Friday, November 21, 2014

"Mommy, It's Not That Cold."

"Mommy, it's not that cold, can we go to the park today?" were the words I kept hearing from Noah all morning long the other day. I had a few things to take care of in the house, (laundry, sending out Thanksgiving cards, you stuff), and I didn't really want to go outside to take him. But as soon as I saw the sun shining through the window gave me hope that it would warm up later in the early afternoon, and eventually...I gave in. 

But it was still cold.

There are days especially now that the temps are in the 30's where all you want to do is stay indoors, cuddle with your kid watching Disney movies, and drink hot chocolate. Fortunately I have a five year old who loves the park, and will brave the cold no matter how low the temperatures get. I'm glad he's motivated like that otherwise this Texas gal would probably be a hermit throughout the east coast winters. Still...there's something about the cold weather that makes it so invigorating, and alive! I think it also helps owning and wearing the proper attire when venturing outdoors in frigid temps. Wearing a warm down coat, hat, scarf, mittens, with long johns underneath clothes does wonders and will always help being in 30 degree weather tolerable, and fun without any whining from the kids...or me! 

I always make sure Noah wears leggings underneath his jeans, and double socks. And even though the coat he's wearing this year makes him look like a mini Michelin man it keeps him warm, and comfortable. Since Chelsea had a half day of school due to parent teacher conferences she joined in, and having her tag along always makes it more fun for her brother. 
Arriving to the park and literally having it to ourselves is sometimes nice especially in the summertime where there are no kids shoving, hogging up the swings, or climbing up slides, (had to teach Noah not to do that real quick!) There was absolutely no one in sight. Made me wonder if I'm some crazy mom for taking her kids outdoors in such cold weather. 

The trick is to just keep moving and playing with your kids, and even if you don't feel you have the energy...force yourself! I personally can only sit for so long on the bench before turning into a popsicle, and having the sun shining down my face made it a tad bit warmer. I ran, skipped to my lou, and even though I was a bit too tall, I slid down the slide with Noah. It was too much fun and I literally felt alive. 

Memories of the times my mama took us to Dick Kleberg Park in Texas came flooding back almost immediately as we were sliding down the slide multiple times, and I never grew weary. One thing for sure...memories of sliding down this Lion slide will forever be etched in my heart! 
The cold can make one deliriously crazy and on this day I probably was a crazy mama for taking the kids out in such colds temps, but at the end of the day we were all smiles.
And who doesn't want to take that home for the rest of the day!

Happy Friday, and stay warm folks! 

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