Thursday, July 25, 2013

the most colorful day ever.

I had a little bit of deja vu driving with just two kids yesterday. It reminded me of all the numerous trips we took when Sierra & Lexie were Chelsea & Noah's age. Although it's nice (and cheaper) to take out just two out of our four kids today it felt a bit weird without my two silly teens. They are away at girls camp for our church until Saturday, and that gives us a lot of opportunity to take these two out to "kiddie places". 

Although the Crayola Factory Experience is geared more towards the smaller children I think Sierra and Lexie would have enjoyed this day. They all like to paint, and draw with pretty colors, and after seeing some of these photos they might be wishing they would have went again. Not only did they change their name, but they also did some extensive remodeling.

The Crayola Experience has sure changed immensely. It looks so different compared to our first visit. Noah was just 18 months old. Prices may have gone up a few bucks, but I personally think it's all worth it. There is more variety, and the cafe is bigger. The toddler station looks more sanitary, and there is now a huge play area for the bigger kids. 
 Seriously...I thought this toy was for two year olds. 
My kids were more interested in drawing, coloring, melting & molding crayons into all kinds of shapes and sizes.

I spy a yellow worm, a heart, a dinosaur, a ring, a car, and a red Crayola guy. 
We also spent some time in the water works station where you take a crayola boat & ride it through the canal. Noah loved this! 
Here he is studying another pamphlet again.
The Crayola Store is a lot bigger, and is now inside the same building as the factory. I love anything with color, and everything inside the store is so bright and colorful. Made me happy! So many cute souvenirs to choose from too.

In our house crayons always go missing. They break, get lost, or mysteriously just disappear. We decided that the kids can choose what they want but within reason, and they wanted crayons and markers. We bought a vintage tin, and filled it up with every color there was.
Noah & Chelsea's personal colors...Noah's blue & Pinkie pink. 
We only grabbed a few markers because inside the factory there are stations in which you put a token in the machine, and it allows you to get mulitple colored markers. These tokens are given to you at no cost when you first pay to go inside.
This day was the most colorful day ever, and pretty awesome too. I'll especially remember this trip because the Crayola Experience is now going to become a historical landmark in our family. I had to give Noah a high five for peeing like a big boy in their bathroom...
and that is an experience we'll never forget!

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