Monday, May 22, 2017

Lexie & Zach-Senior Prom.

This post is mainly going to consist of photos because everyone looked so beautiful. Lexie getting asked to prom got her pretty giddy mainly because she loves the group of friends she went with, and the young man she escorted was a gentleman. So instead of writing my heart out as to how the day went in regards to her getting ready, and all the fun that happened before I am going to quote Lexie as to what she wrote on her instagram she shared with her friends about attending her first prom in her junior year, "Hey, so um...never had a conversation before but...prom?? Tubular-est night ever!" And the comments to that, "no comment." Seriously though, everyone said she looked beautiful! And we all agreed! 

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Our Sweet Sierra Is 22.

Today my oldest daughter turns 22. It's super surreal knowing I have a 22 year old. Maybe it's because I have a young heart, and my brain tells me that I'm not that old. I think of her all the time, and pray many blessings upon her this year with all that is happening in her life! I want her to know how much she is loved in our home. How much her siblings think of her. How much we wish she was closer. We've gotten quite used to her being gone, and I hate that, but she is an adult now, and has her own choices to make. I pray they are always the right ones that are led by God, and that she will always carry that foundation with her wherever she goes. 

Happy Birthday my sweet Sierra! Celebrate 22 with fun and laughter, and hope your year is fabulous! 

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

A Pre-Prom Gathering.

Last Saturday Lexie attended her Mormon prom, (for those of you who are not familiar with Mormon prom you can read this article), and the way she dressed for the occasion seemed as if she walked onto the set of Downton Abbey. She's a fan of the show as well as a major anglophile, and when I told her she resembled Lady Sybil she crossed her hands, and did peace signs, and had a huge smile on her face. Even though her character died early on in the show Lady Sybil was the most caring, and compassionate sister, and Lexie certainly has that attribute. I think I'd rather have her look like Lady Sybil than her snarky sister Lady Mary (although I do love that one too!) 

Monday, May 15, 2017

My Favorite Moments From Mother's Day.

Waking up on Mother's day felt like any other day for me until Noah walked into my room with a paper in his hand. He was the first one to wake up. He was holding a note with a sweet letter he wrote all by himself. His words were so sweet, and it was lovely! He wrote how "he loves to see my face everyday after school when I pick him up." But my favorite moment from Mother's day of Noah was when he was singing to me at church. You can watch a little snippet of that here, and even though he didn't know the words-I know that he loves me. I mean...just look at his reaction when he looks at me saying, "mother i love you!" 

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Happy Mother's Day!

As I was walking around the streets of Philadelphia the other day I noticed a bunch of blossoms on the ground. It warmed my heart to see that someone really took the time to spell out three wonderful words with blossom petals-"Happy Mother's Day." Being that it was a perfect day in the city with the sun shining seeing this on the ground for everyone to see brought nothing but joy to my face. I saw mommas with their kids walking past it, and some of them paused to take a moment to take a picture.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

A Spontaneous Drive to Delaware Canal State Park.

There are many times when we do dates as a family, couple, and individual dates whether it's one on one with the girls, and Noah, and but this time with it being a Saturday Jon and I decided to go for a drive to Delaware Canal State Park to have some two on one time with Noah. With the girls having a church activity until late afternoon we figured this was a perfect time where we can give all of our attention to our sweet boy. As you know boys love the outdoors, and we live in the perfect spot to be able to drive to places where we can hike, and explore nature. 

Monday, May 8, 2017

A Reminder On Keeping The Faith.

One thing I love about the LDS church in the spring is when they have BYU women's conference. I have yet to attend one in person, but oh how edifying they are. Had I known about them while I lived in Utah in my 20's, or had I been invited to go with someone I would have totally taken advantage of attending. Now that I'm in my 40's I am more involved in reading all about the presenters that were featured to speak. Very inspirational. If I lived even two hours away from Provo I would totally attend one. So for any of you who live anywhere in the Salt Lake Valley, please go! 

Friday, May 5, 2017

On Mothering More Than One Child.

I often wonder how it would be if I only had one daughter, let alone one child, but then I look my girls, and my son, and think to way. Having three daughters has been a blessing, and it has really helped me distinguish certain things in my life. I love how I look at other moms with one child, and their life seems so easy, and great. But then I look at my life and even though it's not perfect I feel as if i hit the jackpot with these kids. Especially Noah. He is my dreamboat. My miracle baby. My solace. Having him at a later age in life changed my perspective in how i see things. Especially since he was born in South Jersey. 

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

25 Years A Latter-Day Saint.

Today marks the 25th anniversary of being a mormon! I joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints 25 years ago, and it was the greatest thing I ever did. And although I felt that my life was going to be perfect after being baptized I was not at all disappointed when I saw on the second day after my conversion that it wasn't. I have learned throughout my years of being a member of this church, that the way to live a good christian life is by keeping those simple commandments-such as loving one another, treating others with kindness, honoring your parents, and being honest in all that I do. Life is a lot easier when I learned that it's the simplest, most basic things that The Lord has taught us how to be. I will always remember the day my life changed, and you can read my entire conversion story here. 

Monday, May 1, 2017

Blossoms Before Church!

Since church for us doesn't begin until 1:45 I decided to snap a few shots of more blossoms before they start peaking, and falling onto the ground. I have become obsessed with spring, and all the beauty that comes with it! Blossoms, and cherry trees, tulips, and wildflowers. Blame it on moving further north, but the blossoms on this part of the county are absolutely unbelievable in color! I'm very fortunate to not get major allergies this time of year like Jon (sorry babe!), but he's such a good sport and comes outside with us anyways.

Friday, April 28, 2017


(Sighing) Why does my little boy have to grow up so fast! As much as I try to keep up, and remember the things he says that make us laugh I can't help but to just lock those moments in my brain rather than kill my brain to remember them so I can write them down! He continues to make me laugh, and smile, and sometimes even cry good tears because he's about the sweetest  boy I've ever met! I'm so crazy about him, and I'm hanging on to every moment we spend alone together. Winter almost had me with the crazy weather we were having, but once spring creeped in with those tulips, and blossoms, and with Noah in my life reminded me that seasons change, and dreary weather doesn't last forever. 

Love spring, and Noah's musings have been nothing but amusing! I racked my brain as to remember some of the silly things he said so here they are:

While running errands on an empty stomach, and because Princeton has fabulous restaurants wanted to grab a bite to eat, and noah says to me, "mom, you should have eaten something at home." He totally mocked what I tell him when he wants to go get something to eat!