Thursday, August 21, 2014

Ted's Bulletin

Now I normally don't write about restaurants except if it's included within another post, but if it's a place that really got my attention, where the food was good, and the customer service was great then yeah, I'm going to give the place a "shout out".

Eat at Ted's Bulletin!!!!

First of all Capitol Hill is the bomb, and we just love that area! Besides Brooklyn, and the New England area Capitol Hill in D.C. would be one of the places I wouldn't mind living in. There are just so many yummy places to eat, and places to go! Every time we come here we try to find different restaurants to eat at, and places to explore. I have to thank this lovely lady for sharing some of the places she's eaten in the past when she used to live here. After all...that's what the internet is for right? Sharing, and giving. 

Before heading back to Jersey we decided to grab some breakfast. I remembered seeing a photo on her IG about a restaurant where they played old movies. I was sold when I looked it up online. I love old movies, and this is the perfect place to eat, and watch an oldie. The only thing is you won't be able to hear because the volume is turned down. Sort of like when you go Mystic Pizza in Mystic CT. They play the movie Mystic Pizza over and over again, and the volume is turned down. It didn't really matter to me because if you're into jazz then you won't mind the music playing in the background. I didn't mind because that's all I would listen to in the house. Especially when my oldest daughter played the piano. She always loved playing jazz pieces.

We were listening to Ella Fitzgerald singing, and Louis Armstrong on his trumpet playing The Nearness of You (literally one of my faves) above our heads while watching the ending of a Marlon Brando movie. We lucked out on getting the perfect booth which gave us a perfect view of the screen. 
The movie 'Top Hat' came on just as the food was being delivered, and watching Fred Astaire dance was pretty cool. I kept telling Noah to turn around so he can see Fred dancing, and kind of gave Noah the urge to move his hip, and tap his feet on the booth. I had to tell him to constantly sit down, and not dance on the seat! 
The food came pretty quick and it was so delicious! Here are just a few plates that we ordered. You know...just in case you decide to try it out.  
^^^ Jon ordered the biscuits and gravy. A little rich, but oh so good! ^^^
^^^ Chelsea got her usual. Every breakfast place we go to she always gets pancakes. ^^^
^^^ These are sprinkled pop tarts. We didn't get to have any because we were all so stuffed. ^^^
^^^ I had an "egg sandwich" which was filled with sausage, bacon, and a fried egg with cheese...delish! ^^^

This was such a great restaurant and very family oriented. I will definitely come here again to try the french toast. Lexie ate all hers before I got the chance to even try it, (and take a picture!)

So if ever you're in the D.C. area you got to come here for breakfast! And then go to DC-3 for lunch...these two restaurants are owned by the same owner!

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