Friday, August 29, 2014

Camden Riversharks Game.

"Where are the sharks daddy I don't see any?" 

"Mom, I don't see any sharks. Where are they?"

"Where's the green guy that dances all the time?"

"That's not a real shark mom, it's a person with a shark mask."

Yesterday we took on the small stadium in Camden to watch a Riversharks game, and those were the questions that Noah kept asking for the first hour of the game. He was really expecting to see sharks in water! It didn't take him very long to realize that the "riversharks" are the name of the baseball team. With a little disappointment he finally accepted the fact that there were no sharks, and sat down to enjoy the game. Nonetheless I do think he'll become a "sharknado" fan.
This is such a perfect setting for little kids. It was a perfect evening with perfect weather. My dear friend Maryann got us the tickets, and since we only had four we decided to have her babysit Chelsea since she has already been to a Riversharks game. 

It was a beautiful night, and we all had fun cheering, and singing doing the chicken dance. We had a loud group of kids sitting near us that were clapping and cheering extremely loud, but I always tell myself...they're only kids once. Besides...Jon & I can cheer, and yell pretty loud too!  

I saw a carousel from a distance, and when we went for a potty break Noah wanted to ride on it. It was only a dollar to ride the carousel, and so we all got on...except Jon. He was too busy getting into the game. Noah had so much fun riding on it, and the fact that this particular carousel spanned fast made Noah laugh so hard that he had to go to the potty again!
You can't go to a game without eating some funnel cake, and it was delicious. A little too delicious because Noah kept chowing down on it. All that powdered sugar hit his little immune system like wildfire because before you know it he was getting up, running around behind our seats hugging us from behind yelling run, run, run, and go, go, go! We kept telling him to sit down, and stay still, but to no avail. He did that for about five minutes, and then I had to bribe him with a dum dum. Great...more sugar right?? Well it worked and then he sat down again.  It's a good thing we went on the carousel first, because man that thing spanned fast! 

Campbell's Stadium is indeed a nostalgic, and quaint stadium for the city of Camden. Everyone seemed cheerful, and it's very family oriented. I witnessed some pretty cool adults in the stands whenever they'd catch a foul ball. They'd give it to a little kid nearby. Very humbling to witness.

I'm so grateful we have these opportunities to give to our children. Growing up I didn't have any kind of baseball fun in my life. I attended high school football games with friends, but I never did anything like this with my family. Living in the east gives us many opportunities to attend various baseball games. I have changed that for my kids by exposing them in attending every single game they get invited to. And even though some of us have yet to find a favorite baseball team (no, it's not the Phillies) I think  having fun at a game no matter who's playing is all that matters. But just between you and me...I'm actually a Yankees fan! 
It was a great evening, a good game, with good food, and great kids...even if I had one that was a little too hyper. Darn that sugar! 

**If you like this post then you can read about Noah attending his first Phillies game here. That's why he asked for the green guy that dances! Um...wrong game son! 

Happy weekend!

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