potty training advice anyone?

Noah is three years old, my first boy, and to tell you the truth I haven't been in the mood to fight with him on teaching him to use the potty. Sometimes I wonder if there is a reason why I had three girls first. To teach me patience for when it was time to have and potty train Noah.

God knows what he was doing and I'm glad that I had the girls first! No stress was involved, and they were so easy to potty train. They also learned at a very young age!

You would think that Noah would be so interested since there is like five of us that he knows sit on a toilet to use the bathroom, but to no avail.

He has begun to say "I need to go potty", but when he says that it means that he already went in his diaper, and that he needs to be changed.

Maybe I'm being lazy, but I truly need some words of wisdom here. Especially for you mothers who have boys.

I did buy him the cutest Osh Kosh underwear for Christmas, and even though they have trains and cars on them, he would rather hold them in his hand guard them with his life (as if the trains and cars were real) than wear them. 

Maybe I need to be a little more firm, but I don't want to be mean like that. 

I really don't want to push the issue. 

I'm glad that Noah is a petite boy, and that he isn't wearing ginormous diapers! I'm getting to the point where I am getting tired of changing him though.

Hopefully by the time spring arrives, and the weather being warmer he can run around butt naked. It doesn't matter to me if he has accidents. 

Luckily hardwood floors can be easily cleaned! 

Funny how I want him to be potty trained already, but I don't  want him to grow up too fast.

Any advice would be helpful! 


the complete saga.

picture via google
One of my favorite gifts when I was about nine was receiving a jigsaw puzzle. I honestly can't remember if it was a birthday or a Christmas gift. All I know is that it was one of the greatest gifts I received, and the coolest puzzle I ever owned.  

Before completely unwrapping it I peeked in a bit and noticed something brown, and furry on the box. I had a feeling what it was. I tore into, and there it was. A Han Solo and Chewbacca jigsaw puzzle. I can't even begin to tell you how many times my sister and I would redo that puzzle over, and over, and over again! 

To this day I have no idea what became of that puzzle, (mother probably through it away because it was wearing out), but it is a memory that will be etched in my mind as a young child forever! 

I remember always wanting to be Princess Leia so the handsome Luke Skywalker can rescue me. My sister was in love with Han Solo, and we also thought chewbacca was so cute! 

When Sierra was about six, we introduced it to her. We all went to the theatre to see Phantom Menace Episode 1, and she was in awe with the storyline, and how it all came into play. She then watched the rest of the episodes from the very beginning.

Star Wars has once again become a phenomena in the Jorgensen household. Blame it on my husband, and yes even me.  

I think my husband is estatic now that he has Noah to watch these movies with. He felt that it was time for Noah to get on board and watch the complete saga. It has been fun to watch both of them glued to the screen, and Noah enjoys every minute of it. 

From the battleships, to the garbage scene, and hearing Chewy making that arggggh sound. I think his favorite part were the battle scenes. Noah has a love for airplanes since watching the fighter jet scenes. 

Oh, and another favorite part are the laser scenes. Oh boy! 

He also loves R2D2 and C3PO. Odd names, but they are the coolest!

Alexandra, and Chelsea have been heavily into Harry Potter for the past three years, and were not into the Star Wars phase.

They are now. 

Blame it on their little brother. 

As for myself, now that I am older and a bit wiser I have understood the meaning behind the saga. Watching these movies has taught me things in an eternal perspective about life, and how we should live as a person. I think that is why I would always watch those movies over and over again while I was a teen. 

That powerful force that tells us if we just believe, have faith and do what is right, we can achieve anything beyond our imagination!

grandma gave me this shirt
may the force be with you. 

bloggies second birthday

Today marks the second year of blogging.

Two years!


When 2013 began I told myself I wouldn't be blogging as much, but after only blogging two posts in one week I literally felt the urge to write some more. I was obviously going through withdrawal thinking of all the things that happened throughout those days of skipping. I then regret it, and say to myself, "Is it worth blogging about something that happened last weekend, two weeks ago, 20 years ago, or 30 years ago?"

I say yes because you never know what thoughts are going through your brain that'll go straight to your typing fingers. I realized that there isn't something I can't leave out that has transpired on any given day (or year).

There are some days when I think to myself, "this isn't a blog worthy post or picture", but then I look at the moments of when it happened and then I look at all my children and see that they are growing up way too fast. I know then that I need to document, scrapbook, and write every part of their life in pen, and then some on my blog.

