Monday, November 17, 2014

To Give.

I remember when I was about six or seven my mother would sell my clothes so that we could make ends meet. Sometimes I wondered why she would want to get rid of my clothes when at the time I felt I had very little to wear. There were times when she'd constantly ask me "does this still fit you?" "do you think you'll still wear this?" "are you sure you like this still?" Answers to those questions were no, no, and not really, but when I realized why she was getting rid of some of my clothes, and selling them to our little old neighbor of ours who had numerous grandkids I could see why...and I didn't hesitate to negotiate, or rebut with my mother with questions such as "but it still fits"  or "why are you getting rid of my clothes?" and proceeded to let her do her thing.

After gathering and washing the clothes she'd carefully put them in a bag so that I could deliver it. Before stepping foot onto the old lady's porch I took a quick peek inside the bag, and saw the set prices written with ink on maskin tape...25 cents, 35 cents, 50 cents, 75 cents for a sweater, $1.00 for a really nice dress, and $1.50 for a pair of shoes. I'm thinking...this lady is getting a good deal! 

One thing I did appreciate that my mama did was pass on down my sisters clothing to me. Granted some of them didn't fit because I was a bit chunky, and my sister has always been slim, but it made me feel good knowing that my sisters clothes would be handed on down to me before she gave or sold them. I believe that my mother was doing a good deed with this woman at selling my clothes at cheap prices because for the most part, even though I had very little clothing growing up, the clothes my mother found for us were reasonable, and in return...with the money she'd receive would buy us new shoes, and we'd have a warm meal to eat.

Now that I have my own children, and seeing that they are growing like weeds I have officially decided to get rid of some of their clothes. I honestly don't think I'm having anymore children because if I did I would save more than what I am now! I have saved a few of their things, but for the most part I'm getting rid of some. The fact that I have passed down clothing after clothing after clothing to three girls has gotten to the point of being unable to pass them down to Noah because he's a boy! Overall, Lexie was overjoyed when Sierra's clothes started to fit, and Chelsea was excited every time Lexie's & Sierra's hand me downs would fit. Luckily Sierra and Lexie took great care of their clothes throughout the years that Chelsea was still able to wear them. And the cycle will continue I'm sure until they are all in their 20's! 

Now...someone else can take over the pure pleasure in wearing some of their clothes. So over the weekend I did just that! I looked through Noah & Chelsea's clothes gathered them and had them try some of their clothes one more time. I knew this was going to be a bittersweet moment because they are both (physically) growing way too quickly!  

With Noah being the only boy he has become quite a clothes horse. Okay...that's my fault because when you have just one boy you want to give him the world! He's growing up way too fast, and the clothes that he has been able to wear for the past 2-3 years no longer fit him. For some reason turning five stretched out his arms, legs, torso, and even his foot. As much as I would love to hoard all of his clothes I feel that someone else can use them. Bittersweet I'm telling you.

I have kept a few pieces of the girls clothes so that they can pass them on down to their future posterity, you know, things such as their first pair of shoes, first coat, socks, blessing dress, hair accessories, baby bracelets, and blankets. I do have a few things of Noah's that I'm saving as well.'s time to make someone else's day, and makes me feel good to give, and that is the best kind of therapy. 

I don't know the whole story as to how my mom and this sweet old lady got into a discussion of giving/selling clothes, but if I'm not mistaken...I'm sure my mother was willing to "give" them to her, but she offered to compensate her for them. Nonetheless it was all done in good deed, and witnessing my mom joyously selling these clothes to her at really affordable prices made her feel good. Her prices were reasonable, and at the end of the day we always had food on the table. 

I'm never one to "charge" anyone for anything. Donating, serving, and giving even when I feel I don't have too much to give are two of my favorite things to do in this life, and being that it is the season of giving makes it even more meaningful. 

"Remember that the happiest people are not those getting more, but those giving more." 
~H. Jackson Brown, Jr.


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