Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Never Too Late In The Day To Attend The Temple.

A grainy selfie, but I couldn't let this week go by without documenting our trip to the D.C. temple over the weekend. 

It's moments like this that I treasure the most especially when it comes to attending the temple with my family. It was a beautiful day with perfect fall temperatures in the 50's, but as soon as darkness fell the temperatures dropped as low as 30 degrees. There were two things that could have prevented us by not going on this day. Driving a van with a non-working heater, and Jon getting off work late. Because of the holidays approaching work is beginning to slowly pick up, and he has been called to deliver. He's been driving for a few hours on Saturdays lately, and because I knew that by the time he got off work we wouldn't be arriving in D.C. till about 5pm. But we didn't think about the time at all. All we were thinking about was enjoying the day in not rushing, or stressing, and just enjoying the drive, and talking about how great it is to be able to have a temple no matter the distance...and that we would get there when we get there. I think the fact of crossing bridges, and going through a tunnel makes the drive more exciting for the kids...especially Noah. We always strive to be in a good mood without anxiety, and prepared to be filled with a good attitude when we enter inside the temple.

It's really easy to forget the teachings that we are taught in the temple, and the words that go with the ordinances we are accomplishing if we don't attend frequently. So by going as often as we can is crucial, and helps us to remember the blessings that are said. After joining the LDS church there was but only one temple in Texas (Dallas), and when I moved to Utah I was surrounded by at least 12 of them! Now there are 15 temples all over the salt lake valley now, and four in Texas. Since moving to the east we've been away (in distance) from temples for eight years, and attending the temple when we can no matter how late the day gets is so meaningful. Especially now that my kids are getting older, and with that can come major trials (teenagers, drama, puppy love, boys, etc.), and that's when I know how important it is to go. It's something that has stuck with me since I got endowed & sealed to my family 11 years ago, and having caught the vision of the importance of the temple instantaneously has helped me truly gain a firm testimony, and an understanding in the covenants we make. The blessings that come from going to the temple at times are overwhelming, and my heart is full. 

Time at the temple flies by so quickly, and with a sense of appreciation and fulfillment we exited the temple in hopes that we will always remember the blessings said to us in the temple and to leave a better person than when we entered in. 

Perfect timing fell upon us as we saw our kids walking towards the temple as we left the building. Every time we come they hang out at the visitors center while we are inside the temple and since they were about to close they wanted to walk around the temple before we left to take in the beauty of it. I captured a few photos of my cute girls (Noah was too cold to get out of his stroller). Not the best quality in pictures being that it was dark and you can only do so much editing photos with an iPhone! 
^^^ Love the mustard colored mums! ^^^

We all had such a great day and in all honesty we didn't want to leave the temple, let alone the temple grounds! I see pure merriment in the kids faces when we arrive and even as we leave. We wish we lived right across the street from a temple so that we can go every morning before the day starts! I miss those days living in Utah when going twice a week was a piece of cake! Just a quick ten minute drive, and boom you've arrived! It'll sure be nice once the Philly temple is built so that we can go on a weekly basis instead of every two to three months! 

Temples sure are a blessing in our lives and the peace that comes from going is something that I can't receive anywhere else!! And no matter where we live, or how far the's never too late in the day to attend the temple! 

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