Tuesday, August 21, 2012

trials of our faith, an explanation, and a forgiving heart.

As I reflect back on all the places I have lived in I have to say how grateful I am for the friends that I have met, and still stay in touch with. Especially those whom I have reconnected with through Facebook (a huge thank you to Facebook.) It makes me happy to know that not once did I ever have an altercation with any of those friends of any kind!

My friends are a mixture of different religions, races, and that makes them very unique individuals. I continue to learn from their experiences, and I know which ones are true. Whether they are true friends or not...it doesn't matter to me, because I know that I am.

Although I had an absolutely amazing weekend with my family I had an experience on Sunday that I never thought I would ever have. I don't want to get into much negative detail because I only want to write positive, and cheerful things on my blog. The only thing I will write is how much I know the Lord loves me, and how much my family loves me, and how much my home teacher loves me (well...my whole family!) I am extremely grateful for the strength that carries me through all the tests, and trials that the Lord puts in front of me. I am grateful that I...as a human being, and devout member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints recognize my imperfections, strives extremely hard to live the gospel, serves others, and how I make the choice to quickly do something positive every time negativity comes into play.

I wasn't feeling too well when I woke up Sunday morning, and decided to attend church service anyway. I came home wondering why did I even bother going to church when I wasn't feeling well (my son wasn't either), but I made the choice to attend anyway, and then all hell broke loose (excuse my french.)

My son threw up, I was in extreme pain due to having a stye in my eye, and my youngest daughter overheard something negative someone said before sunday school started. It was all surreal, but I persevered and because I have an awesome husband whose spirit shines like sunshine helped me explain to my seven year old that not everyone is like Jesus and that we need to love them, smile at them, and help them to be a good example. It did make my daughter feel sad because it was directed at me. What child wouldn't feel bad if they heard a comment directed towards their mother? Luckily children are resilient, and easily forgiving.

And at the end of the day my better half told me how strong I was in keeping my faith through that small trial that I endured on that day.

Well I made it through that day. I've written in the past that nothing will damage the spirit that carries me through times of stress, and for the testimony I have for the gospel, as well as the love I have for the Savior.


It does make me sad when others don't recognize their harmful actions, and forgive me if it sounds like I am judging, but if your alive and breathing, and don't appreciate the life the Lord gave you...do not harm those that do. I do care about everyone that the Lord has put in my path...even those that do harm. Satan tries so hard to work on me, and when he knows he can't provoke at me directly he uses others to bring me down. Well...I have news for the adversary, and for those who do such a thing...

It's not working.

It only makes my faith grow stronger.

So always remember to be of good cheer no matter who or what kind of harm, trials, or challenges come into play, and to do no harm to others.

We also make the choice to be strong.

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