Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Little Women.

Little women has, and always will be a favorite movie classic in my library. Ever since it came out in 1994 I have loved it, and love it even more now that I have three daughters of my own. I love a good show that portrays siblings, especially sisters going through a "coming of age" phase, and how it encompasses all kinds of drama! Typical sister roles, but then again I love all movies that entail bonding between siblings that end good. It is on the top of my favorite movies next to Pride and Prejudice, and Dan in Real Life (which takes place in a totally different era!) I love the characters in the book as well as the scenery, and the time it takes place in (I love Massachusetts!)
This past weekend Lexie's high school presented the broadway musical of Little Women. I have never seen the actual broadway show, and even though the play was nothing like the movie it was very well received, and I enjoyed every minute of it! All the players did such a fantastic job from the costumes to the acting and all the people that they chose as the characters were right on point, and their acting was very impressive. It was lovely to see Lexie onstage even if she had minor roles. She definitely stood out and looked so beautiful in her gown when she and Justin (pictured below) had the ballroom dancing scene as well as playing an old hag in which she didn't even come close to looking like one! She looked so mature with all that stage makeup on, and it's hard to believe that she is growing up, and looking more beautiful every day! 
 It was a fun evening spent with friends, and my 10-year old daughter. This totally motivates her even more to get involved with theater as she will be entering middle school in less than two years!! 

Other movies that entail sibling drama that are my all time favorites are: 
The Sound of Music 
Hanging Up
Hannah and Her Sisters
The Family Stone
Sense & Sensibility 
...and of course my favorite from Masterpiece theatre Downton Abbey! It's not a movie, but in my eyes is the best show ever produced in this century! 

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