Thursday, December 8, 2016

It's Never To Late To Light The World.

So we finally printed this baby out and taped it up! The day this campaign started was the day my husband had minor surgery, and all that mattered to me at that moment was making sure he was being taken care of. Luckily he's a good sport, and presses forward through difficult times. The "Light The World" campaign couldn't have come at a better time because it has really helped me to focus on the things that are important. Although we haven't been doing our service in order as shown here, we are still doing them. And it doesn't matter how you light the world as long as your heart is in the right place. With a schedule like ours, and the way our days have been with the Christmas season (or our life in general) we can't have a "schedule" on how to serve. In my eyes you just do it. Find ways to serve whether it's in the family, or in the outside world. I am just grateful that we can serve in a capacity that I know will be pleasing not only to the recipient, but to The Lord as well. And how wonderful it is that this initiative came out throughout the Christmas season in hopes that we can live it all month long, and always remember to do this not only at Christmas time, but all year long. 

So glad we are doing this together as a family. We have found so many way to serve our fellow man, and I'll just give one example in who I've served. On the second day of this campaign I called my mom, and served her by letting her know how much I love her. She lives in Texas, and it's been a bit hard on her being away from us, and so when she not only got our call, she also got a lovely surprise of receiving an edible arrangement! She's never had one delivered to her before so it was fun hearing the excitement in her voice when she told us it arrived. I only have my mother to honor, and doing that simple act of service in love by reaching out to her made me appreciate her so much. Love you mom! 

I was so excited when I was putting up the tree on our wall, and couldn't wait till the kids got home. They all thought it was so cool! They wondered how I printed out such a big tree! I shouted, "staples to the rescue!" I printed the tree, and the ornaments from this website. The simple seed has so many cool ideas, and after seeing so many posts about the tree on Instagram I knew I had to get on the ball, and just print it out. 
Sometimes a huge printable can really get you motivated. Not that we need it, but it was fun for the kids to cut, color, and tape the ornaments to the tree. I captured a few moments of these great kids coloring, and having fun doing it! There was no whining at all! They absolutely loved it, and to prove it you can check them out on my insta stories, and snapchat (r_jorgensen is my username on both if you'd like to see!)
The first of many paper colored ornaments. We still have more to put on the tree, but for every act of service they do a new star will go up. 
 Noah was so excited to be the first one to put a paper ornament on the tree!
This whole post just made me so happy to write, and I'm so happy to share the love I have for the Lord with y'all. I know how important it is to follow His example through service, and in ways to do the things that He did. I love the Savior, and although I know I'll never reach perfection, I hope that I can always live up to His example. 

And if you want to get started on this campaign it's never too late! Start now, and look on for more information! 

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Tree-Cutting...One Of Our Christmas Faves!

I promised myself that this year's holidays were not going to be hustle and bustle and rush, rush, rush, but the fact that my husband had a bit of an emergency last weekend which resulted in minor surgery caused a delay in getting our Christmas tree. Not to worry it wasn't anything major, but uckily he's recovering like a trooper, and that he had enough stamina to come with us to go tree-cutting. 
We went to a local tree farm, picked out the tree we wanted and cut it! This year i wanted to keep it simple by not buying a huge tree so we picked a smaller one, and we absolutely love it! I was even thinking of keeping it even more simple by just sticking with the little tree that the kids put up, but then I was like...I want a real tree. Jon even felt bad that because of his surgery that he wasn't able to go with us to the city last weekend too. I told him the important thing is that he heals, and that it's okay to not do every single outing we usually do during the holidays. What's important is for him to be on the mend so that he's strong again so that we can be able to go on more adventures in the future. He's too wonderful for his own good, and I'm so grateful that he's quickly recovering. He's the type of person that presses forward without any complaining, and I can't even begin to tell you how thankful I am for having such a patient, and jovial personality! 
Noah was so excited when we picked the tree. He wanted to cut it himself, but I don't think a saw is safe in the hands of a seven year old. At least not yet! Jon tied it to the top of the car, and we were on our way home! 
The kids had too much fun decorating it. If you keep up with me on Instagram I had some video of them on my insta stories decorating it while listening to  Pentatonix new Christmas album.  
What a wonderful evening it was to have gone as a family to go tree-cutting. Even though it may have been rushed we still had fun, and made the best of that evening. The kids had so much fun, and at the end of the day that's all that matters! 

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Visiting Santa At ABC Carpet & Home.

