Cherry Blossoms In Washington D.C!

Last year when we went to D.C, over general conference weekend to see the cherry blossoms I was a bit disappointed because they had already fallen onto the ground. Weather in this part of the country during spring is crazy/different, and we can never tell if the blossoms are in full bloom the end of March or beginning of April. Well, luckily we went last weekend to see the blossoms because after all the rain we just had today those blossoms are probably all over the ground.

Spring With Pink Lanterns & Twinkle Lights!

One of my favorite things to do during the spring is venture out to city center in d.c. and check out any new installations they might have put outside, and it looks like they decided to keep the pink lanterns that they hung up last spring when we first noticed them. They do make the shops outside appealing, and fun to shop (even though we really don't come here for the shopping.) We just love to walk around, and window shop, and get ideas on how to dress without breaking our bank account.

Exploring The Crayola Experience In Pennsylvania!

I still can't get used to calling the former Crayola Factory, "The Crayola Experience" because when we first came here the kids were so little, and I've always known it to be The Crayola Factory. It has such a nice ring to it, but the fact that these kids experience so much while exploring this place makes sense as to why it's now called the crayola experience! I remember Noah having even more fun the second time we came here because he was older, and could actually hold a crayon, and draw a picture on his own!

Springtime in New York!

Spring has pretty much sprung on this side of my world, and my dear friend Ceyda, and her little girl couldn't have come to visit us at a better time. It has been almost four years since I'd seen her, and even though we talk on the phone, chat via text, and social media nothing beats the presence of having one of your most dearest friends visit you! Noah and Celeste immediately became best buds again. They were almost three when they last saw each other, and when they arrived Noah greeted her as if he had seen her yesterday! It has been an amazing two days with my friend, and I'm so grateful she is here! 

My Little Boy Is Growing Up!

When I first started my blog I was looking back in the archives from 2011, and was practically writing every little thing about my kids, but mainly Noah and Sierra. Sierra is my oldest, and accomplished so much throughout her high school career that I had to document it not only for me, but for her posterity as well. I really enjoy writing about my family among other things, but eventually things will shift with my writing in this blog once my kids are on their own.

Happy First Day Of Spring!

For the past couple of days Noah has been anxious to pull out all the easter decorations, and because it was a perfect Spring day we both happily did it together. He's now fully aware that every month has a special occasion or holiday. Just the other day these are the words that he uttered, "January is Lexie & Chelseas birthday, February is for Valentines, March is for my leprechaun, April is for easter, May is Sierra's birthday, June is for the beach, July is for road trips, August is for camping, September is mom's birthday, October is halloween, November is thanksgiving, and December is dads birthday, and christmas! He forgets that our anniversary is in December too, but that's okay. He's seven! 

Storm Stella.

There's something about the snow that brings fun, boredom for some, and unity within a community. My neighborhood has the nicest neighbors. I may not see them too much during the day, but this past snowstorm brought most of them out. It was so nice to see our neighbors helping each other shoveling each others sidewalks. It reminded of the time I lived in Utah years ago when we had one of the worst snowstorms, and neighbors from our church showed up out of nowhere and began going to town shoveling sidewalks! 

Noah-isms in March.

Me: "Celeste is coming to stay with us for a whole week Noah! Noah: "I don't want her to stay here for a week! I want her to stay with us for 100 days mom!" 

Regina At Radio City!

Six years ago when I was watching Beastly with my oldest daughter Sierra, I couldn't help, but to pause the dvd, and seriously hear the voice of Regina Spektor. I didn't know who she was, but boy did the song "On the Radio" catch my ears! I was mesmerized by not only her voice, but most of all her words. I immediately fell in love with her music, and most of her songs resonated with me in some way. Living in a new state with three girls, and having a new baby wasn't too easy for me.

A Look Back At Our "Wicked" Day!

I will always remember the very first time we stepped foot on broadway in NYC. Sierra, and Lexie have been fans of the Wizard of Oz since birth, and when we first moved to Jersey the first thing we did that year of living here was drive to New York to see Wicked at the Gershwin theater

Celebrating Dr. Seuss!

One thing I will forever be grateful for are books, and the opportunity I had to sit in with some very prestigious educators including the President of the NEA to talk about education. Ever since they gifted me with a letter of appreciation, and a 25th anniversary edition of "Oh, The Places You Go" book, I have relished the importance of reading, and academic growth in children. 

We Call This Park, Our Jersey Street Playground.

I treasure these days where I still have one small child who loves the park. Whether it's 100 degrees, or 30 degrees nothing stops us from being cooped up in the house to go outside and enjoy some brisk cold weather with a little bit of sunshine, and just look at that unfiltered blue sky! Absolutely a gorgeous day! If it wasn't for the sun shining we may not have stayed as long as we did, but the feeling of being outdoors in an area where there is nothing but highway, and farm land surrounding me brings me comfort. And I am grateful for those nearby playgrounds that are within walking distance. Especially when your vehicle is out of commission! 

What We Are Reading Lately, & A Dream Thought About Writing A Book.

It's been a while since I've written about what we are currently reading at the moment. I love, love to read but in all honesty time just slips away sometimes, but after realizing that we can make time, and that there shouldn't be no excuses to read. Because we can make the time to read. All we have to do is turn the tv off, stop cleaning, wait to run those petty errands, get off the phone, or internet, and just read!

Why My Kids Don't Own A Smartphone...At Least Not Yet.

Having a smartphone is a great tool to have especially in this digital age, and but there is a reason why I will not buy, not even my tween a smartphone. At least until they are 16, or mature enough to own one. I just don't feel the need at this point in time for them to have one. It can be such a distraction, and as much as I love technology (you can tell because of my overused instagram account, and picture posting) it definitely has its pros and cons.