Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

I have been feeling a bit nostalgic while posting a couple of "say thanks" videos that Facebook has allowed us to make. Truth is it's making me miss my family even more, but isn't that what the holidays are all about? To think about our family and friends, and focus on all the precious memories we've had then...and now. To remember all the good times, and focus on the positive instead of the negative. To reminisce and laugh about times of old. But most of all to focus on our blessings. Sure some families may argue during the holidays, and sometimes it's best if they keep their distance, but truth is that I long for all my family to get together. Call it a misfortune, but the fact that we are all so spread out all over the united states map really bites! Most of my family live in Texas, and Florida and one of these days we are going to make a trip out again to those states for a visit! My oldest daughter is out west and has been aways from us all year long, and is finally coming home for Christmas! I am so excited, and boy have we missed her. Even though we have adjusted to her being gone there are moments when Lexie will do something that is so Sierra, and I begin to cry. It does get easier as time goes by, and as long as we text/call each other at least twice a week all is well. 

Besides my immediate family my mom and my sister are the closest human beings to me. They are all the way in Texas, and I hope that one day we can all take another picture of four generations. I have a wonderful second cousin who is literally like an aunt to me who lives in Las Vegas, and I sure do miss our quarterly visits there when we lived in Utah. All these memories are so beautiful and fresh in my mind as if it was yesterday.

Distance truly makes the heart grow fonder, and even though we are so spread out my attempt in keeping constant contact, and that communication open is so precious to me. I never want to lose sight of what's important in this world, and besides having the good Lord in my life, family will always be my number one. 

I am extremely grateful for the teachings of this gospel that has given me the capacity to love unconditionally, and accept everyone no matter who they are. It has taught me to serve, and to always strive to be like the Savior. I'll never reach perfection, but knowing that I have the man upstairs looking down on me rooting for me to do better brings me peace. I know this because I believe. His example of strength helps me to let the little trials in my life that seem big...look small, and always focusing on the positive side of things makes life so much easier, and I am thankful. All together my family is my rock, and my children are the glue that keep me going. Their example of tolerance, and strength especially when they go through a trial (and believe me they have gone through some pretty hefty ones) helps me see that if they can survive anything harsh in this day and age... I can too.

For almost 20 years my husband who literally is my best friend has been there for me through good times and bad. He is my perfect example of unconditional love, and patience (he married me right?) haha! My friends near and far who let me know via text, fb, and snail mail that they are thinking of me. I am so lucky to live in a quiet and peaceful neighborhood with incredible neighbors who know us, and accept us for who we are. I can always depend on them for a cup of sugar, a ride when my car has been out of commission, an egg, or a muffin pan (and then end up giving me the muffin pan!) The past six years of living in this borough has brought us nothing but good luck, and we have been so blessed! 

Life is beautiful, and we continue to make it that way in spite of all the trials and mishaps that seem to slap us in the face every now and then. There will always be opposition in every beautiful thing that is put on our path, and it is up to us to continue to keep that beauty within our soul, to choose all that is good, and always cast our eyes on the things that bring us joy.

Thanksgiving gives us the chance to express our gratitude, focus on our blessings, and as much as I complain, and my imperfections continue to be imperfect, I know that I am loved not only by family, but by a perfect being who loves us all no matter who we are. 

Here's wishing everyone who is cooking, hosting, traveling, or even working the happiest of Thanksgiving. 

And like my friend Ruth says...

"As you sit down to dinner with your family and friends, don't forget to send some positive energy into the universe for those who need a little TLC this holiday season."

And I know there are so many of us out there who can really use it! 

Happy Thanksgiving my friends! 

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