I love this little blog, and even though I don't get as many comments that's okay. Maybe someone should give me a 'shout out' so more people can read my blog. For those of you who peek in please don't be shy, and comment. I really love writing, and hope that I can uplift someone just as some blogs out there uplift me, and help me become more inspired.

See, there are days where I need a little pick me up that will make me laugh or give me a good cry. I know that as a member of the lds church I can easily pick up the scriptures and read, but seriously-I need to interact with my cyber friends too, and this is the place where I can do it.

Sometimes when I'm blogging Noah will be climbing on my chair looking at the pictures on various blogs, and he'll say 'baby', 'cars', and 'yummy' (food blogs). He'll even say, "that's me Noah" because I'm obviously blogging about him.

If my grammar isn't perfect, or I'm not contracting words, or having my editor proofread my post because she's in school all day... I'm going to blog & post anyway (sorry Sierra!)

I hope that y'all will continue to enjoy this blog because I will continue to write in hopes that you will be inspired, and give you the desire to keep visiting.

If you're into design, and a lot of crafts this isn't that kind of blog, but I do share a lot of links of crafty stuff because I roll like that! 

Please don't give up on my little blog. I know that there are so many blogs out there, and if you happen to stumble upon a harmonious combination please don't pass it up.

Read may be surprised as to what you'll be reading!

**You can read my first post here, and why I began this blog here.

all south & my in-laws.

It was so nice to have had my in laws come for a visit, and to be here for Chelsea's baptism. I always appreciate the time they take to fly from Utah to visit us, and I am so lucky to have them in my life! 

I never thought that I would cry so much when they left this time around. We've moved around so much in the past I figured that I'd adjusted in being away from them for so long, and I have. It's just that this visit was so special, and I think the tears came from the fact that they got to attend two very unique & special events for two of our children, and that made me so emotional.

I have to admit that I miss them already, but we will see them again in June for Sierra's graduation!

This was Sierra's first and final year to participate with the All South Jersey Choir.

For the past month and a half Sierra has been singing in soprano under her breath, and all 
around the house working out her diaphragm. I didn't mind it at all because her voice is very pretty. The only thing I would mind at times is when I'd call out her name out, and she wouldn't hear me. 

She was constantly deep in singing her heart out. 


She memorized eight songs in which she performed with seniors from various high schools. Everyone sang so beautifully, and the junior high chorus did great too. It was fun to see all the different colored robes from the audience.
photo via Mallory Wynne
We are so pleased with all of her accomplishments, and in all the hard work that she does in doing the things that she loves. She has so much potential in being a great singer, accompanist, and even a teacher!

Who knows...maybe she'll sing with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir in the future.

A mother can dream you know. 
I wish she could sing every weekend with the choir, but this was an opportunity of a lifetime that only lasted over the weekend. 

Singing and playing the piano is her passion, and I know that she is going to achieve so much in her future, and apply it in her life. 

How lucky we are to have music in the home, and all around us! 

a little bit of a snow day.

So we got a little bit of snow this weekend. Not a lot, but enough to make the kids want to go outside to drag their sleds onto the snow. Once they saw the gravel and grass they would hit a different spot near the lot next to our house. 
 No snowball throwing this time. Not enough snow (frown face.)

Noah definitely loves the snow! He actually tolerated the cold temperatures, and lasted longer than ten minutes!
It was a bit of a wimpy snowstorm, but at least we got some moisture. As long as the kids had fun that's all that mattered to me. 

Watching this just shows how much fun these two had in 20 degree weather. 

I had some fun too!

They're favorite part after playing hard on a cold winters chocolate!

snow, mr. highland, & tgif.

Can you tell that we are excited that we finally got some snow around here. It may only be a few inches, but it's better than nothing. 

It has been bitter cold so hopefully having some snow on the ground will make it less cold. January is almost over, and before we know it February, Valentine's day, and warmer weather will be here so I'm going to take this in as much as I can. 

This month is going by way to quick. There were so many events that happened that made me happy such as Chelsea's baptism

I am also stocking this house up with lots of orange juice so that none of us get sick! Noah has been drinking it like water (that and a little bit of coke.) Shhh!

Sierra is like a revolving door right now going from one place to the next. 

This weekend she'll be singing with the All South Jersey Choir, and last night she participated in the Mr. Highland contest, and was part of three acts. 

