least once a day...sometimes twice (except when we were out of town.) I couldn't resist his face every morning when he'd wake up to say, "I want to watch the "choo choo" mommy...pleeeze." So adorable!!

This morning I took him out for a walk, and we went to the bike path where the red caboose stands. He loves it there! He can hang around the caboose all day with Thomas and drag him through rocks, dirt, and lots of leaves. 

With the fall weather slowly creeping in on us it is the perfect time to venture out, and to enjoy the sounds of autumn. It is the perfect time where the weather feels just right to feel the wind mixed with a bit of moisture blowing through our faces.
I love the train phase that our son is going through, and the changing of the season as well. The sounds of autumn are off to a pretty good start, and that makes me happy.

Love one another, don't hurt them...especially online.

I have found myself on my knees a lot lately, and seriously praying my heart out for guidance, and strength about all the things that have happened to me since the year 2012 began. Fall is just around the corner, and when seasons change so do we.

Each year as I get another year older with children growing like weeds I seem to find myself in a different realm. I am making the choice to let bygones be bygones. To serve and love more, and to not let the little things get to me. I now the Lord hears our prayers, and he definitley gives us what we can handle. I am thankful for that. I truly am.

A couple of weeks ago I had a rude awakening. I woke up one morning & noticed that I had a few messages in my inbox on my Facebook. I'm never nervous when I check my messages because they are usually from family, or friends. Once in a while I'll get a kind message from a random person regarding my blog.

Well, I've been blogging a little over a year and a half now, and have never received any hurtful messages...until now.

This is my story...

Someone created a fake facebook account and used a bogus name. I didn't even know we had a spam account in Facebook, did you? Well as I was checking my facebook messages I noticed the word "other" next to the inbox message, and clicked on that. As soon as I read the first few words...I knew it was going to be ugly.

And it was.

At first I thought it was a joke, but it certainly didn't sound like one.

"No one has the guts to tell you this so I will" were the first few words that I read. I hesitated for a bit, but I let my finger do the walking and I clicked on it. It continued to read hurtful words, but I didn't let it get to me. I felt so bad because I have realized for quite sometime now that it has to be someone from my church. All the things they wrote pointed out to someone whom I thought would never stoop so low as to creating a fake account to write such horrible things (I should be flattered since they took their time to go out of their way to do such a thing!) I've also learned that when someone usually says or writes such hateful words is usually a reflection of themselves, which is even more sad.

I do have an inkling as to who it could be, but I'm not going to give into it. The "old Rose" would have retaliated, but I refuse to let anything or anyone damage the spiritual side of me. I know the kind of person I am, and I know the kind of family we are. I did shed a few tears so the pain of the knife that was stabbed in my back could go away. Talking about it to my eldest daughter really helped (since her name was mentioned), and even she was in major shock. Nothing was directed at her, but the thing that hurt her (& me) the most was when they wrote "ur kids dont even like u.", and "sierra tells everyone that as soon as carter comes home thast they r getting married and gettin away from you." (Sorry for the poor spelling & punctuation. I copied & pasted the actual message that was sent from this person.) 

There was so much more that was written, and for those of you who know me, and I mean really know me will know that it's not true. I wasn't going to justify any of that with a response. I did however tried to report it, but because it was a deactivated account it wouldn't allow me. After talking to an acquaintance who is an FBI agent I realized that I'd have to go through hoops, and a lot of red tape to get the ball rolling as to who would send such a message. It's not worth my time, money, or even worry...especially since I know who it could be.

It amazes me the kind of people we can become, and how we can allow Satan to get under our skin for the dumbest reasons. We always want to be able to trust the ones we've become friends with in a new environment, state, and neighborhood. We always want to give everyone the benefit of the doubt, and find good in all mankind. We especially want to trust the ones that even attend the same church.

After should be the first place we consider a safe haven.

But we can never be too careful, and for whatever reason this person decided to fake an account and to tell me off online instead of talking out their feelings to me personally is really sad. Especially since we worship the same faith, and share the same beliefs. My heart goes out to that person, and I pray that they will find it in their heart to seriously change their thought perspective as to how to treat others.

