Friday, August 22, 2014

Cohanzick Zoo & Splash Park.

When my insomnia kicks in, or the fact that I had too much caffeine I find myself on pinterest pinning the most interesting things, and I happened to stumble upon this pin where it tells you places to go in New Jersey where admission is free! Of course I clicked on the link anxiously awaiting to read what could possible be free in New Jersey. So I scrolled down, and of course I see that the Cape May Zoo is listed on there (been there done that a ton of times) however, there were quite a few other interesting places that I'd never heard of that were on the list that caught my attention.  

Since my kids are a lover of animals (who isn't) we decided to check out the Cohanzick Zoo in Bridgeton which is less than an hour drive. It wasn't a big all, but when you have little kids they don't care and even if they see one live animal their day has been made. 

In this case we saw quite a few...
^^^ this little creature had a stiletto looking fast-darting tounge! ^^^
Including a huge, fake gorilla.
and a lion water fountain that reminded me of a lion slide I used to play on back where I grew up. 
There was also a splash park located just across the parking lot from the zoo. We were a little bummed that the kids didn't have their swimsuits that day. Had I known about the splash park I would have brought them. So the other day we made an effort to go to the zoo again, and this time we remembered to bring their swimsuits. These kids had so much fun going through the water fountains, and having buckets of water splashing all over them. The splash park is not free, and is only 2 dollars per person, and since it runs in two hour increments we made dang sure that we came on the hour it started again so that we could get our whole two bucks worth for a whole two hours of fun! 

And this is how much fun they had! 
^^^ trying to make the water sounds different by stepping on the holes from where the water comes out.^^^
^^^ pretending it's a real piano ^^^
Chelsea just loved getting under those buckets. They're timed perfectly so that she can go underneath each one and have water dumped all over her! You can watch her getting dumped with buckets if water in this 14 second IG video. 
This is another lovely hidden gem in Jersey, and definitely a fun place to take the kiddies. Free fun with an affordable splash park! It is a perfect, simple summer place to go to before summer comes to an end! 
Happy weekend all! 

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