For Mr. January she played the keyboard, she was the accompanist for Mr. May in which he sang this song so beautifully, she was also a backup dancer for Mr. August in which they all showed off their dance moves (check out my favorite part at 4:21), and was Mr. July's escort in which he did an amazing juggling act and doing Noah's favorite-backflips.
I obviously recorded more than I took photos because I was too enthralled with the show, and for those of you who need some pick up lines on how to win a girls heart this Valentines day watch this. Some of them are cute, corny, & funny!

You can also read about Sierra being an escort in previous Mr. Highland contests here and here

Oh...I also think this years Mr. Highland of 2013 (Mr. May) is very handsome not to mention super talented. 

My in laws should be making their way back from Connecticut sometime tomorrow just in time to see Sierra perform this weekend. It has been so fun having them, and I know the kids enjoyed having fun with grandpa. 

I think we need to invest in a fooseball table. They were all rolling rolls of duck tape on the table, and having a blast! Kids imaginations are very interesting!
Now that the night is almost over (no date night tonight) I'm going to say goodnight to the girls, and cuddle on the couch with Noah because he is a night owl like me, and his dad. 

Hopefully we'll get more snow throughout the night so that we can wake up to go sledding! 

crossing our fingers!

25 degrees

What do you do when your little one can only tolerate ten minutes of being outside in 25 degree weather?

Luckily for Noah he has a mind of his own, and can entertain himself for a long period of time playing with his planes, trains, cars, and dancing to the beat of the song from Dinosaur train on PBS...until he gets hungry.

We are going on our third day of having 20 degree temperatures, and for once I'm actually going to admit that I am freezing! I thought I experienced cold while living in Utah in the past, but when you have 20 degree temps without any snow on the ground it's unbearably cold! Having snow on the ground is like insulation, and we are lacking that at this moment! 

I'm not one to be cooped up in the house all day, but for the past couple of days I think I'll choose vegging on the couch cuddled with my boy, doing more laundry, catching up on some scrap booking, making some fudge, spending time on pinterest, and watching season three of Downton Abbey...again, over venturing outdoors.

When we came home from having lunch the other day with my hubby I wanted to go for a little walk with Noah. The sun was out so I figured it wouldn't be too bad. 


Although I was dressed in layers I was still cold, and poor little Noah's ears, nose, and cheeks began to turn red.

I was holding him close to me, and we began to give each other eskimo kisses. I told him I wanted to take a picture giving each other kisses, and it was so cute! My boy knows its picture time when he sees mommy taking out her iPhone. He was such a good sport when I took this picture, and then he began pointing to go back to the house because he was getting cold!
This little boy is just growing up too fast, and I am grateful for these cold winter days that gives us more bonding time indoors. The sun is out again, and we are going to try to do this again tomorrow! 

If he wants to go back inside the house to make more messes with his toys, and turn up the tv loud enough so that he can hear the beat of his small feet dancing to Dinosaur train, that's okay too! 

We are still bonding!

Chelsea's Baptism

This past weekend our youngest daughter got baptized into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. She had been counting the days for her father to baptize her, and she was so excited when January 20th came. 

Kind words were said about Chelsea, and it makes me feel good knowing the our daughter is loved by so many. 

We started out with Chelsea singing "I feel my Savior's Love" for the opening hymn, and her voice sounded so precious. We truly felt the love so deeply on this day from everyone who came to support Chelsea on her special day, and I thank you all for being here on this special event.

Especially my wonderful in laws who flew all the way from Utah. 
It was also nice to hear her sisters playing music on the piano & violin while Chelsea was getting ready.
We had such a wonderful time, and I am so thankful to my great friends including my wonderful mother in law who helped out in the kitchen to set up the luncheon afterwards. 
Chelsea's favorite part...the cake! 
We are so happy that she made the choice to be baptized on her own, and she looks forward to attending the Faith in God program as well as learning more about the gospel of Jesus Christ. I know that having the the gift of the holy ghost by her side will help her make wise choices, and I pray that even at such a young age she will follow the promptings of the spirit. 

It truly was a special day.

One that she will never forget, and having the baptism journal that the Primary Presidency gave her is something that she can look back at to reflect on the joys that this day brought. 

the little white dress.

