Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The Great Falls In Paterson.

Summer really needs to slow down, but at this point I think it's inevitable. August is flying by super quick, and yet there is still so much we want (or would like) to do. We have been taking advantage of our summer by venturing out to unknown territories closer to home, and was even hoping that my oldest daughter would fly out and spend time with us. Truth is she's been very busy with work, and figuring out ways in which she can afford a full load at college this semester. Since she hasn't been a resident in Utah for an entire year attending the University of Utah this fall would be extremely costly so she's going to forego attending school this semester, and get an admissions deferment in hopes that she'll attend in the spring. We love, and miss her and hope that with her taking a whole semester off she can take a breather, rest, and truly figure out her future. We also pray for a visit from her in the fall!  

I can't be selfish though. We have had a pretty amazing summer regardless of not taking extravagant trips to elsewhere such as Hawaii, a cruise to the bahamas, or Europe. Sure those places are amazing and maybe someday we'll do that, but my favorite part of living in this part of the country is the fact that we don't have to drive hours and hours to a beach! I also love New York City, and the fact that it's so close to home is a dream for me. I love that city, and anyone who lives in Jersey who doesn't go to NYC often is crazy! There is just so much to do, and see there. Then again...I'm not from here so driving into New York is something I never grow weary from. It's always like a mini vacation for me, and we love it! 

There are a few other places I'd like to check out from this pin I found on pinterest, and so far we've already explored two of them. The Great Falls in Paterson caught our attention, and since we are lovers of nature we decided to drive further north to check them out! The pictures of the waterfalls looked so beautiful online, and since it was free I told Jon that this was a "must see" place. I said to him if this is as close to nature that I'm going to get near the city then lets go! Well, when we arrived I have to say I was a little disappointed. I mean the falls are pretty and everything, but I expected more...way more! Like huge falls! It is a nice place where one can come after work to sit after a long day of work to relax and stare at the falls from a distance, but other than that there was no way where we could get super close to them where maybe we could have sat on a rock to get a better view to hear the sound of the falls. They have built a bridge (which you can see in the photo below), but it's currently under construction as they're trying to accommodate people so that they can get a closer view of the falls from above. When it's complete maybe we'll go back and visit again. 

(BTW...don't let these pics fool you. I had to zoom in on them from my iPhone, and edit them!)
But it was nice sitting down from a distance to watch them for a while. The kids had fun running around, and throwing rocks into the water which I didn't like! Noah found this huge rock, and after telling him to put it down, he quickly threw it over the fence. 

Naughty rascal! 
^^^ mandatory picture of a similar rock he threw in the water. ^^^
The kids had fun regardless of the fact that it wasn't what we expected, but one thing they loved was the bell that was displayed on the grounds. They had fun ringing it a couple of times, and it took all of Noah's might and strength to ring it on his own with the help of big sister. You can see them ringing the bell here.
This was a nice "free treat" for the kids, and I love the fact that they are so easy going. They always express their gratitude whenever we venture out to the unknown. Even though they drive me a tad bit crazy they are great kids, and I will miss venturing out to more unknown places with them during the day. Noah's lucky because he gets to stay home with me for one more year so we'll see what's planned for the two of us! 

With one week left before school starts I hope that we can make the best of it! Regardless of what we do as a family the important part of it is spending it together, and that we are satisfied in the end no matter what we do!

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