As Latter-day saints we all want to come to church with the assurance of feeling loved. We come for the sole purpose of renewing our covenants by partaking the sacrament. We come to fellowship, serve, and love one another. Not hurt one another.

We come to feel safe, not to get wounded.

One thing I've learned by living in New Jersey is how to develop a tolerance for such behavior. It has made me stronger than I've ever been before. I am one of those Mormons who bears my testimony every fast Sunday, and I'm not afraid. I know that as a family we are not perfect, and that is exactly why we attend service.

So I write to everyone especially to that one person who sent me such a hateful message... I love you. I really do.

Before sending such hateful messages please get to know the people who are moving in before passing any kind of judgement, and I mean really know them. You'll be surprised at how loving they are when you give them a chance.

Lucky for me I have endured worse pain in my life than a nasty online message. If it was sent to someone whose heart is not as forgiving, or testimony is not as strong you might as well have damaged their self esteem, and the way they view us as members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, and the Lord. Even though we have a choice to decide whether or not a crude message will hurt us, things like that should not happen.

Unfortunately it does, and that is when we need to stop, think, pray hard, be strong, and do the things that will strengthen our testimony. Believe me...20 years of being a member of this wonderful church, and giving my heart to the Lord can be easy if we just follow the commandments, and strive our best to endure to the end.

Those are the christian ways, and that is what being a latter-day saint is all about. So next time you have the urge to tell someone off write it out in your journal, or find someone in your life close enough to talk about it.

Better yet...I'll end this post with this scripture:

"Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you."
~Matthew 5:44

Sibling without the rivalry

It's such a wonderful sight watching these two play well together. Whether it's with his legos or playing "Diner" with her food. It's not often that these two sit calmly, happily playing together. That is until one tests the other. These two continue to have a love/annoying relationship. I could write the word hate, but that's a little harsh because I know deep down they really do love each other. 
See...look how much fun they are having.
I believe that raising children between the ages of two and eight can be the most trying. I'm speaking about our kids. It's amazing how different each child comes into our life with their own personality. Our two older daughters have never had one altercation...they are now 12 and 17 and are the best of friends. Believe it or not...they were, and are still easy to raise.

The two youngest...that's a whole different story.

They are my children of humility.

Whether it's Noah or Chelsea starting the teasing they both get repromanded. It's not easy trying to get these two to settle down while driving in the car. Sometimes I'll look through the rearview mirror and give them this dour look, and tell Chelsea to move to the back of the van. It  usually works, but then Noah will sometimes fuss for her to come back up front just so he can continue to pull on her hair.

Now this doesn't happen all the time, but I know that there have been moments in which she starts teasing him first, and with the strong personality that Noah has he will retaliate (in a not-so-good-playful way.)

If I had these two first who knows what level my patience would have been. Probably a zero! I'm so thankful that the Lord knows what we could handle at a certain time in our life, and that he brought these two precious children after I had their two older sisters.

God has a great timetable and I am grateful for this time in my life to enjoy the different personalities in all of our children, and to try my best to be patient, to teach them to love deeply, and that teasing and fighting is not necessary. It's natural for siblings to tease, but not when it starts getting out of hand. As a mother you just got to put your foot down- otherwise they will never get the message.

Overall they are great kids, and in the end have a lot of love to give.
And they always make up. 
That is the best part of being a sibling.

(I should know because I was the same way with my sister!)

Keep your standards high.

Washington D.C. temple

"Stand ye in holy places, 
and be not moved, 
until the day of the Lord come
for behold, it cometh quickly,
 saith the Lord."
Doctrine and Covenants 87:8

Last night was our annual "Standards Night" event for our church, and it was very well prepared  by the young men. 

Living the life of a Mormon shouldn't be hard. If we understand the laws and commandments of the Lord, read our sciptures, and strive to do what is right there is no need to get overwhelmed. Sure our lives get busy, and when we are at our lowest, that's when we feel like giving up. There are many times when I have felt that way, but then I am reminded of the reasons I entered an unfamiliar church, and became a member. I know that the Lord has kept me on His side in helping me to understand the blessings it comes with by obeying the work of the Lord. In the end I know it will all have been for my own good. Plus I am in love with all of the teachings that it teaches our children. 

