Beach Day With A Heat Wave!

These past couple of days have been pretty brutal with the warm weather we've been having but I have to admit that the past two days have been the most brutal. When we went to the beach this past Tuesday the heat wasn't so bad. It was a tolerable 90 degrees and comfortable enough to sit on the beach for hours without sweating as if you're in a sauna. I desperately wanted to go to the beach again today, and I would have had the kids not been invited to a movie, or if Lexie wasn't babysitting. It's okay because we need the rest, and stay indoors for a change. 

Blackout In New York City!

We had just finished eating a late lunch when all of a sudden we noticed the power went out. Street lights stopped working, people began to sit outside the stoops of their building, restaurants began closing down, and because the NYPD was nowhere to be found noticed civilians directing traffic. It was quite an interesting evening for Lexie and I as we meandered throughout the streets of New York without a care in the world experiencing one of the most exciting times of being in the city because..........BLACKOUT!

Lavender By The Bay In Long Island.

The other day I was sooooooo happy as I have found my substitute for bluebonnets in a quaint beach town in Long Island called lavender by the bay! Since bluebonnets belong in Texas I am happy to know about a place where the purple smell of lavender lingers all throughout this field in Long Island. I drove three hours to bask in it and had a wonderful time. We love Long Island, and this is another place I could totally live in.

Visiting The Priesthood Restoration Site '19.

Church historical sites are among our favorites places to visit especially during the summer time. We live in an area where we are close to so many. It has been four years since we last visited the Priesthood Restoration Site, and going the second time around helped me to really listen clearly about all that happened here with restoring the gospel. I know that with my kids being a bit older helps them to appreciate the gospel more fully, and to really appreciate it.

Celebrating The 4th Of July In Our Nation's Capitol.

When it comes to the fourth of July we don't have any major traditions, and our plans are pretty spontaneous. We are not big planners so when that day comes we will wake up and decide what we want to do and where we should go to watch the fireworks. Our 4th of July's have been pretty much doing our own thing and we always make the best of celebrating our country as a family. And no matter how hard our country has it right now we celebrate it with a smile, and go on with life always hoping for the best!

Hiking The Stairway To Heaven-Appalachian Trail.

This past weekend we did something as a family that we haven't done in years. That I haven't done in years. Hiking! We hiked the stairway to heaven which is 7.3 miles total and hiking it together especially at my age was brutal, and it's a miracle that none of us were seriously hurting the next day. Good thing we weren't because Lexie was giving a talk at church and we certainly didn't want to miss that! One thing for sure is that after we were done which felt like an eternity felt good, and I mean really good!!! Although exhausted with calves burning I felt rejuvenated, and man did I sleep like a baby that night! 

Noah-isms-The New York Edition.

It never fails that every time we go to the city Noah always has interesting things to say. Now we do a ton of walking in the city because it's cheaper to park in a residential area (make sure you read the signs so you don't get a ticket or towed!) and then just walk and walk until it's sunset and then go home! So with all the walking we do Noah is bound to say things out of the blue, and sometimes I laugh, sometimes I think, "where did that come from?" Overall he is growing up, observing, learning, loving, and taking in all that this wonderful city has to offer! A few things he said whilst in the city are...

Life Lately With Rainy Days...

I have to admit that I've been unmotivated to blog lately and that is okay with me. I honestly think it's the rainy weather that we've been having, and to be honest I haven't felt the least bit guilty. The rain causes my bones to ache espeically my back so sitting in front of the computer for even an hour can really take a toll on me. My sister tells me it's arthritis and i believe it is. After all, I will be 48 in a couple of months and as we age certain parts of our body get out of whack! Luckily I have a young heart and refuse to let anything even signs of arthritis bring me down, and so I wanted to jot down a little bit of what has been going on lately. 

Melancholy Days....

Lately, I've been feeling a sense of loss. Loss of time passing by way too quickly which is probably why I'm taking super advantage of spending so much time with our last two kids in the house. I don't always feel this way. It comes in spurts, and often at times when Sierra and Lexie leave after visiting me from college. Milestones such as school dances, birthdays, and graduations will trigger it as well. 

Strawberry Picking!

Strawberry picking has been such a fun experience with kids and no matter how old they get I don't think they'll ever outgrow it. Picking season is our favorite and once the sun shines bright with temps in the 80's with no humidity makes the perfect time to go to a farm and go picking! It's a tradition that keeps on going! We tend to go to different farms to pick, and this was the first time picking strawberries at Alstede farms. 

Inspirational Thought.

Rushing and a tight time table do not equal happy moms or happy babies or happy toddlers. 
Settle in. 
Settle in at home with your role as a mother, 
embrace it fully and trust that the time you give these years-if you give your children your attention, 
and structure and find ways to enjoy your days at home, 
it will all pay off.