Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Making Time For The Temple.

When we entered the temple this past weekend I immediately felt the weight of the world lifted off of my shoulders. It's kind of the same feeling as if going on vacation somewhere where there is no noise, and just beauty all around. Kind of like Yellowstone, Zions National park, or Frio River (had to add that in for my Texas peeps.) There's no noise, but you hear, and see all of God's beautiful creations. It's the same feeling in the temple except your indoors surrounded by a lot of light, and quietness! I wonder sometimes if this is what heaven is going to be like. Bliss, and nothing but feelings of hope, and pure joy. Truth be told I'm not always this joyful in real life...well 90 percent of the time I am, but it's that 10 percent where underneath that smile lies feelings of the stresses of life that can be put on my shoulders. Attending the temple recently and to see familiar faces tells me that we're all in this together, and there for the same reason. It shows me that not one of us is invincible. That we all need this. To be strengthened. To strive  harder to be a better person in choosing nothing but good. To find a resolve in whatever we might be struggling with. To find joy in serving others who have passed on. To accentuate positivity in all that we do. To gain some insight as to how to deal better with the mundane. And once we step out of that building pray my heart out that everything that I felt, cried tears of joy for, and prayed for helps my spiritual being...and that it sticks. That I will never lose focus, and continue to keep the covenants that I made long ago and take all that spiritual enlightenment with me no matter where I am, no matter what I do, but most of matter how hard times may get. 

I know it can be done because at my age after everything I have endured then, and now, raising two teenagers, and sending one of to college in the city (now she's out west surrounded by mountains!) job loss, and any trial big or small... happiness can play a major role in our life, and we are much stronger.  

I count my blessings for every chance we have had in going to the temple and for always having our own "live-in babysitter." The five year age gap between my kids was meant to be, and because of it each child has always been able to stay home to watch the younger kids as Jon and I go serve in the temple. This has been happening since the day we got sealed. Having my kids five years apart was meant to be because with all the moving around we did in the past it sure came in handy being that we had no family around to help watch our kids. I've relied on my children to watch over each other too much for the past 11 years rather than neighbors, or members of our congregation. Lucky us, and I am extremely grateful for that! 
These kids are amazing, and always thank them for being so patient while we are at the temple. Waiting for a few hours on a Saturday while we're inside the temple can be tiring for the younger kids, and I'm always grateful for Sierra (not pictured, insert frown face here) and Lexie for watching their younger sibs. Luckily the visitor's center is there for them (and everyone) to keep them occupied with all the movies they show, and the exhibits to look that. Having book stores nearby and a nearby park within walking distance makes it more interesting for them. Lexie loves books, and the kids love the park! It's perfect...just like the temple. Temple trips are always a favorite for the kids. 

Sometimes time permits us to go to the temple, but are so glad we made the time to come early in the month...especially being that school starts in less than six weeks. We are taking advantage of not only going to the beach (haha), but also making the time to go to the temple which is more important. Once school starts we won't have too many opportunities to attend so we are taking advantage of it now! Having gone to two of God's beautiful places in one weekend was rejuvenating, and I'm so glad to have put in my time for the Lord. 

Taking pictures are always fun too! 
Hope y'all continue to have a glorious summer! 

Later D.C.!

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