The youth continue to live in a harsh world, and knowing that they hold the keys to happiness with the knowledge they have which is "For the strength of youth", puts me at ease in hopes that they will all strive their best to keep their standards high.  

Standards such as these were discussed last night by using props. We were all asked to bring a prop, and find a way to use those props in acting out a meaning of each standard. It was kind of like that show, 'Whose line is it anyway", and it was a lot of fun! I was even in one of the skits. (Sorry I have no video this time.)

And so I end this post with words of advice for our children:

When it comes to listening to music y'all have chosen the right kind (even if it is clean beat box!) Please make sure that it is always conducive to the spirit. If there are curse words in the lyrics I advise you to stop, and turn it off. If you are at a school dance, and you hear that kind of music try not to listen to it, or simply leave. I don't care if it has a good beat to it. Believe me I know. I grew up listening to alternative music that had bad language. If I knew then what y'all know now...I would have never listened to it. Bad language leans towards drinking, which can lead to sexual acts if you're not careful (so no Violent Femmes, and no grinding train!)

I know y'all cringe when people curse...especially at school. Whether it's the D word, or the other word they use for poop, or the worst word of all which starts with the letter F. Always use clean language. I have used that language in my time, and never thought how awful it sounded until I myself heard someone cursing. I'm not perfect, and I know that I've slipped from time to time, but please do not mock me. Try your very best to not be my inner voice. I know that I have come along way with my anger, and I am proud that none of y'all have uttered such words. Keep it up, and so will I. 

There is a special someone out there waiting to sweep your feet away. Take your time in searching for your prince who will one day take you to the temple. Make sure he holds the same standards as you. Never lower them for anyone...anyone. Be selective, and when it comes to boys & dating, think with your head, and not your heart. Always go on group dates, and have fun with that! The teen years are precious, and those are the times when you are finding your identity. You'll know when your time has come to develop those feelings. You shouldn't have to be exclusive with anyone! Trust me...boyfriends in high school were no fun! 

Serving is something that I  love to do especially when I am at my ultimate lowest. When my days are bleak with worry, and stress I will find a way to serve someone. Whether it's writing a letter, reading my scriptures, or picking up the phone to call someone, or even serving you. I see that attribute in every one of you already, and I am pleased. Keep it up, and always find ways to serve (even when you're happy!)

I love you all very much, and pray for you daily. Be the example, keep the commandments, keep your standards high, and always stand in holy places. 


Never forget.

It's hard to believe that yesterday marked the first anniversary of the death of my mom's best friend, and true love. Although he didn't get the chance to meet Noah I know that he is watching over all of our children from heaven, and guiding us with his love. 
And the same goes with all of those who lost their lives on this day...9/11

September will always remind me of all those loved ones who passed away beyond their years. Some just a tiny little baby. I'm grateful for the plan of salvation, and for the opportunity that we all have to be able to live with our families forever. 

As I was reading a nostalgic People magazine (that I saved for the past 11 years which was published on my birthday) it literally gave me goosebumps. Knowing that I had just visited New York City for the first time with my family a year before was shocking, and I didn't want to believe that the city I fell in love with for the first time was attacked by terrorists. 

Reading all the devastating details of that day of infamy, and how it shook the entire state of New York as well as America was surreal. It opened my eyes even more knowing that we never know what our day will be like, and why I never want to take any of my friends or family members for granted. 

I never want to think the unthinkable, but you never know. I still give those hugs and kisses to all our children, and to my better half before they leave. I still attempt to make those phone calls to family. I still mail letters every now and then, and think of those who may feel that they are alone. I still try to do those small and simple things that may put a smile on a face that I care for.

I continue to pray to my Heavenly father each day, and thank him for waking up to another day of life, and for all the blessings that he has bestowed upon me and my family. 

I continue to pray for all those who lost a loved one on that day and hope that they will have the faith to continue to carry on their legacy of bravery, and courage with strength. 

