Friday, November 7, 2014

Lexie's First, & Coach Seibert's Last Tennis Banquet.

Attending Lexie's tennis banquet this past Tuesday was bittersweet in so many aspects. Bittersweet because tennis season is officially over which means that this school year is beginning to fly by even quicker than I imagined. We also learned on this evening that after eight years of coaching tennis Mr. Seibert will no longer act as head coach (insert frown face here.) However, I'm grateful that Lexie had the opportunity to work with him, and that she developed a nice coach/athlete relationship with two of the nicest men that teach and coach for Highland tennis. Although Mr. Seibert stepped down for "soon-to-be daddy" reasons (his wife is expecting,) he'll still be around from time to time. Luckily for the girls tennis team, Mr. Wonderlin will still be around. 

There were so many girls who played tennis this year compared to the last two years, which is good I guess because that means that this sport rules! There was even a student who amazingly played soccer, and chose to play tennis instead. I was so impressed with the numbers that all the girls hit this season, and there were quite a few who won big this season. We have some pretty awesome tennis players, and so many that I knew from the year before really improved, and I was really impressed. Lexie really stepped up to the plate, and because of practicing with her throughout the summer her technique in swinging, backhand, and just overall playing fully improved (so did mine, haha!) One thing I've learned while watching her play is that she is very competitive on the court (so watch out), takes control, and since there is no "official umpire" to take score is completely honest when it comes to scoring. Having a pretty good tennis partner helped in all those areas, and when the two of them work hard together they can sure kick some butt! 
Everyone received certificates, awards, and letters, including the tradition of all the seniors receiving a huge tennis ball autographed with kind thoughts by the underclassmen. Reminded me of when Sierra received hers in her last year of tennis. Another bittersweet moment! 
I know this evening will be memorable for all the seniors, and I wish them the very best in all that they do in their future endeavors. I can't believe Thanksgiving is in a couple of weeks! This school year is going by way too quick for my freshman. 
^^^ Lexie & Alana. ^^^
Really, really proud of these girls.

Have a wonderful weekend! 

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