Tuesday, November 11, 2014

This Little Dude is Five!!!

There was no big party, no major guests, or balloons. No party favors, no special entertainment, numerous gifts, or even a cake with icing. What there was on this special day was a family. A family whose only son and baby brother turned the big five. It was an intimate, low key fun-filled day filled with small surprises, and as always...filled with laughter and good 'ol fashioned family fun. 

Since Noah's birthday fell on a Sunday we decided to take a sporadic trip to New York City on Saturday in hopes to see autumn in full swing at Central Park like we did last year, but unfortunately due to my husband getting out of work late ended up driving in the city around 5pm! The fact that darkness falls so early doesn't help and we didn't get the chance to do our traditional celebration, or capture any photos of Central Park. We did however manage to enjoy the beauty of driving around the city, and enjoyed a nice dinner filled with different Italian dishes. This was our first time eating at Patsy's Pizzaria and the wait was about a half hour. As soon as we sat down there were rolls at our table, and Noah immediately began scarfing it down. He ended up eating at least six of these suckers. Just look at him...I'm trying to give him kisses, and all he is thinking about is scarfing down that roll! 
^^^ Chicken Picatta with capers, and lemon sauce! ^^^
^^^ Fettuccine Alfredo! ^^^

After dinner we ended up walking around the city for a while grabbed some cookies at Levain Bakery, and headed home. Some of y'all may be wondering why we'd drive in the city just for a few hours, and then go home. Reason is that there are so many unique restaurants of different cultures to choose from that Jersey or Philly just don't have. Plus it was Noah's birthday, and this little guy loves the city....and we don't mind the drive! 

Being that it was Sunday sure made his birthday special. We went to church, and the primary kids sang the birthday song to him, and he even got a package of Swedish fish from the Bishop. Those are his favorite! He received gifts and cards throughout the week, but especially enjoyed the gifts he received from his oldest sister (which is the hat and sweater he's wearing in the first photo.) Presents sent from family, and friends is always such a treat, and we are extremely thankful. As far as "the cake" goes, well there wasn't one. There was however, a huge Hawaiian Loaf of bread! For the past two years this little guy has fallen in love with carbs. King's Hawaiian rolls to be exact. It's funny how he loves M&M's & ice cream, but does not like icing on any cake. If there's any icing he'll just take it off, and eat the bread! I was relieved of the outcome and grateful that is heart didn't require us to sweat in the kitchen begging us to bake! His "cake" was easy to bake, simple to buy, and we didn't mind not having any cake. 
^^^ Make a Wish! ^^^
Noah's birthday this year was indeed simple, but special. Special just like him...And even though he's rambunctious at times his soft side is contagious, and extends outside his heart. He's kind, helpful, lovable, and extremely polite. My heart melts every time he says I love you, thank you, please, but most of all when he says his prayers. I appreciate him so much because of how unique his personality is. He didn't have any complaints about why he didn't get this or that, and even though he said he wanted a transformer named Optimus Prime at the last minute, we told him to make sure to put that on Santa's list. Then again he's five, and most five year olds still don't quite get the concept of what a birthday really is and how it should be planned. I'm not sure how he'll look at birthdays as he gets older, (i.e. if he's going to want big birthday parties with friends, and real cake), but I know this...if we keep it intimate and free of "I want, I want, I want", he'll be one of the most grateful little boys known to man. He'll learn to know that birthdays are very special, and that we don't have to go out of our way to make that extra effort in wearing ourselves down to the point where we don't have any energy at the end of the day to enjoy our time with the "birthday kid." What he will know is that living another year of life is the greatest gift of all.
 ^^^Happy Birthday Noah! You are our everything, and we sure do love ya! ^^^

**I  would also like to thank all of our veterans who have served, and sacrificed their time for our country. We pray for y'all everyday! 

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