Inspirational Thought.

"I used to feel guilty about idle moments. Time spent played out in the lawn chair, staring at the sky, was time "wasted." A walk in the woods with a friend and her dog meant that I wouldn't get my aerobic workout for the day. When Henry, at three, wanted to hear the same story every day for a month and have the same conversation about it every time, I could not help thinking about the stack of unread library books that was gathering dust in the meantime. 

But I have come to believe that all of these activities are essential. They are what is meant by "nurturing." Our children do not need any more possessions to be happy; they need only to feel sure that they possess our hearts, our attention, our acceptance of who they are."

-Katrina Kenison

Happy Spring!

Although this photo was taken during the month of love the smile on my face is the same one I have right now as I'm typing this. Why?? Because it's the first day of spring, and the weather is sunny and shiny and it's going to be high today of 55 degrees! I'm so happy that signs of spring are popping up, and hope that it's here to stay! Cherry blossoms, April flowers, spring break, and warmer weather can't come soon enough! I'll deal with the allergies, and rain showers when they come, but for the most part I am excited for springtime in the city! Have a beautiful season of spring folks! 

The Singapore Orchid Show At The NY Botanical Garden.

We have been in search of spring all winter and when we heard about the Singapore orchid show at the New York botanical garden couldn't pass the opportunity to go especially since these exhibits are on for a couple of months. Noah and I had the pleasure of exploring and learning all about flowers and plants, and although these photos with Noah seem picture perfect (and there's a ton of them) he began to grow weary of just seeing plants. 

A Bad Hair Day.

Super late in posting, but wanted to share this moment when Noah got his haircut back in January. I swear i told the lady not to cut his hair too short. I even showed her a picture, but she obviously didn't get the picture. I should have monitored them closely as she was cutting his hair, but because i trusted her felt the need not to hover. Man was I wrong! Noah was so sad when we left. He really misses his full head of hair. 

Growing Up Fast Like The Hustle & Bustle of The City.

Life has been passing by so quickly, and can't believe we are already in the second week of March. Two birthdays, piano recitals, and numerous trips to the city have made the past two months feel like a blur. I feel as if Instagram has taken over my love for blogging, but alas I've posted three journal entries this month. Documenting more memories on this little space of mine to keep track of time brings me comfort.

A Snowball Fight In Upstate New York!

There are years when I look forward to snow and this year just hasn't been one of them. This winter has been "blah" on snowstorms, and the ones we've had lately have been a dusting, and ones that melt, and turn into slush by 5pm. School gets canceled for no reason, but luckily the snowstorm we just had recently caused a delay, and that's better than school being canceled. I was however in the mood to see snow that actually sticks so this past weekend we drove to upstate new york to see how much snow mother nature left for new yorkers. 


It's been a while since I've written any Noah-isms, and I'm trying to remember some of the funny things Noah has said lately, or in the past few months. He's so bold, and outspoken to the point where I need to tell him to not be so open-minded. I love that he has a "voice" and that he's not afraid to speak, but remind him that while we can be bold in how we say things, that there should always be kindness in our words as well. Oh, and tact! Which so many of us lack these days!

Dear Evan Hansen On Broadway!

Last week on a school I pulled Chelsea out of school early and headed to the city to finally see Dear Evan Hansen. I honestly don't know why I waited this long to see the show and I can just kick myself in the butt for not watching it while Ben Platt was in it! I'm not going on a rant on how I should have seen it sooner because this truly is one of the best broadway shows ever. With or without Ben Platt starring in it! 

Thoughts Of A Stay At Home At Age 47.

H. Burke Peterson said, "Do without if you need to but don't do do without MOTHER. Mother is more important in the home than money or the things money can buy. Our Father in heaven wants you to be in your home to guide these spirits as o one else can, in spite of material sacrifices that may result. He created you to learn to be a good mother-an eternal mother. It is your first and foremost calling. No babysitter, no grandmother, no neighbor, no friend, no Relief Society sister, older brother, or sister ore even a loving dad can take your place."

A "Red Carpet" Moment at Dolby SoHo!

This past weekend we prepped ourselves for the Oscars by going to Dolby Soho to experience seeing some of the Oscar-nominated movies in Dolby Sound and it was awesome! The best part of this exhibit was the red carpet that led inside the walls filled with oscar themed moments, and the fact that it was free was even better!

Things That Help Me Get Through The Winter Blues.

There was a time when I felt that self-help books were ridiculous and that I didn't need a book to tell me how to think, parent, or behave. Self-help books may not be for everyone, but I guarantee this one really helped shape me into thinking happy! With the weather being dreary with snowy weather that doesn't last really long can really put us in a bad mood. I thought of this quote from this book and wanted to share a few things as to what can make us get through our days and week.