Each year we will always remember this day, and we will never forget those who have passed on.
God bless everyone, and God continue to bless America. 

A tennis match & an outdoor recital.

The first two days of school for the girls last week were a-okay. They all enjoy their teachers and classes, and Chelsea loves her second grade teacher Ms. Matz. I think it's going to be a great year for them! 
This past weekend went by too fast. The weekend started out with a tennis match for Sierra.
Noah was the smallest spectator at the game.

and it ended with Lexie's awesome violin recital!
Lexie played exceptionally well, and I am one proud mom!
Her teacher Madeline is wonderful, and has truly taught her well. I hardly ever have to remind Lexie to practice or bribe her with gifts just so she can continue to play the violin (I've just heard other parents do that!) She does it on her own will, and absolutely LOVES it!
Who knows...maybe she'll wind up playing in a flashmob like this...

179 more days with Noah.

It was bittersweet having Noah all to myself yesterday. I got so used to having the girls hanging around him smothering him with kisses, and giving him piggyback rides. They always rescued me from insanity when ever he would deliberately spill a whole cup of milk on the floor (which was quite often), or take care of him while I'm not at my best physically or emotionally. So far he has drank all of his milk, and because I'm striving even harder to be at my best physically and emotionally my days have been a-okay.

Noah and I decided to venture out on yet another hot & humid day. We went for a walk, and I had my iPhone glued to my hand. He was so excited to be out playing with rocks, bugs, wet leaves, and sticks! Oh the joys of having a boy! Experiencing motherhood with a boy has become a natural talent for me, and I LOVE it! It does make me want to have another one! Although I don't think that'll happen anytime soon (or at all), I am extremely grateful that the Lord has blessed us with three beautiful daughters, and Noah!

So blessed.

With his light blonde curly hair, his beautiful smile, and cute dimples... and dark eyes that make you get lost in them.  
Let us not forget his goofy faces..
What's not to LOVE about this boy!

 He gives me hugs so tight around my neck that I can't help but to laugh so hard! 
I look forward to 179 more days alone with Noah so that we can experience more priceless moments together!

 Never. Taking. This. Boy. For. Granted. EVER!

The night before school began.

After reading this post I was inspired to start a new tradition with the kids by choosing a 'back to school" quote with inspiring words that will help them spiritually thought the school year. I wish I would have thought of this tradition thirteen years ago, but better to start it late than never!

 I am grateful to start this tradition with our kids, and although Sierra will be in college next year we are going to strive to carry this tradition each year! So this is the quote that I chose for our family theme this year:

"The spirit is pure, 
and under the special control & influence of the Lord."
~Brigham Young

Last night Jon also said the most beautiful blessings to our girls, and this is one reason why I love being a member of this church

One thing we do as a family is have discussions about how to deal with certain situations. Because each child has their own individuality, and personality the advice that was given to comfort them is always different. As we were sitting down last night preparing for school, I really enjoyed the words of comfort that my better half advised them.... 
He mentioned to Chelsea that she should be wise in the friends she chooses, and to not judge them, but know the good side of them.

The advice he gave to Alexandra was that he hopes she will enjoy the companionship of her friends and to know that she is a daughter of Heavenly father who loves her very much and that we are pleased with all that she's accomplished thus far, and to continue to keep it up.
With Sierra being the oldest we really had a longer discussion, and the words that her dad said to her warmed my heart. 
His advice to her was to be mindful of others as she is going to be teaching the freshmen about morals. He also said for her to always have the courage to stand up in what she believes in and that as she teaches others in school that she will not be a wallflower, but a voice of reckoning and reason, and hopes that others will understand the truths that come from her heart. better half gives really great advice, and the blessings that were given to them were so beautiful! 

The girls all came home from school with smiles on their faces and a lot of papers for us to fill out. It's always the parents that have homework the first day of school...not the kids. 

I'm so grateful for the tradition we have in giving a Father's blessing to our girls, and for the advice that was given to them. It keeps them grounded , and truly brings them comfort that'll last all year long!

My nerd girls.

As I was looking back at these pictures, and this post from last's hard to believe that another school year is about to begin.