A couple of weeks before Chelsea's baptism my husband and I decided to go to the beach where we took a few pictures of her in a little white dress that has been around since Sierra was eight years old.
Sierra & Lexie touching the door knobs of the Salt Lake Temple, circa-2003
My mother in law originally made this little white dress for Sierra when we got sealed as a family in the temple back in 2003, and because it was so simple and sentimental I had Alexandra wear it to her baptism five years later in 2008. 
Baptism picture of Alexandra in Wilmington Beach, NC-2008
This dress has such significance in my life, and because it was made by the hands of a loving grandmother I just couldn't keep it tucked away in a garment bag in the back of a closet. 

So another five years go by, and this little white dress is worn again by my youngest daughter Chelsea who was just baptized a member into The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. 
Taking pictures of Chelsea in the little white dress that grandma made for her older sister brings back so many memories. Memories of that special day when all of our girls got baptized. How nice it is to wear a white dress that symbolizes purity knowing that you'll be clean once you enter the waters of baptism. 

Such a beautiful time to photograph every detail of what was worn on this day for I want to remember times like these forever.

Picture inspiration via
It was bittersweet taking these pictures knowing that this will possibly be the last time this little white dress will be worn.
Chelsea was so happy that this little white dress has been around for many years, and worn on special days by her sisters who are all bound for eternity. 

What a blessing that is.

farewell to sister nichols.

Missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints are a huge blessing in our life, and a gift to those who are seeking happiness. I know because I was one of them. I will never forget the day I met two wonderful sisters who came to my door to deliver a video leading to the day of my baptism. I will never forget that day, and how the gospel of Jesus Christ continues to transform my life. 

We constantly have missionaries serving in our area, and it is so nice to have different sisters come to serve. It gives us the opportunity to know them, and to serve them. We may feel that it is their job to solely seek those in need, but I have learned a long time ago that as members of the church it is our role to help the missionaries serve others in sharing the gospel as well. 

It is an honor to know that I have this book in my life, and how it helps me on a day to day basis. Without the gospel I honestly don't know where I would be today, or have the family that I love now. 

Since I have lived here I have grown so close to various sister missionaries trying to do all that I can in helping them find souls to seek the plan of salvation, and bring them eternal happiness. To help, and accept them unconditionally no matter their history or background.

I love missionary work, and hope that as each new sister comes into our ward that we will continue to know them, help them in making their investigators feel welcomed, and fellowship those that they bring to church.  

I love each sister missionary and hope that we will continue to keep in touch. There is a 100% chance we will because I still continue to keep in touch with the sisters that not only taught me the gospel, but that witnessed my sealing in the Salt Lake temple. 

There are other sisters such as this one, and this one whom I will never forget. Then there is the lovely Sister Nichols who just spent the last several weeks serving in our area. She served with her whole heart, and last night we bid her farewell.

Many of us gathered at the church to visit, eat yummy treats, and say our goodbyes...for now. It was a lovely evening, and getting acquainted with her parents was so much fun. Knowing that her dad was from Texas was fun to talk to, and her mother was the most pleasant woman to visit with...not to mention beautiful! Wish I would have taken a picture with them! 

We all fell in love with Sister Nichols, and I think she favored Noah the most which is okay because we all do in this family.
She says he is on reserve for her future daughter! 

Who knows...who knows!  

She will certainly be missed! 

the birthday girls.

These two girls just had a birthday, and although I am happy to see that they are growing up and learning so much, I am sad to say that it's going by way too quick!

It's exciting that they share a birthday, and I know that as they grow up they will be celebrating  birthdays together. I picture them living close by as they get older, and always getting together on their special day. 

I don't want to be thinking about that now, but I know that the next years are going to fly by like a leer jet, and that they will all soon be graduating just like their older sister! 

Because Sierra & Lexie had to stay after school for all those extra curricular activities, and the fact that youth group at our church began at 7pm we had a small celebration.

It was simple, and I want to thank all of my friends, and family who sent them such lovely gifts!

Alexandra is now a teenager. She is 13, and while I hear how other kids her age are behaving these days she hasn't thrown me any major attitude...yet! She is such a brave soul with a one of a kind personality. She is my violinist, and it blows my mind that she is taller than me, (and Sierra!) I feel very blessed to have her in my life.
Chelsea's birthday is special because she is going to be celebrating it again when her grandparents arrive this weekend from Utah. She is getting baptized into the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, and is so excited! She is counting the days, and just this past Monday we finished teaching her the final lesson in the Preach my Gospel manual. It is a manual in which the LDS missionaries use when they are teaching investigators about our church. I love that book and we use it quite frequently for family home evening. Chelsea does understand the basics of why she is getting baptism, and knows that Jesus is her brother and friend. I know that as she grows and continues to learn more about Christ and His apostles through the scriptures that she will have more knowledge and know for herself that what we have taught her is true.
She's barely eight, and she still has a lot to learn!

