Saturday, August 16, 2014

The Shore Brings Constant Joy.

Going to the beach the other day was the perfect remedy to the week I had, and is always the answer to the stresses of life. Not that I stress a lot, but seriously...with Robin Williams death, and the rain that we've had lately really brought me down. Even though he wasn't someone I knew personally, he was someone that my heart connected with in laughter, and escape. His escape from his depression was making us laugh, and my escape from all bad things that were surrounding me throughout my childhood was watching him on a 19 inch black and white television set laughing my head off  to  his character of Mork. Some of y'all may be laughing while reading this, and voicing how he was just another celebrity who took his own life, but to me he was a big deal in my world (including my family's.) And the way that he left the world saddened me, but life goes on. And after the rain forms a beautiful rainbow, and to me that is a reminder from the divine telling me that life is good. Having my little boy running towards me, and clinging on to me every time a wave would crash into his tiny body testifies to me that I am his safety guard. His solace. The one he'll run to when something scares him, or freaks him out. The one who always wants me to be there every time he tries something new. The one who wants me to see that he discovered his own footprints in the sand. And that even though they wash away he can make those footprints reappear. And just like that we can come back from having a stressful day and revert it into one of the most happiest, and meaningful days of our life. 

This day at the beach was so unique. So unique that the waves were pretty massive! In all the times we've ever been to the beaches around the jersey shore I've never seen them so high, and "fluffy". It was a perfect day for anyone who loves to surf. 

I was sitting from a distance watching the waves & it was so neat to see three rows of them coming together as if they were steps, and to see the sky turning into a different color as the sun was setting was absolutely beautiful! 
There were other people who were standing close to the water just as Noah and I were in the picture above just staring at them. I can see that I'm not the only being in this world who comes here to escape, and be surrounded by this kind of joy. Watching and listening to the waves was so RELAXING! I love it here! If I lived even 20 minutes away I'd be here everyday just to sit and listen to the waves crashing. So to those of you who live right across the "sand" from a beach I sure hope you're taking advantage of it because I'd trade places with you any day!

The beach is truly one of my joys.

Living an hour away from the beach is such a blessing, and I'm so grateful we make the time to go. The kids always, always have a blast when we come. Even though they are content to go in our little backyard to splash and play in their little blue pool, the look on their faces when I tell them that we are going to the beach today instead is a kodak moment. One that will be etched in my mind for always.

And now for some photos. I didn't take too many as I was too busy inhaling God's beautiful creation. Lexie was a fanatic at taking pics too!
 ^^^ Digging for treasure and attempting to build a sand castle is always a must before anything else. ^^^
 ^^^ Then comes playing in the water. ^^^
 ^^^ I spy a surfer dude. ^^^

 ^^^ These two are longing to learn how to surf. ^^^
 ^^^ How about a double high five for the waves that we're getting! ^^^

We could have been here all night. So thankful for this day, and for the strength that I have in having faith in myself to know that there is so much to live for, and have constant joy for this thing called life. It's awesome, and I wouldn't jeopardize it for anything in the world. I love myself, and I love my family! 

Hope y'all have a wonderful weekend! 

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