Monday, February 22, 2016

We Love To See The Temple, Even When It's Closed.

// Noah photo bombing our photo. I deliberately chose this photo because it's too cute not to post! //

So this past weekend we decided to drive to D.C. to attend the temple, and once we drove in, and noticed two cars in the parking lot we were like, "is it even open?" You can imagine the look on all of our faces. Lexie started laughing,  Noah was like,"seriously", and with a pouty face said, "the temple is closed?" It had been one month since we last went to the temple, and had been itching to go since the day Sierra entered the MTC. To be honest, I always have the desire to go, but when things become more intense in our life the desire becomes even stronger. I was a bit bummed at first, but made the best out of this situation. I love the temple, and I am grateful to have good traveling kids who found this amusing. We all decided to get down anyway, and walk the temple grounds. It was such a beautiful day with temps in the high 60's. I was able to wear flats withouts tights, and Jon didn't have to wear a coat! I made sure the kids dressed warm because being that we're still in the winter months the temps tend to drop in the evening. It's a good thing Noah brought his scooter to ride in. He has been going through withdrawal riding that thing, and went to town riding his scooter all around the temple. We figured since it's a beautiful day that the girls can take Noah to the nearby biking trail where he can ride his scooter. Luckily we had the whole temple to ourselves, and that Noah can ride around without anyone thinking it's inappropriate. 

I have no idea how on earth we missed the memo that the temple was closed for cleaning, because I'll tell ya we're pretty good at listening!  Either we missed church one Sunday due to being ill, or we just weren't paying attention! Nonetheless, it was one of the most perfect days of my life. Literally perfect. Just to sit at the temple without a care in the world. Not worrying about bills, politics, cars being fixed, and overall current events that surround "the world." Just by sitting on the bench on the temple grounds even when it's closed brought a peace to my soul. Sitting, and looking up at the temple, watching my kids interact with each other, and running after Noah in his scooter gave me a glimpse of how it will feel to be with my family in the eternities. 

Jon, and I couldn't help but to just stare at each other, and I kid you not, we both said, "it's so peaceful here." I tell ya once you've known your significant other as long as I have you tend to think the same, finish each other sentence, and utter the same words at the same time. It's funny, and I love it! We were totally on the same wavelength as to what we were thinking, and I said, "This is it. This is why we come. To feel the way we are feeling right now, and to know that if we continue to live the best we can, we can be together forever with those crazy kids." I couldn't help but to get teary eyed for a second thinking of Sierra and how much I do miss her. This past week wasn't the greatest for me having her leave, and all, but because I have three kids at home I care for always make the best of my days. Knowing that she is serving the Lord truly do make my days better, and after hearing from her last Thursday I'm all good. I know that she is good hands, and having gone to the temple was the icing on the cake! 

This day was definitely a blessing, and something that I really needed to make my week a great one! 

Even if it was closed! 

Happy Monday folks! 

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