Just like I do! 

Happy Birthday girls! Hope y'all had a wonderful day! It's not over yet!

Don't worry, be happy.

There are days when I wake up and things aren't not going as planned, or the day isn't agreeing with me. Days when our children are hurting both physically, and emotionally. It pains me to see that I can't take away their physical pain, but with loving words the emotional hurt can go away. I look at all of our kids with awe wondering how they are surviving, and tolerating everything that they do. Church, school, activities, recitals, drama productions, friendship, breathing, and living.

I was talking to my husband the other night how back in my high school days I didn't pack my schedule with extra curricular activities. At all! The only thing I remember being involved in elementary school was U.I.L. Spelling, Picture memory, and trying out for the spelling bee competition in 5th grade.

I was in pep squad, safety patrol, and in the student council in middle school. I hardly remember doing anything with those activities except helping the cheerleaders cheer the mavericks at games, and wanting to be in the picture for student council because I had a good hair day.

In high school-oh good ol' high school how I really don't care too much about those years particularly because I didn't apply myself too well, and didn't graduate with honors, or at all! The only thing that kept me active was being in the Kings Ladies Drill team my sophomore year, and because my grades slipped that year I didn't bother trying out the following year, and that's where I messed up.

High school...that is for a later date to go into depth with writing.

Both of our
older daughters have started out at a very young age being involved in so many activities, and have so much on their plate right now.

Honors classes, AP classes, jazz band, indoor band, All south Jersey Choir, piano lessons, violin lessons, Renaissance club, Teen pep, early morning seminary, church activities, temple trips, plays, chorale, making time for chores, and trying to squeeze in some time to have fun with their friends which is very rare. 

As much as I tell my girls to relax, slow down, and take a breath they think they are invincible. They want to
be a change for the greater good, and for the most part they do succeed.

I believe that's good and all, but if I had their schedule back in my day I don't know how well I would have handled it...if at all! Luckily my girls are great multi-taskers, and have alligator skin. I don't know how they handle it, but I know it's gotta be tough.

I know that deep down inside the exhaustion can be so overwhelming that it can cause stress. Stress that is not good, and can make your body do weird things. I know the feelings of stress, and what pain it can cause. Not fun, and it hurts...literally!

I believe our girls know now to take a breath, meditate, and relax. They have seen how stress reacts to their body, and I tell them time and time again not to worry, because in the end it'll all work out. 

Having a foundation of God in the home does do miracles, and helps life become easier. I know that because I've experienced it. Not as a youth, but as a parent. I didn't have any type of foundation of God growing up, and things throughout a part of my youth were blah.

Luckily our kids have us as parents, a firm foundation of who the Lord is, and how He plays an important role in our life. They know that with blessings of faith, and prayer they can conquer anything. I also know that if they choose their friends wisely they will never have any problems with trouble. 

The gospel of Jesus Christ is what helps them endure any kind of emotional or physical pain, and attending the temple on a regular basis gives us the strength not only as an individual, but as a family as well in coping with "worldly issues." 

I continue to pray for our children that they will always appreciate the love for The Lord as well as the scriptures, because their lives will be a lot easier when they seriously apply them every day in their lives.

the last dance.

One of our favorite date nights is going to a place where our daughter is involved in. So far the new year has brought many of those, and every one of our Friday nights in January is booked with Sierra's "job" at Highland. It's cheap, and it is the best entertainment there is! 

Sierra has been involved in being a part of the One-Acts play since her sophomore year. These plays are done every year by each class in which they come up with a skit of their own. With a little help from the internet they concoct it and act it out. Although every class did well in their performance the seniors dominated it this year. This the second time the class of 2013 has won (they won in their sophomore year as well.)

Jon & I always enjoy going to these performances because there is so much talent among these kids. 
 And they are extremely talented! 

Although Sierra's major in college will not be theatre every time she's done with a performance I pretend that she is a big deal, and treat her like a celebrity. 
No matter what, she'll always be a star in my eyes! 

**You can check out their play here on my YouTube page!