Monday, November 3, 2014

Our Halloween Evening.

I remember I stopped trick or treating at the age of 12, and for those last two years of trick or treating I dressed up as a gypsy. Funny how it didn't bother me to wear the same costume two years in a row. Now, they say trick or treating is for little kids, but i honestly believe that if you're dressed up with a killer costume that you're never too old. Okay...let me rewind a bit. I personally wouldn't go trick or treating at the age of 43, but you bet I'll dress up if I'm going to a party or something. It's all preference I guess and maybe the age to stop trick or treating should be 18??  I don't know. All I know is that all my kids love the fact that for one night you can dress up, have fun, and get all the "free" candy your little heart desires!

Holidays are always, always fun with children around, and this year's Halloween for the kids was pretty awesome, not gruesome...awesome! Since summer the kids were deciding what to be for Halloween, and because I'm no seamstress I'll either ask my mother in-law to make a costume, go to a store to buy a costume, or just use our imaginations and "make up" a costume. Well, I've decided to no longer bug grandma to make the kids anymore costumes because you know...I really should just learn to sew myself, and be self-sufficient which I will from now on so this year I made suggestions, and the kids used their imaginations. Noah had it in his mind to be a transformer, but because Chelsea wanted to be special agent Emily Prentiss from Criminal Minds gave Noah the desire and motivation to be his favorite profiler from said show...Dr. Spencer Reid. For those of you who don't know who Dr. Reid is you obviously don't watch  Criminal Minds. I personally am a "cop junkie" and we are huge fans of that show. 

I was pleased with their final decision, and I think they pulled off their costumes pretty darn good! 
                                                                  ^^^ Special agent Emily Prentiss. ^^^
                                                                           ^^^ My little Dr. Reid. ^^^

As far as Lexie goes, well she had a kind of a hard time choosing what she wanted to be. She's almost 15, and really wanted to dress up. Now I consider myself a pretty cool mom and, after she read the City of Bones: Mortal Instruments series, she decided to be a shadow hunter. I suggested for her to be Katniss from Hunger Games, but honestly...that series seems to be a bit overrated and Lexie wanted to be somewhat "different & unique." She made a very good choice in assembling her "simple" costume, and just to clarify, those marks on her arms are not real tattoos. It is part of her costume (although I do have to admit they look pretty awesome on her, and she could pull it off, but no...I'm not giving her any ideas.) 

But look at her...doesn't she look like she's about to kick some a**!
^^^ My shadow hunter, my protector, my kid...Don't mess with her! ^^^

Trick or treating with friends was so fun this year, and we were luck enough to have not run into any gruesome activities, or decorations that would traumatize my toddler (or any of our kids) for years. This is the second year where we've gone to a friend of mine's neighborhood where almost everyone in that development participates, and goes out of their way to make this night fun, innocent, with lots of candy to give. They are all pleasant, and a very kid oriented kind of people. I dint  take too many pictures of the trick or treating because not only was the weather a bit nippy, but the the fact that my son is getting older made me realize that his time of toddler status is on a timer and expiring in a year, and that the camera can be put away. I want to take in every moment of his next few Halloweens, pay attention, and just enjoy watching these kids having fun going out on this night to get some treats!
 ^^^ Chelsea & Noah's favorite...Elsa. ^^^
As far as my oldest daughter Sierra, she continues to stay in Utah for now, and unfortunately missed out on our "Octoberfest" of activities as a family for the first time this year, and we sure did miss her! And now that November is here we are excited to be planning our festivities for this month. 

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