I am a little reluctant for the girls to go back to school tomorrow, and although I vowed to strive to have a great day each day...I am feeling a little bit melancholy today. One thing I do know is that the choices they make this school year will affect them for the rest of their lives.

Especially for Sierra.

Sierra starts her senior year tomorrow, and she is ready. Ready to embark on her last adventure of public school. She won't have her plate as full as she did last year, but she is still heavily involved in extracurricular activities, and being the Laurel president over the young women in our church will keep her busy. She's excited, and anxiously awaits to fulfill her duties whether at church and school the best way she knows how.

Alexandra will be a seventh grader whose intelligence goes way beyond her level, and is the same height as Sierra (she's even taller than her when she wears small heels!) Lucky for her she is learning a lot from her older sister in the example that she has set when it comes to being a student. Alex is lucky to have her as a sister, and has learned so much from her when it comes to setting an example.

Chelsea is my second grader who wants to be everybody's friend, and wants everyone to know that they can come to her if anyone has a problem. She is the little adult in the group, and because she sees how her two older sisters are at being quick studies at just about everything...she wants to be just like them. I'll say to her, "Chelsea, you don't want to grow up too fast, you'll have plenty of time to do the things that they do, and when it is your turn it'll happen. And then, you'll be saying to yourself, "I'm so glad I learned first, waited, and then finally accomplished it!"

She definitely has her own, unique personality! Sometimes it scares me, sometimes it doesn't. 

Noah still has another year until he attends public school, and I look forward to spending my days with him. I'm in tears because he is talking in clearer sentences, and is getting taller each day! Hopefully he won't get too lonely being by himself. I'll make sure to take him out so that he can mingle with other 'small people'.
I have so much love for our children, and I love being their mother.
They are my joy.
They have so much to offer in this life, ambitions to fulfill, goals to accomplish, and they all have the potential to move mountains.

No matter how old they all get...they will always be my baby (nerd) girls, and boy!

Inspirational thought

this girl brings out the best in me in all my days!
"In life, you will realize that there
 is a role for everyone you meet. 
Some will test you, some will use you,
 some will love you, and some will teach you.
 But, the ones that are important are the ones
 who bring out the best in you. 
They're the rare and amazing people
 who remind you why it's worth it."

Labor day on a rainy day.

Overcast skies didn't stop us from setting foot onto wet ground to venture out on what I call the last day of summer. Unfortunately my better half had to work today so the girls and I were contemplating on what to do after he left to go labor (frowning face.)

We were really craving Sonic burgers, and pebbled ice drinks.

See...the thing is that these Sonic drive in restaurants are not surviving in South Jersey or even in Philly, and we were trying to figure out which ones might still be in business.

We have driven to many in the Philly area, and half of them are closed down, but we didn't attempt to go to Philly today. Since the one in Vineland is closest to us we decided to drive over there. I had a feeling they were closed down, but we went anyway. As we arrived we learned that they did in fact close down.

After we learned that they were closed I remembered going to one outside of Sea Isle City, but couldn't find it on google maps. I gave up, went rogue, and just drove. I'm glad I didn't listen to that feeling because on our way to find a Sonic we ended up finding the nicest waterfront. So naturally the kids and I decided to get down and take a few pictures.

Too bad we didn't have our suits on otherwise we would have jumped in the water. There were a few people jumping into the water from their boats and it sure looked like fun.

Then we found a Sonic!

 We made it just in time for 'Happy Hour'. Noah and I were 'happy' to be drinking our cherry limed drinks with pebble ice. 
Although there are other burger chains such as Five Guys, Shake Shack, and your regular fast food chains in our area we were really craving Sonic, and luckily we were guided to one. Hey, along with Whataburger, I grew up with Sonic so I appreciate this drive in, and if my kids are craving it I am determined to find one even if its an hour away, and...

I didn't mind at all.

School doesn't start until Thursday so that gives us two more days to spend precious time together. Rain is still in the forecast, but that is not going to put a damper on our days.

Remember what I wrote yesterday...Each day I wake up I am making the choice to have a great day!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Labor day whether rain or shine!