Christmas is the time for all things magical especially when you have young children, and going to see Santa this year at the ABC carpet and home was worth the wait in line. Going inside to see this particular Santa who has been here for years was the friendliest one ever! Since moving to the east we have been going to Macy's, and The Plaza to visit Santa, but this year we decided to visit him at ABC. Not only was this Santa the greatest at kindness, and in conversation, but this store is absolutely amazing. The way this store decorates at Christmas is spectacular. 
The kids were so patient, and if it wasn't for this sweet little kid Gabriel, and his momma I think Noah would have gone full blown ADD, but these two kept each other entertained while waiting in line. I personally didn't mind the wait, and the blessing that came from it was meeting one of the nicest ladies who hails from Slovakia, and now resides in Brooklyn. We instantly became friends, and have already planned some play dates for the kids. 
New york is filled with the kindest people, and if your lucky you get to meet one who is kind, and seems like a fun me! (Wink, wink!)
I snapped a few photos of Santa with the kids, and they were so cute with him. Noah told him he wanted lego transformers, lego star wars, spider man legos, and LEGOS period! And all chelsea wants is a cello. 
It's amazing how these two became the best of friends in under two hours! They both got along so well, and I love the manners on this kid! Gabriel, thanks for being so nice to Noah!  
^^^ They even asked to take a picture with Santa together. ^^^ 
What a beautiful day it was in New York. I absolutely love coming to the city, and finding out more, and more about all the places to go...especially at Christmas time! 

Monday, December 5, 2016

Holiday Train Show At The New York Transit Museum.

For the past four years I've been wanting to take Noah to the holiday train show at the New York transit train museum during the holidays, but every time we've gone to new york it just never panned out. We'd end up doing other things, and before you know it, it's time to go home, and Noah would be crashed out. Now that Noah's in school full time it's hard to take him out during the day unless it's a holiday or an in-service day for teachers. Luckily we have our saturdays to explore, and do the things that bring the kids pleasure, because when they're happy i'm happy. The only thing is that there are not enough Saturdays in the month of December. But we make the best of it, and pretty much have been keeping our christmases simple with less gifts, and more outings for us to venture as a family. 

Jon and I feel that family time, and making memories is more important than any worldly gift. So by going on road trips, and venturing out to places that brings us joy, and bond us together as a family is more meaningful than any material gift. 

So this past Saturday Lexie and I finally took Noah to see the holiday train show in grand central station.  Since Jon had some minor surgery Chelsea decided to stay home to tend to him. They both said to just take Noah, and have a good time, and so we did. Truth is, it felt a bit weird without them, but we ended up having a grand time! Especially Noah! He's seven years old, and still has a love for trains. I captured a few photos, and was very impressed with the detail of the exhibit. It kind of reminded of the Northlandz train exhibit, but this one is smaller.
 ^^^ Standing in the middle of Grand Central, and the smile on Noah's face shows how excited he is to finally go to the little train museum. ^^^ 
^^^ I mean...look at that grin! ^^^ 
^^^ Look! It's King Kong! ^^^
Although the train show runs through February there's nothing like going to see some trains during the holidays! Especially when it's all decked out Christmas style! 
  Noah literally did not want to leave, and he had an amazing time!


Saturday, December 3, 2016

Hooray For Christmas in Lighting The World!

"The holiday season is a perfect time to reflect on our blessings and seek out ways to make life better for those around us" has become one of my new favorite quotes. It helps me to remind my kids what Christmas is all about. I love that we have built traditions around the holidays, but also love this time of year because it helps me to reflect more on the Savior which helps give me an even deeper appreciation for those who are without, having hard times whether it be physical, emotional, or financial, and are in need of comfort, kind words, love, friendshipping. Teaching my children the true meaning of Christmas is enough for me when it comes to the holidays. 

Sure we have fun decorating the tree, going to new york to see Christmas in the city, visiting Santa, driving around to see the Christmas lights, baking cookies (them, not me...I'll just frost them), and other various activities that we will fit into our schedule, but I have come to the realization that at the end of the day, it's all about peace, hope, and time. Peace because I am a mother, and with that comes a lot of parental concerns, hope because all I want for Christmas is joy, and time because it's important to make times for the things that matter most.  
Light The World is a project that my church has been doing since December 1st, and I love the idea that comes from it. This is definitely one way where we can continue to remind our children what Christmas is all about. Finding ways to light the world" by serving others, and for us to become better christians. 
Last weekend the kids pulled out their little tree, and all their ornaments, and decorated it. I even made a little video that you can view here. I've had this little tree since Lexie was born, and they have so much fun decorating it each year. This is something they have done on their own since Sierra was about 10. It's been a fun tradition watching them decorate their little tree, and I'm not sure if I'll ever get rid of it. Some of the branches have fallen off, and glued back on, but it's still standing and the kids love it! 

I captured a few photos for my posterity in hopes that my future grandkids will read this and build their own traditions. 
We love pinecones, and Noah had fun putting them inside the vase. He is such a good little helper, and really got into the spirit of Christmas doing it! 
He's especially proud of decorating their little christmas tree with the help of his sisters.
Going to the Macy's parade is another tradition we started eight years ago when we moved here, and hope to always make it to the parade. It's one of the ways we start off the Christmas season. Noah is proud of his pin that was given to him by one of the people participating in the parade. He will not take it off! 
I also took a few photos of these two dancing with the christmas lights, and getting tangled in them. Even though these two have their moments, at the end of the day it all ends with love, and laughter! 
One of our favorite books, and Christmas traditions is reading this book to the kids. It helps them remember the true meaning of Christmas, and that it's not about the worldly gifts, but the gift that comes from God which is the Savior. 

Here's hoping y'all are enjoying the festivities that this holiday season brings!